Permanent Resident Card Renewal under Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds

welcome to the channel, today I’m going
to give you five questions to ask yourself before you decide if you want
to file a permanent resident card renewal application under humanitarian
and compassionate grounds PR card renewal under agency grounds are for
people who were not able to meet the two years out of five residency requirement
but because of certain factors outside of their control they decide to still
submit the renewal but include information documentation about the
reasons why they were forced to remain outside Canada so the first question to
ask yourself is how many days that I actually spend in Canada because before
you start your application it’s important for you to have all that
information because once you start filling out the forms you’re gonna
realize that you need all those dates and they could really pause everything
so before even start saying oh I’m going to file this next week or something like
that try write down every single day that you
spent in Canada all the dates and every single day you spent outside Canada all
those days and where you were and the reason why you were there so what we
usually do at the office is we have an excel sheet and we write and we have the
specific columns and we have our clients write down all the exact dates then the
second question to ask yourself is what’s the reason why you were not in
Canada was it because you had a family member that was sick and you were the
only person that needed and that person didn’t you have a
specific obligation and because of that you had to remain there was an urgent
situation it can’t just be for example oh I had a better job opportunity
outside Canada it has to be something very specific I was there like a medical
condition where you maybe can’t a caregiver for somebody who was a minor
or something like that and you absolutely had to be outside so the
reasons can be very very depending on everybody so important to think about
that and write down the details of the situation
third question to ask yourself is did you try to return to Canada did you do
all your efforts to try to come back let’s say you where have you been
outside for a few years your PR card expired now you’re gonna renew it did
you look for you no ways did you enquire did you put efforts because when you
file your application the officer wants to see that that whatever the situation
was you considered Canada to be your home and you you did everything you
could in your power to try to come back to Canada fourth question is what are
your ties to Canada now that you haven’t lived in Canada for a long time do you
have any family members living in Canada do you have any friends do you have any
employment opportunity left for you do you have ownership do you have a house a
car bank accounts did you maintain your your records did you maintain let’s say
your driver’s license your health card you could communicate with people here
did you basically kind of still have a life here even though you were forced to
remain outside Canada or did you completely cut everything all your
relationships your entire relationship with Canada and you have no
documentation so it’ll be good to write down all those points and the last
questions are asked yourself is what is the hardship that I’m going to to have
if I cannot come back to so when you’re prepare your application
it’s important to outline that if you cannot come back are you going to suffer
is there something that you are planning to do in Canada or something you left
behind in Canada or where you’re living now can you no longer live there because
your plan was always to come back to Canada so important to really sit down
and write down your story if you decide to apply yourself you should write a
cover letter explaining in detail all of the situation because that’s what’s the
officer the officer is going to look to see if there’s sufficient humanitarian
and compassionate grounds to grant you the renewal if you hire a legal
representative to do it then the legal representative will write a submission
letter or legal submission letter it’s a cover letter that’s going to outline all
of these questions and answers and details so that when the officer gets
your application the application is complete and strong and it’s a
discretionary application so the officer has full power to say yes or no so the
more information the more documentation you submit and it the more it’s clear
and precise and you really place your your story is in the file so the more
it’s complete then there’s better chances higher chances for the officer
to approve your decision so that you can return and live in Canada continue
living in Canada as a permanent resident if you have any questions about PR card
renewal under monetary and compassionate grounds you can send us an email at [email protected], you can also check our website, we have a contact form you can send us your question we’ll be
happy to answer you, thank you


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