Planet Flat Earth | 2020 Documentary II

Just our common sense everyday perception of the earth it is flat as far as we can tell it is motionless as far as we can tell and everything in the sky is revolving around us as far as we can tell if Nobody told us otherwise we’d logically assume that the earth was flat motionless with everything in the sky revolving around us That you can prove that this is the case as well for instance with the horizon as You rise up no matter how high you go on the top of Mount Everest or if you go on a balloon higher and higher we’ve gotten independent balloons have gone up with cameras the horizon remains flat all the way around and Rises to the eye of the camera all the way up totally flat and rises to the eye of the observer so that’s one proof know if the earth or a ball no matter how big the horizon is said to be the Curvature of the ball you were to go to NASA. It’s all fraud. It’s all fake Pretty much everything NASA puts out is is fraudulent There are no images of Earth in from space put an end to this topic once and for all turn Hubble round and show us In real time, but they do not do it they can’t do it. It. Can’t it doesn’t exist literally doesn’t exist Looking at these images of Earth including the one they called the Big Blue Marble which was released in 2002 I think Zoom into it with Photoshop You’ll see where they’ve used the clone tool in Photoshop to take a picture of one one of the clouds and stamp it in various places around them to keep the picture They got lazy if the earth is twenty-five thousand miles in Circumference there must exist a curvature drop of eight inches times the mile when you square the mile One mile means there should be an 8 inch curvature drop two miles 2 times 2 times 8 is 32 That’s 32 inch drop 3 miles would be a 72 inch drop and this would exponentially continue Here’s the longest bridge in the world the docking Kong Chung grand bridge in China a hundred and 2.4 miles long There should exist nearly 7,000 feet of curvature drop in that bridge 7,000 foot curvature drop do you see it it ain’t there look at the horizon. It’s flat You can see in that, and I’ve shot of the inside camera the horizon is completely flat Then it goes to the outside and you got a huge curve But when you’re looking at some of the amateur balloon footage, so its lens corrective is completely flat and others like the GoPro stuff The horizon will fluctuate as the camera spins and tilts the horizon will go convex and concave Lenss effect is obviously not the horizon shifting every two seconds as the camera jumps And when it’s still you can see enough all the way up totally flat NASA is essentially Hollywood and all the images that you think you’ve seen of a spinning ball our our fleet and all the amateur Balloon and rocket footage that we’ve sent up there shows a flat horizon that rises all the way out and that’s impossible on a ball Humans for the most part don’t have a clue. They don’t want want or need one either. They’re happy they think they have a Good bead on things But why light a big secret people are smart they can handle it the person is smart People are dumb panicky dangerous animals, and you know it 1,500 years ago everybody knew The earth was the center of the universe five hundred years ago. Everybody knew the earth was flat imagine one should know The Horizon for instance is always completely flat and you don’t feel any motion so if you were just born today and Looked out you wouldn’t assume that you’re standing on a spinning ball. You’d assume that you are on a flat motionless plane So to assume that we are on a spinning ball is actually contrary to our common sense in our everyday experience And there’s also experiments that have been done To test whether we’re on a spinning ball or not My question was why why if it’s a bladder if why couldn’t you stand on the coast of California with a telescope and see Japan or Hawaii or something And I think you know the answer that’ll let you know I’ll let you answer that yeah You can’t see an unlimited distance the lowest layer is the densest and not transparent so if you Imagine like a hot humid day the haze over a road all telescopes will eventually blur out in that same kind of way due to the Air so no you can’t see an infinite distance is the earth flat around Its round okay now, let’s see how do we go about tweezing? Go to the seashore go to the seashore watch a ship sail away They don’t disappear all at once Now first the bottom will disappear See the bottom of the ship is gone now We can see Midway up Lin the whole thing disappears the ships came back They didn’t fall off the table so people realized that the world is curved It’s a big curve, but it’s curved So the process of testing claims this flat world is round is what we call science Boats don’t disappear over the curvature of the horizon boats disappear due to Perspective all you have to do is go to the beach watch a boat disappear from your eye And then whip out your telescope your binoculars or your high-powered zoom on your camera And you can pull the entire boat right back into view Hold mass and all yeah, that’s right you think the boat disappeared Just whip out your telescope your binoculars Or your zoom camera you bring the entire boat back into view completely debunking everything