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Ariel: How do I look? Wes: Cute. Michael: Cool. Can I have this shirt? The fit and material of different t-shirts
can affect how comfortable your customers feel in them, and how likely they are to come
back to your store after their first purchase. Knowing this, we took four of our most popular
t-shirt models, and asked people to compare them and pick their favorite based on material
and fit. You can find these four shirts and many more
products for printing, embroidery, and engraving on our product catalog. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and
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in this video do not in any way reflect Printful’s opinion. They are the personal beliefs of the respective
individuals. And now let’s get started! Anvil 980 Ariel: The material is soft, it’s very soft
for sure. Sonia: Soft material, hugging me just right. Patrick: It doesn’t feel scratchy at all,
feels very soft. Sonia: It’s right in-between thick and thin. That’s why it makes it so easy to move around,
and it’s so comfortable. Patrick: Very movable, and I don’t feel like
I’m pinned in any way. Ashley: It is a little transparent. If I hold it out, I do see a lot of light
coming through, however, it’s not so thin that you can see my undergarments, which is
good. Ariel: Yeah, I would prefer it to be a little
thicker, but overall I think it’s really nice. Michael: Definitely feels a bit staticky,
so in terms of that I would say on the inside of this shirt—close to scratchy. Ashley: It was easy to get on, there was a lot of space for my head and my hair. Michael: It actually feels pretty good, it’s
comfortable, probably a little tight on the arms. Other than that, definitely a good fit across
the chest, and feels long enough so nothing’s coming up too high. Definitely good movement. It’s comfortable. Ashley: The sleeves are fine, they’re kinda
snug. If I had muscles, they would look nice. Sonia: This shirt is extremely comfortable. The sleeves fit just right. This is the type of fit that I like. Ariel: Tight at the bottom, loose by the waist. The sleeves are a little loose. Sonia: I like it, the neckline is nice. Ashley: I feel like it’s a true small. I’m tall, but it comes to right here on my
legs. So it covers, it’s not like a crop top. Ariel: A little bigger, boxier, baggier than
I would prefer. Michael: I would wear this shirt if somebody
gave it to me as a present. It’s not something I would typically go and
purchase myself, though. Ariel: This shirt would be good for working
out. Patrick: It would be fine to wear on a nice
summer day when it’s hot out. Sonia: Yeah, this is my fave. I can go to sleep in this. And go out, all at the same time. Right after work, you know those long nights? Yeah. Gildan 64000 Sonia: The material is stretchy. It’s a little bit more of a tighter fit. But it does stretch out if you like that type
of fit on you. Ashley: It was very stretchy, like I said,
getting over my head. Ariel: This shirt is thicker than the first
one. It’s softer than the first one. It’s not as transparent, so I really like
that. I think I’d just wear this out to the movies,
or to hang out at the park. Patrick: It seems soft. I would have no problem wearing this all day. Michael: It’s actually very comfortable, it’s
not scratchy, that’s definitely what I noticed. It does seem a little bit stretchy. That’s a good thing. So it’s not gonna… it feels like if it got
stretched out, it would actually kinda make its way back. Ariel: I think the fit is better than the first one, it’s not as boxy for me. Sonia: It’s a little bit more of a slimmer
fit, yeah. So not as loose. This one is definitely more revealing in areas
I don’t want it to be. Ariel: Still tight at the bottom. It’s a little loose by the waist, but tighter
for sure than the first one. Patrick: This one feels a little more tight. But not bad. It feels a little more stretchy. Ashley: Looks a little bit frumpy. Ariel: The sleeves are shorter and more form-fitting
for me. Sonia: The arms are comfortable, I can move
around, not too tight, not too loose. I like the fit. Michael: Immediately, the way it fits is making
me feel a lot buffer than I am. It feels kinda cool. A little tight in the sleeves, to be honest. But aside from that it’s very comfortable. Ashley: But if I wanted to be cute, I’d wear
the other one because it’s a little shorter and it fits better. But other than that, I can probably wear it
in the house to lounge around. Bella + Canvas 3001 Sonia: The material is very thick, very thick material. It feels like great material. Ariel: Compared to the first two, this one’s
way softer. Michael: A couple of the other shirts, I could
feel some fibers in there which made it kinda scratchy, if that’s the best way to describe
it. This one, overall, feels light enough. It feels like I do have a shirt on, but then
again it feels like I’m not necessarily wearing one. So that’s comfortable in the long run. Ashley: The material feels very soft. It’s not very see-through, I’m sure you can’t
see my undergarments. I wouldn’t need to wear something else underneath
it. Sonia: Definitely quality shirt, on the higher-end
side. Ashley: I thought it was gonna be my favorite just because it looks just better quality. The black was a lot darker, and I felt like
the design would stand out a little bit more. When I tried it on, it was not as stretchy
to get my hair. Sonia: Much tighter fit. Much, much, much tighter fit. Ashley: It fits a little bit snugger, I feel
like it’s more true to size. Patrick: This shirt, the fit does seem tighter. This doesn’t feel quite as loosey goosey,
shall we say, as the others. I like the other one better. Ariel: Yeah, it’s tighter at the bottom, way
