People Try Secret Starbucks Drinks

– We are getting ready
to taste community user submitted secret menu items, pretty much drinks that people made up. (whooshing) (creaking) – I love Starbucks. – I had a Starbucks this morning. – I got a gold card. – They recently changed the points system which caused a huge uproar
in the Starbucks community but I think we’ve all settled down. (whooshing) (whooshing) (intense music) – Oh no these are like
frappucinnos aren’t they? These are like blended green
tea peppermints aren’t they? (dinging) (whooshing) (whooshing) – [Voiceover] Peppermint lemonade. – All right. – You ready? – Yeah. Nope. – What? – Wow this is really good. Although it does taste
like a cough lozenge. – I haven’t stopped drinking it. I think that’s a really good sign. – The person who invented this would drink orange juice after brushing their teeth and not be bothered by it. – Yeah, they’d be like yum. – Dude, I think I’m
gonna order this nonstop. (whooshing) (dinging) (whooshing) – I don’t get it but I’ll try it. – Yeah. My god, it is like Captain Crunch. – That’s (beeping) crazy. – Holy (beeping). – Put that aside. – God, that’s horrid. – It’s disgusting. – First of all, it’s a disrespect to strawberries. – I don’t think I would order this again but I would want to show
this to other people. – You think this is like
drunk people (beeping) or high people (beeping)? (whooshing) (dinging) (whooshing) – I can’t take another Captain Crunch. I cannot take another
Captain Crunch drink. – Why is there a banana in here? – I’m telling you banana
has no place outside of a banana. – This is really good. – I like banana bread so I disagree with ya. – I you know, I’ll be honest, I’ve never had banana bread. Is it bread shaped like a banana? – Drop the cameras. Go get him banana bread. – Wait are. – This is an emergency. – I love this. It could have more chocolate but it’s also perfect the way it is. – You know I never liked
banana splits as a child. So. – So stressed out right now. (whooshing) (whooshing) – Em. – Wow. – Mm. – Don’t say you don’t like this ’cause it isn’t good. – The barista was politely like just going, “Okay cool anything else?” And the guy or girl ordering was like, “Oh yeah okay, mint?” And she’s like, “Cool. “Anything else?” “Protein powder?” “Anything else?” – “Matcha matcha more matcha.” – I don’t even know what matcha is. No one’s ever told me. – I quit. I’m gonna stick with my
normal Starbucks drinks. – I will give props to anyone who came up with those ’cause they’re very creative. – I wold never think to ask for anything that like wasn’t explicitly on the menu. These people are brave. They’re courageous. They’re pioneers of Starbucks. – They’re doing God’s work. – They really are. – ‘Cause anything on Starbucks is just you can, you can get whatever you want. – And that’s probably
the beauty of it actually that everybody can get
their own specific drink at Starbucks even though it may not
appeal to a wide audience. – True, that drink is for you boo. – I still don’t know what matcha is. (whooshing) (squeaking)


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