koi Just told you and here’s my video proof Imagine that you can debunk the curvature of the earth yourself with just a simple zoom on your camera bye-bye little boat The flatter well that didn’t stand up to Tess the rounder fit and you guys come on Everybody watches newscast you all use mobile phones You all see airplanes fly around you all go to See Ed Sheeran and concert one day in London another day Melbourne Australia this all depends of our fundamental idea understanding of the size of the earth and its shape with extraordinary precision The way we teach science is you’re just some empty vessel and we pour the science into you and then you’ve regurgitate it on an exam prep because earth We know it spins once Day yes to a great start so So you spit, you know when you spin pizza dough it kind of flattens out gets wider in the middle and so birth Throughout its life even when it formed it was spinning and got a little wider at the equator than it Does at the pole not only that it’s slightly wider below the equator than above the equator Little chubbier dough chubbier yeah, Chubby’s a good way. It’s like pear-shaped, so it turns out the pear shape it nests is bigger Than the height of Mount Everest above sea level. Let me just so you understand We’ve been fed a lie on top and I want to call a line We’ve been point-of-view thin. I think we’ve been fed a we’ve been Earth has been misrepresented to us by science Airship air Science so they’re all trying to figure out is the universe spinning around us Or are we spin around University they tell you they tell you? We don’t know shit. We’re looking at a bunch of lights and the goddamn sky, you’re gonna Tell me that that light and that light. That’s two hundred and fifty hundred trillion light years away How the fuck did you figure that out well don’t they have an explanation for that shit no exactly? That’s what every what you just said right now what you just said now is what? Everyone’s natural reaction because anything someone says anything about space You automatically think Someone figured it out. You don’t know the guys name. You don’t know the name of the experiment You didn’t look into it yourself. You just think when someone tells you how far is the Earth from the Sun? Oh 93 million miles away like you just right everybody relies on Someone figured that out and someone double-checked it you’re going on what you read it right now Cosmology is they don’t know what the fuck to do when they found out that Cosmic, Microwave, Background shows Did all the galaxies are Lynch on shelves lined up to us That we are this work at the fucking Center. They don’t know what to think of us There’s a lot of controversy going on about it We should see the Stars do all sorts of strange motions, but you don’t You only see them make these perfect circle that tells me that it’s the stars that are moving not the earth the Copernicus principle the one that we live by is that that were insignificant We mean nothing were a speck in the universe That’s the heliocentric model that we go around the Sun the geocentric model means that everything goes around us That’s what this is in the Bible. That’s what the first astronomers were saying Ptolemais was the first one say. Yeah. We are the center you can tell based on these observations Everything’s revolving around us earth is the center of the universe and we stand still and the universe spins around us You know what they’ve lied so much NASA’s light so goddamn much that I don’t believe is yes They’ve got that satellite image of that frozen moon What’s that frozen moon? Oh? Let me see if that’s eg I find that bro. We got a picture of a frozen fucking moon I guarantee you at CGI no way they can take a picture Watch as the sunlight Shrinks and follows the Sun. It’s definitely a locally illuminating Sun not far away Not very big and definitely not 93 million miles away There’s a place in Bolivia called salar de uyuni Which is a salt flat? It’s literally a hundred miles wide one way and 80 miles across and It’s perfectly flat and when it rains Literally you get an inch of water, and it looks like a perfect mirror Now how does that happen on a sphere? It shows you that you know if you’ll one end of this basalt flap you can see Perfectly clearly the other end a hundred miles away so it’s just showing you that you know the the earth is flat and Without the effect of the waves in the city you you’ll be able to see a whole lot further Took a picture across the Great Lakes in Michigan and it was able to see Chicago Which he shouldn’t have been able to see and the yeah and the news of a television Station basically said it was a mirage this photo ran near State Park This is from Joshua nawicki, and what you’re seeing here is a mirage We typically would not be able to see this from the Lake, Michigan shore We talked about this last night conditions are right on the lake That we’re actually seeing a mirage of the Chicago skyline Very interesting here’s what’s happening? This is a good example of a superior at Mirage, so Joshua was on the Lake, Michigan shore He was looking towards the west and chicago’s beyond the horizon should not be able to see it however with the right conditions We have an inversion we have cold air near the cold lake water in some relatively warmer air above it this