so welcome I’m Dov I’m Nicole if you
guys are new to us we are conscious and mentors we’re energy healers
motivational speakers we work with people to achieve their most powerful
and abundant life right we help you to move through whatever is illusion
whatever is trauma whatever is belief systems that are keeping you from being
in a place where you are actually able to create the life that you want to
experience our Jessica market Twin Flames we mentor them we coach them we
heal with that we work with businesses we work with entrepreneurs we work with
people who suffer from addiction it’s their symptoms right to help you realize
that they’re just symptoms and help you get through that bring you back into
your power bring you back into its up Rebecca so today we are going to be
talking about an amazing subject so if you are new to us we’re here every
Sunday at 11:00 although slight announcement we are not here next Sunday
of the holiday and birthdays and things that are going on so we won’t be here
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new we love this time to be able to bring everybody together and create some
sacred space to create some you know interesting the word worship came up
right and because worship is about creating this excitement this joy this
gratitude for being in our lives for being where we are for being able to
connect it’s so amazing that we’re connecting with all of you guys right so
I tell you guys every Sunday right if you hear something you like to share
Chad somebody in the video that feels good right like and follow the pagewide
I said about it so that we can connect and create the connection and we can
allow people to be together we can start grounding back into that sacredness of
community that sacredness of consciousness of love everything Nicole
and I do is with the purest intention of a love and we work from that place that
place that is all truth all other things kind of creating the illusion in our
life and we are not in that place of truth of a love and compassion
information and source connection to that right thank you today to be talking
to you guys about morality ray and perfectionism right and how we get stuck
in these things so that we’re not our best selves we are not feeling empowered
we are not allowing ourselves to forward because we were getting drowned
down in shame and guilt and ideas and illusions we are getting stop carving
around out by those things that don’t feel good right so as you guys are
listening today if something feels like it’s resonating write a ho Amen in the
comments right if you’re watching this it’s like replay haha so yeah so what
you seek will seek you right what you seek you’re inviting into your life so
as we do this on Sundays we’re inviting all this good good energy we’re inviting
truth in we’re inviting love in and this is one of my favorite topics because
Nicole Peretti was a perfectionist oh my god it was my protection it was what I
based my happiness on as a child as a kid right because I had a lot of
hardship going on and what happened was I was really good at sports I was really
good at school if you saw my room in the wards that I had it in the trophies it
was like life or death to get that trophy because what that did for me was
it covered up it was really going on inside then I hated myself I hated my
life I was scared I didn’t understand and we do that we do that right so
perfectionism as a trap right you without achieving anything without the
awards without your career without the kids without your family without success
are perfect you alone being breathing are a creation are and you are creating
and you are perfection yeah and you may say right now them to coal my life is a
mess and I keep bumping up in the same areas and it’s okay you’re still perfect
right because all of that there is redemption at every moment there is
forgiveness for self at every moment we can correct and every moment that’s
what’s so beautiful about this life there are miracles
every day if you allow them to happen that’s your natural state so we’re
caught in and our society doesn’t help we’re caught in this trap of
perfectionism and we focus on the things that are just not that important
important we’re losing time we’re losing moments we’re losing being
present no I’m gonna I’m gonna bring up some stuff and you guys can identify and
you could say yes that’s me how many of you look in the mirror and look at every
little thing that is wrong with your face your hair your body every day yes
that’s me how many of you sit there when you’re at
work and you’re not really digging your life right now and your job is tedious
and you were annoyed and you’re just like I wish I would have gotten a decree
I wish I would have went to school to be a doctor I wish I wish I would have done
this know that used to be me I was so excited to do what I do I was there
though I hated my job I hated was that what I was doing and I was like but I
have to do it I have to make money I’m good at it I’m good at it but am i
passionate about it no hey women if you don’t have a baby right now in here at
past 30 we’re told that if we don’t have a child
before 30 now where our file lots are going clock ticking and you’re not
you’re not everything that you could be if you’re not married oh my god you’re
not okay if you’re not with your beloved you’re not okay right if you’re not
making millions of dollars you’re not okay if you haven’t gotten 50 views on
your video and you haven’t got thanks you’re not okay so we focus on all these
things that were wasting time because our soul doesn’t actually get that that
