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– Hey, I’m Issa Rae and I play Mae in the upcoming film, “The Photograph”. You’re about to watch 100
people tell us about their best and worst Valentine’s Day. – [Off-Camera] Valentine’s
Day is coming up. – Oh it is. – Yeah. – Yes it is. – Oh yeah, it’s February. – [Off-Camera] What are you gonna do? – Probably nothing. – We’ll probably get some drinks. – A dinner, maybe a walk. – We celebrate each other’s love. – [Off-Camera] Tell me about
your best Valentine’s Day. – What my Valentine’s Day has been? – Let’s see… – Oh gosh. – I got surprised with a trip to Vegas. – Weekend to New York. – Puerto Rico. – [Off-Camera] Woo! – He made a little scavenger hunt thing– – Surprised me with roses. – She covered my entire
car in rose petals. – He was very romantic. – I just like being treated– – I do like chocolate. – Chocolate.
– Chocolate. – Chocolate.
– Chocolate. – Or Candy. – Anything that has to do
with food going in my mouth. – [Off-Camera] Tell me your
best Valentine’s Day story. – We went to dinner– – Ordered a whole bottle of wine– – Got drunk, you know– – Flowers leading from
the front door all the way to the bedroom. – He popped out of the
bedroom closet dressed up as one of my favorite anime characters. – [Off-Camera] Did he stay
in the costume for sex? – Yes, yes he did. – [Off-Camera] Is sex
better on Valentine’s Day? (laughs) – I don’t know. – It was good. – [Off-Camera] It was good? – It was good. – [Off-Camera] What’s the
best gift you’ve received on Valentine’s Day? – He gave me a ruby heart. – A ruby ring. – Cologne and a card. – A ticket, say for example, free massage. – He brought me a rose and a teddy bear. – A teddy–
– Teddy– – Teddy bear. – Big stuffed animal. – I had to carry this bear
around that was part of the deal. I was like, “Um, no.” (laughs) – [Off-Camera] Now what’s your
worst Valentine’s Day story? (hisses) – Oh boy. (laughs) (groans) – Worst Valentine’s– – Worst Valentine’s day– – Ooh, guy that I had a
crush on came up to me and handed me a card
and asked me to give it to my best friend. – [Off-Camera] Oof. – I had a singing-gram supposed to happen with the flower and the guy
showed up and he was drunk and it was terrible– – He brought me chocolates and he said, “Oh, my mom bought this for you.” He definitely was looking at other women. I was so pissed off, I couldn’t
talk the rest of the night. – We ended up getting in
a fight and it just turned into an epic battle
royale on Valentine’s Day. So that was not fun. – My ex-girlfriend I had broke up with me on Valentine’s Day. – [Off-Camera] Oof. – Well, I broke up with my sweet little fourth grade
boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. Even though it turns out
that he had mowed a shit ton of lawns so that he could buy
me stuff that I wouldn’t wear. – [Off-Camera] Do you have
a worst Valentine’s Day? – You know what? Last Valentine’s Day,
we didn’t do anything. – I had expectation of grand
insane things happening and– – My ex-husband just wanted
to take me to a food court. – I think I cried. – I was like, “We’re ordering Chinese food “and watching a movie, surprise!” – She spent the whole day telling me about how the date wasn’t
up to her standards– – Three days later, she broke up with me. – [Off-Camera] Do you have a
Valentine’s Day horror story? – Horror stories from Valentine’s Day? – [Off-Camera] Yeah. – It was a really bad snowstorm– – The car got stuck and then she had to go to the bathroom really bad– – We went to a restaurant. His ex-girlfriend followed him there. And she’s like, “This is my restaurant.” – I had gotten into almost half of my meal and I pulled out of my
mouth the longest black hair of my life. And it was just like this long. And I was just like (gags) – And it instantly made me vomit. – He thought he had appendicitis
and we were at the hospital for four hours. But he really was just constipated. Yeah. (laughs) – [Off-Camera] How do you
feel about Valentine’s Day? – Oh, don’t get me started on that. – It’s overrated. – Kind of overrated. – I don’t really care. I can show someone I love them every day. – I miss the old days
of elementary school. – And then everybody would
get Valentine’s cards. – There was this guy that I had a crush on that I paid strict attention
to what card he had given me– – I think that was the best it got. Was like a hand-written card. – I love Valentine’s Day. It’s like Christmas but for couples. – Yeah, it’s just a time to be reminded that some things are special. – Just the whole idea of love and caring– – [Off-Camera] What’s your
ideal Valentine’s Day? – My ideal Valentine’s Day. – You know having fun with someone. – Flowers are always good. – I want fondue, I’ve never tried fondue. – I just like feeling loved– – As long as we spend
intentional time together– – I like intimacy. – [Off-Camera] You with anybody right now? – No. – This Valentine’s Day
I think I’m celebrating with my friends. – Galentine’s Day! – And we’re just like, “You know what, “let’s just do something for us.” – Getting stuff for my friends. – Just spend it with the homies. Less pressure. And treat ourselves. Treat each other. – [Off-Camera] And what are
you doing this Valentine’s Day? You got big plans? – No. And I totally forgot that it’s coming up. – No plans yet. – I need to make big plans
because I got nothing. – [Off-Camera] You could
go see “The Photograph” Issa Rae. – Yes, oh my God, isn’t
LaKeith Stanfield in that? – [Off-Camera] Yeah. – I’m gonna cry the entire time. – I love Issa Rae so much! – I will go see her. ‘Cause I love her and I will support her. – This Valentine’s Day I’m
gonna go see “The Photograph”. What are you about to
do on Valentine’s Day? Oh, go see “The Photograph”? Great, same page. – I’m wondering if it’s not
too early tonight to kiss you. ♪ Ooh I wish there was a right way, yeah ♪ ♪ I’m caught between your love ♪ – It wasn’t too early. ♪ And a hard place ♪ – [Announcer] Rated PG-13.


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