will bend the image of that skyline back towards the viewer and so typically we would not be able to see this as immigrant Yubel from much much higher in the sky They always say it’s a mirage whoops and from mirages to happen you have to a very specific Atmospheric and conditions where it’s not a mirage. It’s simply that Looking across a train Now how come in all the ball picture, man, you can see all the continents pretty much, and there’s just a little bit of chance man It’s like some of these pictures like there’s some where they show the earth at night uses all the lights and stuff look like You’re telling me the entire continent didn’t have clouds Fucking continent like you can see Africa and all these lights and all this Stuff like you know if you turn on your porch light, I guess you can see it from space Apparently and it’s like there’s no clouds and some of these pictures And they spelled out the word sex right recently probably a few months ago in in one of the class But you know if they do their research They will go dark and pocket and if the ha thing that Complicates the clouds on somebody and they use the same platform like if you’re gonna Make a composite make the composite that you shouldn’t be copy and paste we filed that means you’re having stuff. That’s not real Yeah, and the thing is those pictures that you’re talking about the blue marble pictures You know I think it’s about maybe eight to ten of them over time that NASA has put out and you’re absolutely right none of those pictures look the same the color of the water is different I Get to the continents of different sizes It’s just unbelievable, and I think what happened originally was they put these things out and nobody was paying any attention to it you know and then all of a sudden now people are paying attention to it, and now they’re pulling these pictures in and It’s an obvious fraud what and the thing is there’s supposedly tens of thousands of satellites? orbiting Earth We can’t get any close ups of Earth we can’t get a view of Australia with the buildings upside down And they’ll look at you like you’re crazy But really you are the same one for asking real molesky They’re the fucking idiots for just repeating schoolbook bullshit, and that’s how it works I Was taught schoolbook pitch it in public school and somehow I was able to break free to free my mind I didn’t the watch the nests are up, it’s exploited a bunch of times Fly off sideways in not go to space if you watch the trajectory of the space shuttle It doesn’t go straight up it always goes in a curve and out to sea The point is they actually go horizontal when space shuttle goes horizontal never goes any further up it goes horizontal Very very low down in the in the atmosphere. You know it’s it’s still in the atmosphere while it’s horizontal So it never gets in kleiner And it goes out of sight not because it goes too high because it goes too far downrange, and they have a plane But it’s not tucked to look like a space shuttle That is a jet-powered aircraft. That’s it. It’s not a Collider It’s an aircraft And that’s what I bet falling is taking billions of dollars in and giving us images and And fake planes and for that tendon And there however many billions of dollars it is What goes up must come down and and literally we have not ever seen anything, but has ever gone up not come down One thing I really want your generation to embrace is That the earth is a closed system We cannot leave the earth. There’s no place to go Rocket still have brace Its it literally stopped all of that angular momentum from the rotation of the rocket and the linear momentum from flying up just stopped No, it happened hit something What would it hit if it hit a solid surface the rocket would have been destroyed most likely the camera, too So we wouldn’t have the footage obviously that’s not the case Dixey deals it’s a long fly ball going back and There’s the sky bringing the ocean itself down into the stadium the whole Simpson just broke this dreams reality wide open I Know we have still not shattered that highest and hardest glass ceiling but someday Someone will and hopefully sooner than we might think right now There’s no place Although we weren’t able Hardest glass ceiling this time It’s got about 18 million tracks in it and it may be hard to see tonight But we are all People figured out that we were an enclosed system the more advanced we got it would be the biggest thought on our minds It’s all we care about it you could make a wildlife preserve a thousand miles square all people you know all human beings would do is just be knocking on the Fence constantly going what why is this fence here who built the fence? Why are we in here and so on and so on? Why do you think that the Truman has never come close to discovering the true nature of his world until now We accept the reality of the world with which we’re presenting And you go around long enough in the same direction you wind up in a place you started from Yes, Thomas. Why don’t we fall off when we walk underneath mister? Because of a force called gravity What does gravity look like? Gravity is something we can’t see But we know it’s a great invisible force that keeps us all here on earth It’s a natural force that keeps us all from flying off into space We were always sure that