is not why we came here although it is listen when I talk about our body it is
it is your temple it is your it weighs what gets you about you should take care
of it you should eat well you should drink a ton of water you should get
sleep I’m not sake I’m not talking about that I’m talking about the time that we
sit there and we’re like oh if I was just five pounds lighter I’d be okay
well when I lost the five pounds I still wasn’t okay because I wasn’t okay inside
amen because I was holding myself to these degrees I was holding myself to
these traps and so we’re gonna talk about morality in a little bit but I
want to say what we should be focusing on that actually
your soul has an essence one more time your soul has an essence and when it is
aligned with its true essence which I’m gonna give you the secret to this answer
the question about to ask what is your essence your handsome love its peace its
joy its excitement its creation it is loyalty
it is connection with everything and everyone it’s all those things and
everything else doesn’t really totally matter it’s there to experience what I
am saying to you it is there to guide us into that and show us when we are not in
that I don’t know if you want to say anything before the course because I’m
just like yeah yes of course of course perfectionism right so we have an idea
we have standards that we create that we try to meet now I have no problem right
with trying to meet the things that bring us peace and joy and happiness
because they just do so sometimes people ask me they say well you know why would
you wear makeup why do you do your hair why do you wear things like that because
it makes me happy it makes me happy too it’s not about doing it further people I
don’t do it because I don’t feel good enough I do it because it’s fun for me I
am an artist I like to paint right some of you guys have seen my stuff I’ll post
it for you guys more and for me I like colors I like to paint on myself I have
tattoos I like to paint makeup on my face I like the expression yeah fun
brings me joy it’s not because I don’t feel perfect right it’s not because I
feel ashamed because the thing as Nicole was talking about with perfectionism is
that we feel ashamed if we do not meet a standard that we or someone else has
created for ourselves that shame brings us into our lowest vibration that shame
does not allow us to show up that shame does not allow us to be in our power
mm-hmm and so perfectionism
since in so many different areas and Nicole said it very quickly you don’t
want to go back to what she said he doesn’t you’re not gonna be ready for
certain things right so when we’re working with somebody in an
entrepreneurial situation I tell them so if any of you guys are entrepreneurs out
there or if you’re just looking to make a change in your life I tell them you’re
never gonna be ready there isn’t a ready you prepare you get
yourself set up you put your foundation down excuse me and then you do because
only through the experience of doing only through the experience of being out
there only through feeling if you love it if you want to do it if you don’t
want to do it are you gonna know right so the perfectionism keeps us from
putting ourselves in the act of what it keeps us from dancing in our life and
makes us a bystander instead of participant in our actual life how many
times have you been a bystander in your life right hashtag or comment bystander
or replay because we want to actually act in our life when somebody wants to
work with McCool and I privately one-on-one and we have very limited
spots to do that we’ve asked them to fill out some questions right there’s
two rounds the first round of questions I asked who is right in paraphrase who
is in control of your life who is affecting your reality do you know how
many people believe that they are not the person that is controlling their
life they’re not the person affecting their reality they do not feel that
because they have been a bystander because they do not see their power
because they are stuck in the belief systems because they’re stuck in shame
and guilt because there are all those traumas because there’s all those
standards because they don’t feel ready so when I was thinking about this
concept of readiness and perfectionism so many different things maybe you’re
not ready to step out into the world and show up as the amazing beautiful leader
that you are because you feel you’re not good enough because you don’t have that
degree or you feel that you should have this little bit more or you feel that
you can’t show it I have had experiences where people have not wanted to show up
because of that 10 15 20 pounds Nicole was talking about yo what if we allowed
ourselves to show up and one of you left to comment it was going
quickly so I wasn’t able to see who it was but one of you left to comment and
said I wasn’t able to lose the weight until I love myself the way I am I want
ya express the importance of that comment universally not just about
weight if we are not able to accept the present moment as it is in this moment
with gratitude of this moment and simultaneously allow all of the things
that we wish to receive in our perceived future in this moment right now
what am I talking about whatever it is that you want to have in the perceived
future you can embody in this moment right now if we do not not only accept
this moment and embody the things that we want to be experienced feel and see
in this moment right now we cannot attain that future moment because that
future moment is this moment because time is not linear and it is an illusion
and if you want to receive that future moment you are going to have to accept
