P!nk Is People’s The Beautiful Issue Cover Girl

People Magazine is about to
release their annual beauty issue, and I am so
happy to announce that my friend is on the cover. She’s currently in Washington
DC in the middle of her world tour. Let’s go live now to
congratulate her, Pink. Ah. So beautiful. I don’t know– you’re more
beautiful than you’ve ever been before. I don’t know what happened. But you’re even more
beautiful today, Pink. I feel more beautiful. And I’ve decided that for the
whole week that the magazine is out, no one is allowed to
look me directly in my eyes. Good. Good. But I have to do it now. That’s the only time, and
then I won’t after this. OK? OK. Yes. You have two more days. Congratulations. Look at you on the
cover with the babies. That’s so great. What was your
reaction when you got the call from People Magazine? Like when Mr. or Mrs.
Magazine called you up? How did you get that call,
and how did you feel? I laughed out loud. I immediately turned to my,
whoever was in the room, and said, did you ever think
this was as good as it gets? I mean, come on. Well first of all, I think– I tell you all the time– I think you’re
beautiful in every way. I think you’re beautiful
on the outside, you’re more beautiful
on the inside. And they couldn’t have
picked a better person. I think you’re the
most amazing person. I feel the same way about you. I think honestly it was
Jameson and Willow that secured that deal for me. I’m wondering if in
20 years, Jameson’s going to be upset
about his first cover. Why? Is that not the
best picture of him? I mean it’s pretty good. But he’s like– Come on. And Willow, is just. Now, what do you
tell Willow when mommy is on the cover of People
Magazine for being the most beautiful? What do you say to
Willow about that? She actually just said to me,
you know that part in your show where you talk about that,
that time you talked about me? She’s talking about
the MTV speech. Right. I said yeah. She goes, well, I
still feel that way. And I’m like what,
that you’re ugly? She’s like yep, I just want
you know I still feel that way. Nothing you did helped. I was like, thanks, babe. Well, you know what? We all feel that way sometimes. She’s like, we do? I’m like, we’re not doing
this again, I have to go. Yeah. I gave you your shot on stage. So what would you– I mean seriously–
what would you tell your 13-year-old self
about this moment in your life right now? You know, I don’t know. I don’t think my 13-year-old
self would listen. But I love the way
things are changing. And I love that our
perception of beauty has completely been
knocked on its head. And there’s nothing
wrong with beautiful, and there’s nothing wrong
with beautiful on the inside, beautiful on the outside. It’s all different shades,
it’s all different sizes. It means whatever
it means to you. And I think on one
hand, my sense of humor is the best part
about all of it. And on the other
hand, it’s just, it’s a wonderful time
that we’re celebrating all different kinds of people. Yeah. Yeah, well it is. It’s a great time for everyone
to redefine what that is. Because, like you said,
it’s whatever it is to you. And it’s, you know,
it’s corny, but it’s in the eye of the beholder. But we should all feel
that about ourselves. I’ve been watching,
on Instagram, I’ve been watching some of
the images of your tour. And it looks amazing, and
I can’t wait to see you. Thanks. And you didn’t do any of those
theatrics at my birthday party. You just sang. I don’t– why? I didn’t. You just– all you did was sing. You didn’t do any of the
fancy stuff that you’re doing. I would have. I would have. But Oprah was standing in
between me and the curtains. Uh-huh. You are so– no,
thank you so much. Because you kind of were pushed
up there, and all of a sudden you were like I
guess I’m singing. It was so much fun. It was so much fun,
you’re awesome. I love you. I got you something for
you to wear tonight, because I know you’re going
straight to the concert. We timed this out so
we could talk to you. So here are flowers and a tiara. Because you’re the
most beautiful woman. I love you so much. Thank you. All right. I love you. Have fun tonight. Thank you. I love you. All right, bye.


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