the world is flat. You are told right don’t listen to her. I’ve been patient with you Sarah What knows I? Not me your words have revealed Gravity was discovered by Sir Isaac Newton in 1687 that’s almost 200 years ago uncle Evan, but there was only one law The law of God what is grandma you have no idea okay next question oh? Here’s the difference we can describe gravity. We can say what it does to other things we can Measure it predict with it, but when you start asking like what it is Einstein in an Einsteinian answer we would say gravity is the curvature of space and time and That and objects will follow the curvature of space-time and we We interpret that as a force of gravity. That’s probably the best answer I can give to a what is gravity. Well. Why isn’t That the best I can do there. I think that that’s a good start The world is round What you know how everybody believes the world is flat like a pancake Well, they’re all wrong the world is actually round like an orange the world is an orange hmm and And well, that’s it. It’s a great idea It’s one of my best ones yes, but what kind of orange is it a navel or a juicer look? The morning the idea will come to you again, and you won’t even remember where you got it did it Danny good I Must say I really thought you’d catch on to this a little quicker Copernicus what my name’s not Copernicus. I’m Charlene Sinclair Copernicus this isn’t 16th century Poland Oh boy, I screwed up How do rain wash? We repeat the same thing over and over again notes sometimes is this thing that caused it if you keep fucking opinion They’ll incorporate in their brain since you’re a kitten she isn’t but you’ve never seen it from that point of view, but your brain That’s three dimensional eyes The repetition let’s just all get on our hands and knees and wait for a scientist or an astronaut to come along we’re Neil deGrasse Tyson to come along and bestow upon us As you can see this is the evolution meter And I’ve put God the creator of everything on the right side and evolution on the left I won’t change my mind cuz I don’t have to cuz I’m an American I’m dug in And I’ll never change Back look you’re wasting our time. You’re not gonna get us to not believe in evolution And why is that because the smartest scientists in the entire world all agree that it’s real? I’m glad you brought that up Mr.. Reynolds these were all the smartest scientists only problem is they kept being wrong This is insane you fool, I’m a fool because I have more faith in the Saints that wrote the Bible Yeah, because you just read the words of a bunch of guys that you never met And you just take it on faith that everything they wrote was true hmm And what makes you think what your scientists are writing is any more truer than my saints because there are volumes of proven data numbers Figures have you pored through the data yourself the numbers the figures Well no um no oh Interesting so let me get this straight mr. Reynolds you get your information from a book written by men you’ve never met and you take their words as truth based on a willingness to believe a desire to accept a Dare I say it faith Come on look I mean, I don’t even know how I’m supposed to respond to that like I Rest my case It’s matter tells space how to curve Space tell like if they’re right The science community is is ignoring a lot of the things that we’re looking at them So normal people are going out and doing experiments and one of the experiments has turned up an amazing fact that We’ve not been told and it destroys the whole idea of this this heliocentric system And that is the moon Now you can actually measure the temperature of the moonlight Next to the measure the temperature of the shade of the Moon line you find the moonlight is colder than the shade the opposite from the Sun So the moon is throwing out its own light and that light is the opposite from the Sun? Now that tells you that it’s not reflecting the sun’s light Producing its own and its light is different from the sides, so you know the scientific community have not told us this they have because they won’t tell us this because It destroys this idea that the Sun is is lighting up the moon Everyone knows like if you’re in sunlight It’s colder in the shade right so it’s 100 degrees Ison It’s 90 degrees in shape you go to the moonlight like Tay especially in a full moon Especially if it’s high in the sky the moon is its own independent object it is not reflecting the sun rays the Sun is the sole object also you know the the about the same size Which is you know Ghent coincidentally the oh why the moon fits so perfectly? In front of the Sun during an eclipse we always thought it was coincidence that even though it was 400 miles and 400 times farther away that it was also exactly four hundred times less diameter Which is why it fit and the other thing about the one which and everyone thinks all it’s just a coincidence is that? We never see the other side of it. It’s constantly perfectly rotating so we only see one side of the Moon Exactly one side. It’s not like we have like a quarter of a degree every five years or half a degree here and there It’s always the same side There are no coincidences when it comes to this system It was it was deliberately built, but I think it was deliberately built to be detected And I think