love and anchor this moment right now in gratitude even if that moment is pain
even that moment is challenge even if that moment is difficulty hmm and I’d
like to shift your perspective just a little bit because even if in this
moment you are experiencing anxiety concern if you are watching this right
now you have breath in your lungs there is possibility in your life there is
blessing in your life right there is goodness and in this moment right now I
challenge you to feel that actually everything is okay in this moment yes
now whatever you’re experiencing that is creating unrest is either something that
is in the future or it is in the past and when I say that it might be the very
immediate future or a very immediate past could have been one minute but in
this moment right now that you are watching this you are okay I want you to
write I am okay I am okay I am loved I am safe so you say I am grateful right
because you are you are all of those things in this moment and when we do
that when we anchor that able to step out of that trap out of
that illusion out of that perfectionist mentality of I can’t do because I and
why why do we do that right this is the work why we do it is the work right so
we are just talking today about the truth but why we do it is the work
because I’ve heard one of you out there saying well why why do I go into the
perfectionism because we want to be loved because we want to be accepted yes
because we want to be we want to feel safe right and those are the things that
are at the foundation but the thing is as Nicole was saying she didn’t feel
more loved or more safe when she lost the 5 pounds and you will not feel more
loved or more safe when you make that million dollars yes I would not for a
second act as if a million dollars will not help logical logistical problems I
grew up in a very difficult situation at times we had very little money at times
I know what it’s like to have the electric go off I know what it’s like to
not have food in my refrigerator I know what it’s like to struggle and not know
how you’re going to actually make it I understand that when people say that
they don’t have financial abundance I am NOT talking about a savings account I’m
not even talking about 20 dollars in your bag so I understand that right but
we can actually and it’s really interesting as I started to talk about
that it’s like a whole this blank just came up what’s that well there is so
much energy to the subject for you guys and so I asked around the intern ever oh
so sorry so you know what sometimes when definitely you’re working with people or
even doing maths all of a sudden surges of energy come in
our whole brain like kind of goes oh I’ll get really dizzy so I’m just gonna
ask that we ground all this energy you guys are on fire I’m watching the
messages come in I can’t remember the name of the person it was like literally
like I think five minutes ago said but I’m ugly and it’s really sad who says
you’re ugly who says you’re ugly we’re in a society right now where you need to
be emaciated to feel good people have a lot of eating disorders people are doing
drugs to stay skinny people are suffering
they’re jumping off of buildings because they’re not feeding their brain there’s
a lot of suicide with people that constricting their food I watch it all
the time I’m actually I had an eating disorder so I understand and as for your
beauty you say if you’re beautiful and there’s something so beautiful inside of
you because you know I’m speaking to you there’s something so beautiful inside of
you who you are even the way you look even the way you show up to the world
and you are not allowing the world to see that you great so I just want you to
know that I wanted to preserve loved you right and I’m so grateful that you said
that because you just dumped something heavy that’s weighing on you and and you
can release that today you don’t have to hold on for all of you if there’s things
that you are holding on and you believe about yourself you can release them
right now and just ask the universe to take them from you because they are no
longer yours they are no longer true they have never been truth right just
because we believe it doesn’t mean it’s true and that’s what Jeff and I do every
day is trying to seek truth and the truth seeks us so that we could be in
our full frigging power oh okay the energies founded I’m back okay so don’t
we get so much information so I was talking about if you have a million
dollars right so I’m not gonna be one of those people that says a million dollars
is not going to alleviate great amount of stress in your life or shift things
for you and in fact Nicole and I are always working to bring people into
their abundance because if you have a message and if you have energy that you
know you want to share and even if not you’re entitled to all abundance because
abundance is your birthright okay so you don’t have to live in lack lack as a
mentality we’re not gonna talk about that today we will talk about it in the
future I have heard whatever those guys go yes
that’s a subject right so we will talk about lack as mentality however if you
have that million dollars and there is broken inside of you because you are
stuck in the perfectionist idea because you think that you are going to be loved
if you have because you think you’re going to be accepted if you have you are
still going to feel broken that is why when people attain high levels of fame
success finances and that internal clock that reality
has not been shifted inside of them that love for self has not been corrected
those traumas the belief systems the energy of your mom not caring about you