more tighter by the midsection. The sleeves feel nice. Yeah, this shirt feels great. Sonia: Still somewhat comfortable, but not
according to my taste. Michael: Comfortable, very comfortable. I like this one definitely the most. Ariel: The length is still long, same as the
other ones. Patrick: Sleeves are shorter. A little tighter than the others are. Shows my great farmers tan. Michael: It felt cool to feel a little bit
strong in the other shirts, this one’s actually way more comfortable. Just tight enough, but it doesn’t feel like
it’s choking out my arms. Michael: Definitely feels like a shirt that
I could relax in, a shirt that I could be formal and go out in. Overall, my favorite fit so far. Ashley: I would definitely wear this. I could dress it up with really cool jeans
and boots, and a jacket. Look really cool. Or I could go to the gym. Sonia: This is great for someone who likes
this type of fit. Because mine is more relaxed, loose fit, you
know, chill because I’m just more comfortable with that. But, yeah, somebody could definitely rock
it and feel like “I’m it”. Gildan 2000 Sonia: It’s a very stretchy, stiff, stiff material. Best way to describe this shirt—stiff material. Michael: As far as movement in it, I feel
like if I move too much, I’m gonna get like a rug burn. Ariel: I don’t know if it would be comfortable
after a while. Patrick: Not quite as soft, slightly stiff. Ashley: It’s very rough. Not very, but it’s a little rougher than the
others were. Ariel: I think it’s see-through, for sure. Ashley: So the material, it does feel like
it’s a little thin. Feels like it’s been through a couple of washes. Not like a brand new shirt. Ariel: Surprisingly, on the rack it looked boxier, like it wasn’t gonna be form-fitting,
but I think out of all of them, it’s the tightest shirt. Michael: The other side of fitted, it feels
stiff. It’s like a pillowcase stuffed with hay. Patrick: Fairly loose. I could wear this all day and feel comfortable. Ariel: The sleeves, they’re shorter. I thought they are going to be boxier, but
they’re not. They feel fine, they look fine. Ashley: These sleeves are very… a lot shorter. Because it’s boxy, it kind of sticks out,
doesn’t really hug my arm like the others did. Michael: The other shirts definitely felt
more comfortable. Ariel: Don’t picture myself wearing this shirt
overall. The fit is amazing, but the material is just
a little too rough for me. Sonia: The print looks amazing on it—it’s
bright, it’s vibrant, the colors definitely pop. It’s a shame that this print had to be on
this shirt. Ashley: A gym. It sounds like I work out a lot, but I don’t. Michael: I could see myself getting a shirt
like this, probably to get dirty in. Maybe do some construction. As far as any kind of, being like a regular
shirt that I would buy, I wouldn’t see myself buying this shirt. PICK YOUR FAVORITE Ariel: Okay, so out
of all of the shirts, I think I would take this one with me. The material was great, super soft. It wasn’t see-through at all. I would definitely wear this very often for
sure. That one is the prize winner. Patrick: I would say my favorite
shirt of all the ones I did was number one. Because it was very comfortable and seemed
to fit really well. And I’d be fine wearing it all day. Sonia: Well, my favourite shirt
or shirts would definitely be these two. Extremely soft, they feel amazing on your
body. Comfortable to wear, and the material definitely
is what sells it for me. The first one I tried on. I will buy and recommend to my family and
friends. Michael: My favorite
shirt that I’ve tried on so far is going to be the third shirt. That’s just to me, it’s just the way that
the design stood out. If I was gonna spend the money on a product,
I would also want to be comfortable on me, but I would want to be something that the
print that would have on would stand out, and it just seems, in my personal opinion,
on this shirt, it stands out well, it’s very vibrant, it’s very colorful, looks very solid. Ashley: I would give
number three my favorite. It feels really nice, it’s very soft. The black color is very bright, it’s vibrant,
and it’s easy to see the design, it sticks out a little bit more. It just feels like a better quality shirt
to me. THE CONCLUSION To recap, our little focus group described
Anvil 980 as a comfy shirt with nice material. This shirt was liked by most participants,
and Sonia and Patrick picked this shirt as their favorite, based on the fit and comfort
of the shirt. Then, Gildan 64000. A tighter fit than Anvil, it’s reported to
have a more stretchy and thick material, making it less transparent. It was also described as comfortable. This shirt best combines comfort and fit for
those who like a tight fit. Next we had Bella + Canvas 3001. People voted that this shirt has the best
material. Soft, thick, in deep black color. It had a very tight fit and was considered
to be more of a going-out shirt. This shirt was the favorite for all the other
participants: Ariel, Michael, and Ashley. Lastly, there was Gildan 2000. People rated the material as scratchy, thin,
and stiff. It was described to have a medium tight fit,
but no one wanted to actually wear it for a long time. And that’s that! As you can see, knowing your audience and
a little something about fabric is key when choosing a t-shirt. We recommend ordering samples and testing
the products yourself before putting them on your store to make sure you know exactly
what your customers are getting. We have special discounts for sample orders,
you can find more information in the description below. There is a shirt for everyone out there! You just have to choose the right one. Hey! Which t-shirt is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! You can find all the resources mentioned in
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