we were naturally supposed to figure this thing out Maybe as late as 1970s, but the government figured out first and they have been doing spending a heck of a lot of money trying to Keep it secret When I look at the people who signed the Antarctic Treaty and all the nations that were down there doing whatever they were doing Signed a treaty, and I believe it was 1958 or somewhere there abouts saying nope Nobody can stake a claim to Antarctica, and if you’re gonna go down there You can only go down there for scientific reasons under carefully restricted guidance But it’s not a free fall nobody could just know hey, I’m gonna go check out Antartica do a high jump well No, can’t do it. It’s the only treaty. That’s that’s you know all these countries have signed. They’re never broken and Could completely agreed on its the only one What what treaties there that everybody’s agreed on? We’ve been kept away from it for a reason. They have some scientific bases there and Literally is controlled by the military because they don’t want me finding out. What’s beyond? During three voyages lasting three years eight days Captain Cook and cruise sailed a total of 60,000 miles along the Antarctic coastline never once finding an inlet or path through or beyond the massive glacial wall Since the other question is well ships don’t go off to see if it’s flat but ships off off yet well Here’s why I don’t fall off the edge It’s a 200 to 300 foot high wall That is the border the scripture says keep hearing it nothing’s going past Because I don’t know Personally I think the Unconquered South Face is the only one worth scaling It’s a 20,000 foot sheer wall of ice, but that’s never stopped me before Risk of course I’m aware of the risks. Thank you for your concern Here’s the picture of the Earth from space where it is This you’re a kid you’ve seen this image But you’ve never seen it from that point Even never seen that with your eyes from that scale of a model that point of view from outside of the planet’s surface well, here’s the First image I sold the whole thing 1582 this is when they came up with this idea we are on that thing. It’s a ball Maybe we should go to the North and the South Pole we didn’t do it yet. It’s a fucking ball Hey, nobody’s even like jumped up high enough to see if it is above they can’t do that. We don’t have planes yet It’s ball. You know it. We adopted this whole model like four or five of years before the airplane hundred years before the air pretty much Lee was like Whitley begin in 1900 I Went to the North Pole the 1900 this is 1482 Nobody went to the top of the globe to the bottom or threw up, but built a skyscraper is funny But we said that this is this this is what we’re in right now This is what we’re on before any instrument approval This is the first time we actually had like an instrument of flight actually go high enough I actually fucking check out if what we agreed to further reduce though was real But wait they were wrong after 500 years question is What they tell you Between physics why objects burn on a ball and spinning a thousand miles an hour what is going? 26,000 miles around the Sun Basically the model works activate the Sailor thinks that he’s travelling around the earth this way When in effect he’s travelling around the earth this way They began flying it around the world from Abu Dhabi last year with stops in India and China then across the vast Pacific this running around your neighborhood proved that the neighborhood Israel I Was an airline pilot for Delta for 26 years a pilot’s primary flight instrument. This is artificial horizon Which he has to be maintained in Louisville to keep from climbing and descending? From a cockpit weather permitting I could see hundreds of miles in all directions Viewing cities connected by roads across the flat plain as far as the eye could see Nothing ever mean if a pilot deserves flying around the curve of the earth Then it should be dipping the nose down and every every five minutes He should be dipping the nose down to stay around the curve That’s absolute proof that a plane flies over a flat surface Barban inaudible But I went to the manufacturer of the ostrich horizon And they confirmed to me that it’s completely mechanical nothing electronic in it whatsoever So it’s literally just a gyroscope, but can’t really move That right there, it was proved to me that planes fly over plane Flat earthers, it’s time. We are going to destroy with Lopez arguments concerning spy grounds When you go onto the plane tracking software You’ll see hundreds and hundreds of flights over the over the northern hemisphere And you can track those swipes from beginning to end when you look at any flight in the in the southern hemisphere what you’ll find is the flight takes off and disappears of the trophy and that only leaves why why have they done this what’s the point of this grand deception I Think Eric Dubay explains, it best that people are always asking. Why do they do this? I mean this is I mean other than the obvious profit margin motives NASA being the biggest black budget black hole in existence Sucking in over thirty billion dollars taxpayer money for the fake moon landings alone nowadays hundreds of billions of dollars and not just NASA But wrassle and all the other fake space organizations around