People Talk About The Weirdest Places They Hooked Up

I was worried that the rickshaw guy would turn around, see this, but… I think in Bombay rickshaw guys… …are a little used to this kind of sh**. Weirdest location of a hookup? So, I’ve had, like, rickshaw sex. *laughs nervously* We were high— and this is not like your alcohol high *wink wink* — it was like, “Oh, the night is b-, the trees are lovely, this rickshaw guy is so handsome.” It was one of “those” highs, if you know what I’m talking about. I was worried that the rickshaw guy would turn around, see this, but… I think in Bombay rickshaw guys are a little used to this kind of sh**. About, like, seven-eight years ago, me and this guy, we found ourselves in a Jacuzzi. You know, common sense would have me not do anything. It is a Jacuzzi that can be entered at any point by any random person. I thought that you know what, this is, like, a confined water body. “So, why not do something?” There was, like, a lot of, like, making out. But then that making out also, like, started heating up, and then suddenly, I found my head in a position it should not have gone to. And, like, I’m just in the act of doing, uh, things, when the door, like, swings open, and the security guy for the Jacuzzi walks in. … …… ……… ………… And that is the fastest my head has bobbed up. Our third friend who walked in did not understand what was happening. But… he didn’t say anything, but he said that, “The Jacuzzi is closing now in about 10 minutes. Are you done?” And I said, “We’re done.” I think the weirdest location I’ve hooked up in is a pool. It wasn’t just, like, a regular pool. It was, like, some five-star hotel pool. It was on top of the terrace and it was glass-floored. So, you could look right into the lobby. And people in the lobby could look right up your butt. Yes, I was in that pool, making out. It was interesting, and weird, and… It was, yeah… I was in the midst of wooing this girl. This was around college. We went out, we had dinner, we had drinks, we were having fun. Vibes were happening. And then we were, like, into each other, if you know what I mean. We were roaming around, and we were, like, just talking, and, like, just getting kinda handsy on the road. I’m not going to lie, it was, um, like, all that much more better, like, we were out in public. We reached a very popular Bandra establishment. And then there was, like, a bench outside the place, and then we were sitting there. Well, we were talking. Five seconds later, like, one thing led to another and she was on top of me, and then we were, like, making out aggressively. For the first time in my life, I was, like, “F**k it. Let’s just go for it.” Yeah, we had sex on a bench, outside, pretty much plain view of, I’m assuming, the neighbouring buildings. Space is a problem in Bombay. There’s always a family member, or a friend, or a roommate. So, like, you’ve to make the most of all these spaces that you find, like, cars, elevators, sometimes, the terrace of your building. We weren’t thinking, so I don’t think there were consequences. It just happens, and you do it, and you go with the flow. I know how wrong this kind of risque behaviour, especially in India, can turn out. It’s for the thrill of it? I don’t know. Was it a stupid decision to take? Yes. Did I ever think about what kind of repercussions it would have? No. Would I do it again? I mean, I don’t know. I’m not very sure about that. YOLO.


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