are giving you attention when you are five years old whatever it is that needs
your attention you get to that moment and you can’t sustain it
and when the coal said people will not be able to survive in this body or in
this life when they there are people that gets to those moments and they
can’t believe it they have a full and utter breakdown and
this you know and what I was thinking about the perfectionism of thinking
about the route right remember everything that we look at their
symptoms their symptoms so when you think oh I’m just a perfectionist that
is a symptom what is the route right what is the root of your and maybe you
can’t see it right and that’s we tell people all the time
hey there’s mirrors there are other people it doesn’t have to be us that
work with you but there are mirrors we do not need to figure it out by
ourselves no matter what kind of a master level you are like no matter how
many years of healing or counseling you have done already
there is always an aspect there is always a deeper level this is evolution
there is no graduation there is an evolution back to self and remembrance
see it’s not that you were imperfect to begin with it’s not that you’re growing
and expanding even though we use those words you’re actually coming back coming
back to that whole state coming back to that whole remembrance oh my goodness oh
my goodness so let’s let’s talk about something dirty let’s talk about
morality right let’s talk about it’s it’s it gets dirty in there right the
word morality has caused many of us to suppress ourselves right what’s right
and what’s wrong what’s moral what’s holy what is not holy right so the
biggest thing around that is this idea that we deserve to be punished for our
actions this is not a truth I’ve experienced this not as a truth now when
I do things that go against my truth when I do things like lying or cheating
and I do things the punishment is that I’m not okay with Nicole yeah I don’t
sit well with Nicole it’s not that the universe punishes me it’s not that God
punishes me there suffering when we do things that are out
of alignment with our value so let me explain what morality really is you all
have values that mean everything to you whether you know it or not and when we
are not aligned with those values we are in pain we are suffering we are in
anxiety we are in depression we start to pervert our truth we do things in the
dark and don’t tell anyone what we’re doing and those they’re things in the
basement that you don’t talk about that you are doing your addictions your
things like that that are making you sick because you are unable to express
them because it is wrong amen and today you do not have to hold that
stuff any longer I remember when I told my wife I cheated on her I remember the
times that I was like oh my god I picked up again I remember when I just jumped
all my stuff I remember when I said I have so many issues around sex I
remember what it felt like it was this release because I didn’t have to hold it
by myself anymore we don’t realize how important it is that we allow for
someone to bear witness to what is going on up in this crazy this crazy place I
tell people do not go into your mind alone treat it like a dark alleyway
don’t go in there alone right don’t go in there alone you don’t
have to you you’re as sick as your secrets so we had this idea that if I
keep doing these wrong things that something’s wrong with me I deserve to
be punished and I don’t deserve love and it isn’t
true I said to you in the beginning of this I said no matter what you do or do
not do whether you’re spending a lifetime in jail for murder you still
deserve Redemption you still deserve love you still have access to it I have
watched people that their family members have been murdered and they’ve forgiven
the person that did it I remember all of those things I’ve seen all of those
things and there’s so much power and there’s so much beauty in accepting that
we are that we are loved we are those things we have access to those things
when we say we can’t it is bullcrap week in every turn in every moment pilaf yes
and so the thing with morality the piece that damages us is the judgment you’re
judging yourself at every moment whenever you point a finger I promise
you the only reason you’re pointing affairs because you’re judging yourself
yes and that guilt that comes with judgment is not of love and does not
exist it is not yours that guilt and shame is not yours not guilt and shame
if it stays within your being it will keep you in a place that is not full of
joy and happiness in love it will keep you in a place of misery suffering and
you will not be able to move through that and you get stuck we call it a trap
you get stuck in it and you don’t have to be stuck anymore amen amen
I know that you guys are hearing good stuff today because the stuff that’s
coming out is amazing if you know somebody and how do you not know
somebody that needs to hear this if you know somebody that needs to hear this
tag them in this video sharing this video
right let people hear it this is why we show up here is for the largest amount
of people to be able to be served in this so you can remember that you are so
loved that you are so deserving that your question for you how can you accept
someone cheating you should check out our YouTube channel we just did a video
we just did our separation and we just did a raw right so check out our YouTube
twin flame revolution we want to realize the cheating has nothing to do with you
because it has nothing to do with you it has nothing to do with how are awesome
you are how beautiful you are are all the good things you did in that