the world giving cgi images for hundreds of billions of dollars You want to put something in context if you wanna do something with three and a half trillion dollars? You can do whatever? You want do whatever you judge? To be important to the profile of the nation that you’re trying to just build and to sustain So bright so repetitiously Indoctrinating us into their scientific materialist Sun worship not only do we lose faith? But anything beyond the material we gain absolute faith and materiality Superficiality status selfishness hedonism and consumerism, but there’s no God And everyone’s just an accident that all really matters as mimimi So we’ve turned Madonna the mother of god into the Material Girl living in a material world is all about night mister So that we can be used if everybody realized how special we alone how? unique every single life is Then this whole world will change overnight We wouldn’t allow ourselves to it to be used by this cabal I I start from the supposition that the world is topsy-turvy That things are all wrong That the wrong people are in jail and the wrong people are out of jail That the wrong people are in power That the wealth is distributed in this country in the world in such a way as not simply to require a small reform but to require a drastic reallocation of wealth all we have to do is think about the state of the world today and Realize that things are all upside down now if you don’t think if you just Listen to TV and read scholarly things you actually begin to think that things are not so bad Or that just little things are wrong But you have to get a little detached and then come back and Look at the world And you are horrified As soon as you say the topic is civil disobedience You’re saying our problem is civil disobedience that Is not our problem our Problem is civil obedience I Think our society is run by insane people for insane objects in objectives And I think that’s what I saw when I was 16 and 12 way down the line But I expressed it differently all through my life It’s the same thing I’m expressing older But now I can put it into that sentence that I think were being run by maniacs for mania fool mean her ends you know If anybody can put on paper what our government and American government? Etc and the russian-chinese what they are actually trying to do You know on how would what they think they’re doing? I’d be very pleased to know what they think they’re doing I think they’re all insane You know, but I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that You know that’s what’s insane And someone else says it’s flat That’s worth reporting We shall debate whether the earth is flat Like they used to think a silent around the earth everybody say that scientists Other science for a few days This time It’s an overwhelming science that the earth was flat and there was an overwhelming sign We were the center of the world you’re just taking an authority’s word for it And all we’re saying is be skeptical shit while you’re being skeptical. There’s a bunch of evidence That’s totally against the mainstream version And while you’re being skeptical of looking at that evidence you start compiling more and more of the evidence until you become like me you Know the truth. I don’t believe the earth is flat emotionless. I know it is there was a lot of things I thought I knew but there suddenly turned out to be completely different I can’t just imposed up on us they have to Tell us about it and wait for our consent and silence is considered consent If the Sun was 93 million miles away, you wouldn’t say that We see in perspective that is The horizon is at our level And as things recede from us they tend to converge to the center of that horizon line To a face that’s known as the vanishing point The Sun rotates around us and only appears to rise and set because of the way our vision works Now try and watch the following videos without the preconception that the Sun rises and sets but rather The images of your world with curves the ball or CGI You’ve seen those images all your life There are paintings they’re computer-generated images or little bows Anything with it comes and the first is a fake. It’s a frog You have never with her naked eyes ever seen they birth as a ball from space you never happened But you just have blind faith that but it looks like If the earth were actually a big bald Should think as you said? Not rise to your eye level, and it would dip at each end of your periphery not really flat all around Camera level and remaining perfect 360 degrees around all the ancient cultures from the beginning of time have depicted a flat kind of enclosed earth So we have this Flat Earth cosmology all the way up into the 1900s when a big push was made to live on this round spinning ball Flying around the Sun They are basically placing us on a speck of dust flying through infinite space where it was made from this Accidental Big Bang and we really don’t mean very much and everything is kind of an accident And it kind of leads you into this mentality where things are meaningless It doesn’t matter what you do in life, but the more you research the more You’ll find that you can’t prove the spinning ball earth unless you’re suffering from cognitive dissonance And you’ve been programmed your entire life all scientific