people in vrchat share their hookup confessions – part 2

so what is the craziest hookup story
you’ve ever had this happened to me very recently I meet this girl she’s
wonderful we have a lot in common I asked her out we end up going on a hike
Saturday morning and it was amazing we talked the whole time just got to know
each other as we were talking we realized that a both of us
had an evening free I mean we went on this hike in the morning so we decided
let’s meet back up in the evening we went to the bar had a great time we
ended up back at her place we ended up getting hot and heavy I’ve always I’ve
always worn all right never have I not worn one but uh for some reason my pants
were flung into the dark abyss of the room and I could not find them and I
told her I’m trying to find Mike I can’t find it and she said she like did this
whole whisper thing she’s like don’t worry I’m on the pill it’s okay normally
that wouldn’t work for me but I was I was just the right kind of drunk that
night and I was like ah whatever people like connect dots last year
around this time which is November I met a friend
start putting games together we hung out I got to know her she had a boyfriend
that time three months later she text me one day and saying she broke up with her
boyfriend and so it was bad breakup and she’s already on She already has like kind of
like bad thoughts and stuff like that so when the breakup happened the way they
broke up was bad to you because he was already dating another girl so basically
my friend was his side-chick I say her into like a deep depression
and like I was the only one there actually messaging her I came to the
point where she started saying very scary things aired me she lived and she
lived not too close to me whatsoever but hearing these things being said I just
couldn’t imagine you know having one my friends taken away from me like that so
she lived eight hours away eight hours so I was like I’m about to do this and
I’m a man of my work I don’t have any money I don’t have any you know any kind
of objects or anything I can do to really show my value the only thing I
have my word so I told her I’m gonna keep my work I said if you say any more
if you say any more little scary things like that I will go across the state of
Texas to give you a hug I mean you’re you’re my dear friend I can never see
you like this ever and so like the day later of course she said no three-week
not recommended it felt different it definitely did it was uncomfortable I
didn’t think too much of it and we were drunk so he didn’t really do too much
and we fell asleep that was that where the story really gets interesting is
next weekend when I invited her to my place we end up back in my bedroom and I
start showing her what my new sheets like I already had without it once
what’s the second time like I’m not gonna catch something a second time
which which is not the right way to think it’s flawed logic but I was
thinking with my small head again it felt really uncomfortable I was like you
know what I need to get something from the bathroom and she was like all right
I’m so like as I’m walking to the bathroom to get some Lube I look down
and I see myself covered in blood and I look back at her on my bed and she has
blood between her legs and like on her lower torso and I was like did she
really not tell me that she was on her period I was there for weekend no I
asked I’m off my job and she did too and I was like okay where I’m gonna say you
know you can stay with stay with me I’ll be all right no
problem as things progressed in the time got closer and closer for us meetup
things got a little bit more intimate between us I guess you’d say some things
were traded back and forth was I can keep it at that and so it came to the
points where I was on my way after do anything I had no intention originally
going there do this kind of though and she was like mm yes
you know brings this case okay other thing I was driving down the road
shooting clarified she still lived with her parents so I was fun to figure out
once I arrived I get there and you know the first thing I say is I keep my
promises I gave her a hug I mean all good and when when I got there too I got
some let’s say stress for leaving brownies for fun both got tired and we
just went about after watching like Naruto all night she wakes up a little
bit and I’m a guy so you know and she lives with her parents Otto one-story
building or the appearance room is right across the hallway
we’re heavier and they would just hear hear the most terrifying things you
never want to hear I’m like and they’re knocking on the door
channelize know that lunch is ready we didn’t say anything they walked off you
hear that puts us you know clamoring away and when I look back at her like
you know pick up where we left off there was this look in her eye
I could tell us not a good look so I kind of stopped I was like what was
wrong and she looked at me because I’m not into nineteen-year-old I’m like I
took a step back I was like what this is happening now I did get the green light
right well you know I kind of respected her word so I backed off and I’m just
kind of sat there and now is the hook-up okay hopefully don’t look too much but
they find the video you’re not gonna see gizmo for the rest I wanted to like be
cool about it so I was like uh are you bleeding and she looked down and she
immediately sat up and just just like what the heck look what’s going on and I
looked down to myself and I realized I wasn’t just covered in I was Dripping
and and so I told her wait a minute maybe maybe I’m the one that’s bleeding
I was starting to get lightheaded so I told her I’m just gonna stay in the
shower for a little bit and figure out what’s what happened I sit down on the
shower take off the toilet paper and I found that I had ripped myself all right
I was never circumsized and that was why ribs and that never happened to me
before because I always work first time I didn’t work it ribs I figured this out
and I tell her what happened she at this time I learned she was cleaning
the bell of my carpet which was like who does that that’s awesome and she starts
googling like what we should do and stuff we end up going to the emergency
room yeah and I ended up getting that all
stitched back up long story short it did not heal very well a couple weeks ago I
had to go get surgery to get myself circumcised and that’s where I am now
and is it all healed good now like you’re back in action no maybe in like
four to five weeks but uh that’s how I took care of no fat November and
destroyed December in one day and we’re still dating
nice dude you suck and so now you just gonna be on no fat for like the next
five weeks right pretty much yeah I already feel the
superpowers coming in yeah I can I can levitate chicken yeah just wait so you
can start reading minds that’s that’s what I’m actually you guys are both
going to exchange your like real life me cards first it was like an urban legend
did that someone was telling his beak are like you know that’s pretty cool get
one I mean I’ll be very funny and I found the guy who read it I’m like oh


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