relationship and everything you gave it had nothing to do with that it has to do
with the suffering of the other person and it’s it’s something yes go to the
YouTube channel and maybe we will talk more about it here so thank you for that
question thank you so um so when Dhokla was
talking there was a lot of stuff that I was thinking about right and it’s
happening again okay so I’ll just let you kind of continue if there’s anything
but yeah yeah you know if you do have questions on that you know you can look
into it more Oh morality so coming back to morality
as a topic so when Nicole was talking about alignment right so for me then I’m
gonna share Sophia off because you know she was always with us if you’re new to
us Sophia is always with us so morality being in this idea what we
do is we actually don’t check in to see what is aligned with us our cool
so when Nepal said we all have our kind of internal compass that internal
compasses also want a really really high level that internal compass is alignment
with who you are as a soul okay that internal compass each person has a sort
of aspect of themselves has a sort of place a center when people talk about
alignment it is not an abstract concept alignment requires you to know who you
are this is why we do the type of soul work that we do
alignment requires you to see who you are so that you can walk step and
express that self okay and so there might be parts of you that you’re not
even sure and when you go against self then you create that misalignment you
create that break and alignment and so the morality is not outside of you it’s
not some objective standard of what is or isn’t okay not to mention when Nicole
was talking about we’re not advocating for things that sort of break universal
law right we’re not advocating for harming other people no because the
thing is is that those things are not about morality they’re about energetic
cause and reaction they’re about energetic consequence consequence not
being punishment being separate and apart from punishment when we look at
things like cause and effect when we look at things like Karma we look at
them from the lens of morality which means we look at it from a sense of
punishment rather than a boomerang of energy brings back the same thing that
we reflect back out to the world so you might also have a consequence from
making a decision that for other people wouldn’t look immoral or wrong but in
fact it goes so against who you are as a being that it will create the similar
consequences if you might have harmed somebody okay that if you had done
something that would obviously bring the consequence back to yourself and maybe
that is not speaking maybe that is not expressing who you are maybe that is not
showing up in your life in a certain way maybe that is not being organized
because organization has a lot to do with who you are as a soul things that
you would not create a priority for if they are a lack of expression of who you
are if you tell somebody every single day they say oh are you is this okay for
you it’s okay it’s okay and you never check in with yours
every day you kill yourself a little bit instead of saying no it’s not okay for
me but sometimes we don’t even think to ask
ourselves if it is okay for us do we want to do it so a homework assignment
for you guys as you are going through your day is it okay for you is your own
behavior okay for you does it feel good what do you want when
I speak to somebody and I say who are you what do you want most of the time we
don’t know I remember a time in my life where I sat down in a cafe and someone
said well let’s just start with what you like to eat and I said I don’t know I
don’t know because it was too easy for me to do what other people wanted for so
long that I couldn’t figure out if I liked things and if I liked behaviors
and what was okay for me and what was good for me and I had to start there and
I didn’t think that that was possible but I had never asked myself that
question so I have another homework assignment for all of you if you have
time right after this I want you to make a list like what are your values what is
important that you are and what is important that you receive because it’s
both the same thing yes so if it’s a lot of loyalty peace
excitement joy manifestation you know motivation just anything that’s
important to you write it down and so when we talk about perfectionism it’s
not perfection M it’s just practice it practice focusing on those things B
those things see where you’re not those things see where you stand in the way of
yourself from those things right actus isn’t a perfect it makes permanent right
when we would I say in the beginning what you seek is going to seek you if
you make that list and you make that some of the most important things in
your life it is going to seek you out as within so without whatever is going on
whatever you are grabbing on to right in that moment it’s coming back at u-dub
says the boomerang it’s a boomerang right so what you focus on is important
right so all the things we brought up in the beginning we brought up all the
things like that I took up my time right for me I want it to be perfect and
everything I wanted to look perfect so I starved myself
I went to the gym and suffered in the gym
why did I suffer in the gym because like I wanted to lose weight there I’d be
running and I just would get off and like you know maybe two days later I get
on a scale the scale hasn’t budged and I’m miserable you know what I do today I
step into the gym I get ready to beat the hell out of a boxing bag right I
feel my breath I take deep breaths I honor that my feet are on the ground I