experiments show that we’re being lied to about what mainstream science is saying about the earth If a pilot is flying around the curve of the earth, then it should be dipping the nose down and Every every five minutes He should be dipping the nose down to stay around the curve and that’s absolute proof But a plane flies over a flat surface rather than a curved one A lot of paper fees and laser thermometers now you can actually measure the temperature of the moonlight Next to the measure the temperature of the shade of the moonlight you find the moonlight is colder than the shade Opposite from the Sun so the moon’s throwing out is only the scientific community have not told us this mainstream science says that we can see the curve visible at 35,000 feet but when we’re watching an amateur balloon flight without a fisheye lens or a wide-angle lens on it there is no curve to be seen and Basically if we were living on a ball or a sphere of any sort And no matter how high rise you would have to look down to see the horizon Yet when you take these cameras to a hundred thousand feet the horizon is still at eye level That’s inconsistent with any kind of spherical shape whatsoever The others got smaller gatekeepers for the platter that they’ve brought in to distort the message And they give a fake Flat Earth arguments hoping that you’ll reach them before you reach someone like me And then you’ll hear their stupid arguments saying that gravity is real, but the Flat Earth disk is constantly rising And that’s what causes us to you know things to fall They’ll give explanations like this which to any sound thinking person Will totally reject and then they’ll totally reject the entire Flat Earth model based on these little bits of disinformation that are being given 200 proofs birth is not a spinning ball And that’s just 200 I came up with 200 because William carpenter came up with 100 in the eighteen hundreds Then I wanted to double it I could come up with 400 if you give me enough time and incentive people are doing Repeatable natural science that we can do ourselves The kind of science in quotes that you’re getting from these figure heads is not Observable testable repeatable natural science that you can do yourself It’s stuff that they claim that only they can do in a Hubble telescope only we can take images CGI images Fake planets with our Hubble telescope you can’t condemnation without Investigation is the height of ignorance and I think that you know Einstein was right about that? I don’t believe in anything, but I do investigate everything I don’t just take things at face value or take somebody’s word for it I want to know for myself, and if I can’t know for myself And I will happily be in the place of not knowing they need to have some authority figure telling the answers And they’re gonna believe that and that makes them feel safe But me I’m the opposite where I like to be skeptical and I think everybody would be better off if they did that instead of Just believing some authority figure the 10th say you’re on a spinning ball That was exploded out of the Big Bang, and you’re a monkey man that evolved you know This is ridiculous, and it’s obvious why they’re doing it. They want you to think you’re a monkey a purposeless accidental that comes from nothing Well while they still fifty million dollars of your taxes money everyday The motive is obvious cgi images faker planets without Hubble telescope, but you can take a regular telescope And you can see that the images they give you are completely Nonsense cartoons, and what it actually looks like is pulsating lights in the sky Okay, oh that star is seven hundred thousand light-years away from that constellation I was all into that I was totally into that was Super into anything space you can eat the Science Channel oh My god had me you had me G I love the CGI DVDs all those DVDs BBC Nova the work Floating in space spinning around the Sun and the Sun has got some gravitational pull on us and we got the gravitational pull on the moon that Doesn’t makes it. That’s not science to me when people talk about science design cycle Explain to me how that is science there’s a force it’s holding oceans From spinning and flying off because it’s spinning a thousand miles an hour But as soon as we get a certain that to a certain altitude. It’s all magic its science Oh, that’s magic us floating in space And we’re being connected to the Sun Force that’s connected Seems crazy and were flying through the universe and the universe is endless the people say instead of the earth is flat Where’s the edge? Where’s the edge of this mother the universe? Understanding what reality is is very very important? I think it should be important to everybody I think the more people they become maybe perhaps. We’ll pick up spiritually aware sort of wait They’re starting to see through things as hell things have been manipulated and realities being created for them Demanding answers and once they can provide those answers people realize they are lost But the deception and control mechanism it is Because people are waking up And no matter how much they try to suppress this runner Oh, it’s gonna keep moving one way or another you’ve just seen people awaken So now clowder than ever I can hear that clock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock In other breaking news the world is round not flat a Strange message on Montenegro the words people Flat Earth were found carved into the river slide Kennel and letters that were 10 people all please talk to the person who did it he’s now facing charges yet One possible explanation of the message some still believe the world is flat not Post about it a lot so you can check with viento lights and Telescopes and different methods lasers to see if the earth actually does have that curvature And it’s been tested over and over again and found to have no curvature Whatsoever so I mean even if they had the number wrong and it was a hundred Thousand miles in circumference there would still be a calculable measureable curvature that just isn’t there The only place curvature exists is in NASA photos and videos and those can be proven to be CGI fakes fakes And the early ones were literally taken through a round window to make the earth appear around Literally taking through a round window to make the earth appear around This is a shot from a hundred and thirty thousand miles out I guess is a protein it’s from a crunching the moon looking back there But that’s the earth is that like this another spacecraft Oh But I have no idea what that is, it’s Some admiration on the pin with some sort oh those are shadows I think a Reflection probably reflections that are just reflecting that night again, I get another shot of it Okay turn off the camera your interview is done. I’ll get me all the time give you okey-dokey Good to meet you, I don’t say it’s a pleasure Understand please get your ass out of my house okay, and you came here under false pretenses, and I think you’re an asshole Lying about going to the moon is a satanic lie of gigantic important I don’t hit people, but you’re gonna be on the deck unless you Get out we have a video camera running if you want to do it right, but right there would be great footage dress See you later Where you can put a transparency over the window Then move the camera of the earth and move the camera back away from the window turn off the lights in the Spacecraft and appeared to be halfway to the moon when in fact they were in Earth orbit Really yeah, they said it was the same way that you did it on Apollo 10 So we wanted to give you the opportunity to put your left hand on the Bible Theresa right hand to swear to God stick it in you walked on the moon We’re giving the opportunity to swear to God that you walked on the moon Found a very unique reel of footage That way you do that to show you yeah, and that’s from the mission and to our knowledge. No one has ever Told you You’re a coward and a liar and a thief Did you see shooting stars, but did you see the shooting star yeah? I’m getting to that okay, but a lot of noise going on It’s so I don’t I don’t know the results of some of the experiments They’ve conducted the point is they can’t get that far from here, and they’re really in the protective confines of the earth So they’re really in the protective confines of the earth they’re really Trickery and brainwashing, that’s got the world thinking that we’re on a ball spinning around the Sun with a magical force called gravity Holding us on the underside of this spinning ball It’s all just brainwashing that we’ve received it pseudoscience accepted as legit But real science has confirmed geo centricity in the Flat Earth Flat Earth The best way to brainwash the whole world a lie to the whole world about what the world is In reality we’re not a cosmic accidental sneeze nothingness turned everything This is quite obviously intelligently designed this thing works for anything here this life is universe I I can’t believe anyone in their right mind can look me in the eyes of the straight face and say no man It’s all random Be open-minded about this. This is very very Controversial and and difficult to get your head round the first which is the scientific method is something that the scientific community Doesn’t seem to use these days, but the scientific method is where a theory or opinion is put forward that matches what we observe Another thing we have to accept is how easily our minds once have been programmed or given a worldview How easily those my I? Use the three I used to glaze beyond the stars The earth isn’t spinning who are betaine all being dragged the earth is fixed that is the stars are moving People can change they don’t like what they understand we all have Happiness don’t listen to someone’s stories and same event and and what we need more Is their happiness not good enough for you, so he doesn’t like you know true happiness brings happiness to others We are all a family Supper poetry is connected as the root. We’re intelligent beings with the line body and soul Who truly want peace at least does Michaels? What happened to love? The way we treat other to the earth that think chaos is our only fate Every living thing has value it should be treated as such we only have one earth But not quite we have so much Do you not realize we are in control without the two percent who so-called own the world because of money was But there’s no food I Hope I opened your eyes For the world really gets better before it’s too late to a life force. Please spread the word Brainwashed


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