say thank you thank you thank you that everything’s working right now in my
body I’m like thank you that I can breathe I’m not dying after the ninth
round and I’m there and I’m enjoying the workout I’m like woman getting people’s
attention to making them laugh during their workout and they’re suffering I’m
being present in it it’s not about the outcome it’s about this the moment so
like I feel like I do want that degree right I do want to get a doctorate enjoy
the studies enjoy what you are learning focus on the positive parts of it what
makes you happy in it what gives you joy in it because when you’re aware of those
things when you are aware of the things that make your whole body sing your
whole soul sing you can replicate that there doesn’t need to be suffering when
I eat now and I eat fruit cuz I love fruit I close my eyes and I taste the
flavors and I see the colors in my mind and I just feel my energy shift and I
sit with it and I eat very slow now and I enjoy every bite every chew and I
allow the energy to just permeate through my being and I get really
excited I didn’t enjoy food like that I used to not want to eat because I was so
scared I was gonna gain weight now I’m sitting with the food and having a
little dance with it but you can do that everything can be enjoyable it you don’t
have to suffer through everything it doesn’t have to be a struggle we weren’t
we were not here to struggle right you guys we all have this veil of illusion
we have these ideas these beliefs that suffocate the truth they suffocate your
connection to your beauty it suffocates your connection to you being all love it
suffocates the connection that you find in peace and joy in your life it
suffered like it suffocates the connection to you creating abundance
every freakin day it’s not like a miracle if all of a sudden like it
it’s you have access to just all the money in the world there’s so much money
in the world right we live in a system already need it to survive at time you
know so it’s like you have access to all of that and if you believe that you
don’t that’s where the correction needs to be made it’s not about judgment it’s
just that’s where the work goes and we all have work we all know all of us all
of us have work to do right and Nicola and I choose our work every single day
we don’t show up here because we did some work and we think we can show up
and talk to you we do work every single day every CI we
evolve every single day we do it every single day were dedicated when I get a
message and somebody said well I’ve done some work and my luck that’s dead some
good work in my life I shouldn’t have this issue I’ve done some good work
there is no I have done some good work there is always the next level there is
always the next teacher there’s always the next mentor there’s always the next
moment there’s always the next expansion there’s always the next view into
yourself and the mind that got you to where you are is not the mind that will
get you out of where you are this is why we use a community this is why we use
other people this is why we have a weakening moments this is why you read a
book it’s why you see something because the mind that has got you here into your
illusion is not the mind that will take you out of it when I say that I don’t
mean you are not the person I mean the perspective that you hold in this moment
is not the perspective that will allow you to break out of it right that is
what I mean when I say that that’s good I mean yo me on that no I’m not no we
love you guys yeah we love you I hope that you have a beautiful day whatever
you’re doing today I do it with joy be present be easy with
yourself drink some water after this there’s a
lot of shifting a lot of energy shifting through you you know the things that
you’re ready to let go of today that aren’t yours all the stuff that you’re
holding on to all the judgment if you can go outside some Mother Earth put
your hands and your feet on the ground and let it go it’s not yours you don’t
even have to keep it it can go today right and then you’ll be like oh there’s
there’s other layers of it yeah okay so let’s let’s let the first layer go yeah
if you guys are ready to let go a lot of this stuff today and right now right
hashtag break the trap last week get out that job
actually I break the trap replay hashtag break the trap let us know you’re here
let’s break it all of us collectively let’s understand that there are many of
these right there are many traps there are many illusions that are
keeping us from seeing things that are actually already here present and the
real that are clear that we see a lot of things we see a lot of things that are
not actually there they’re not actually real they’re not actually the truth for
us right but they are the truth in our perception at this moment but they are
keeping us bound they’re keeping us trapped and they’re making us suffer so
if your reality causes your suffering your reality then is not aligned with
peace and love and if your reality is not aligned with peace and love than
your reality is an illusion so if you’re asking yourself how do I know if I’m
buying into illusion how do I know if I’m buying into old program how do I
know if I am in these things because we all are in some degree breaking out of
them brings the consciousness as soon as you move into the ability to create
objective perspective and look around and say I’m feeling pain discomfort in a
way yes we have a pain body of course right now in this reality Caroline you
can break those steel bars guarana you can you can absolutely first step is
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