People Compete In A Beat Saber Challenge (VR180)

– What is happening?
All I see is colors! – Feel the beat, feel the beat. – This thing makes you sweat. – ♪ We’re playing Beat Saber ♪ – (FBE) So today
we’re playing Beat Saber, in mixed reality and VR180. – Woo!
– Yeah! – (FBE) So as a fun experiment,
we’ve divided you into teams based on your skills. Since Beat Saber is a game
that requires physical movement and melodic timing,
as well as gameplay knowledge, we’ve brought in two dancers,
two musicians, and two gamers.
– Hey! – (FBE) So, who thinks their team
is gonna be the best? – Ours!
– Okay, yeah, no. – (FBE) So musicians, why do you
think your team’s gonna be the best? – Uh, because we’re
the most musically inclined, and it’s a music game.
I rest my case, your honor, and no further questions. – (FBE) Dancers, why do you think
your team’s gonna be the best? – I mean, I think as dancers,
we have a lot of really good knowledge on how to stay on beat,
’cause that is our skillset is we have to stay…
– What you trying to say? – Plus we can give it a little dance
and just kinda make it look cool. – (FBE) Gamers, why do you think
you’re gonna be the best? – Did I hear you say
it was a game? – Yeah.
– Oh, like a video game. Oh, like gamers. – We have superior
eye-hand coordination and spacing. – 100%.
– There’s no Kirby in this though. – He’ll suck up the competition.
– Hey! – (FBE) How do you guys feel
about your chances today? – We should win, we should win.
– Yeah. – I think everyone’s
underestimating the dancers, but we gotta get our gauntlet
and show them dancers are able to do it too. – I’m okay with losing…
– Same. – …but we’re going to win. – (FBE) Alright guys,
you ready to get into this? – Yeah!
– Let’s go! – ♪ Ain’t nobody next to me ♪
♪ ‘Cause I’m a different pedigree ♪ ♪ Ain’t no one impressing me ♪
♪ So step to me ♪ ♪ ‘Cause I got all my weaponry ♪ – (FBE) Alright Tom,
you ready to get into this? – Yes, is this God?
– I am ready to go. – (FBE) Okay, so your first song
is gonna be Legend. – Alright you got it, let’s go!
– Alrighty, let’s go! – Let’s go Chloe!
– Gosh, okay. – Yeah, that’s my favorite!
– Let’s go! Go time! – ♪ I’m a living legend ♪ ♪ You ain’t heard yet ♪
♪ You not get the message ♪ – Nice, let’s go Chloe! – Yeah, it’s cool.
– Hey hey hey! – Whoa!
– Come on. – Alright. – Oh I see you. Were you a Jedi in another lifetime
is my question? – My anxiety. (laughs) – (Austin) I’m too tall for this. – There you go! Okay, you missed one,
you’re fine, you’re fine. – There’s no walls right now,
you got this! Back up the points!
Woo, let’s go, on a roll. – Follow the arrows,
just follow the arrows. – Damn, you are in the zone right now. – ♪ That triple double Alonzo ♪
♪ Get that combo, aye ♪ (Olivia screams) – Oh, look at those moves!
The side step! Look at him go! (Olivia laughs) – Let’s go Chloe,
you got it, you got this! – Nice, nice! – Times eight,
that’s what I like to see! Ken, let’s go boy! You gotta get
a little break right there. – (Danial) Up, hey!
– Oh my God. How does he look so cool
when he goes it? – Hey! – ♪ I can see my rise ♪
♪ Up on the horizon ♪ ♪ I been out here grinding ♪
♪ Trying to leave a legacy ♪ ♪ And ain’t nobody next to me ♪
♪ ‘Cause I’m a different pedigree ♪ ♪ Ain’t no one impressing me ♪ – Ugh, dude,
I’m getting too old for this! I’m a gamer, I’m not supposed
to be standing this long. – Hey, hey, hey, hey!
Hoo! Come on, come on.
– His reflexes are amazing! – ♪ I’m a living legend ♪
– Ah, hey, this goes on forever. – (laughs) Damn. – Shot, shot, shot, shot!
– This is very difficult, ’cause they start flipping it.
And he goes down to the knee. – Whew, God damn.
(gasps) Yes, is that good, I don’t know! – Oh my lord.
This thing makes you sweat. – That one was better!
Hey, we got a D! Got the D!
– D, good, yes. – I got a D!
For Danial. Whew, that was fun. – ♪ Ain’t nobody next to me ♪
♪ ‘Cause I’m a different pedigree ♪ ♪ Ain’t no one impressing me ♪
♪ So step to me ♪ ♪ ‘Cause I got all my weaponry ♪
♪ We’re playing Beat Saber ♪ – Ready to go?
– (FBE) Ready, yeah let’s do it! – Let’s go Ken! – (FBE) Alright, Unlimited Power.
– Alright, I’m gonna wish you luck, but i don’t even think you need it.
– Thank you. – Alright, time to bring it home. You got this, just relax. – Hoo.
– Woo, alright! – Let’s do this!
– Let’s do it! – ♪ We’re playin’, we’re playin’ ♪
♪ We’re playin’ Beat Saber ♪ – Nice nice nice. – Woo, damn! – I don’t know how he’s talking
while doing this. – What, what, nope!
– You got this. – ♪ I got the power ♪
♪ I got unlimited power ♪ – Take deep breaths.
– (Ken) I’ve got this. – Hey, they’re trying
to throw you off. – Oh wow. – Whew!
– Watch out for those switches. – Alright, you got this! – Kill it, kill it! – Oh, this song’s hard,
you got it though, you got it. Let’s go Ken! – Oh no, it’s getting too fast! – (screams) It’s coming at you
at the same time! – Gah, oh my God.
– Oh. – Oh my God.
– You got this, you got this. Almost, almost.
– Alright. – You can see this Smash Bros. stamina
coming out right now. This is the semifinals,
got two more to go. You got it, boy. – You’re in the zone. – Holy God what the hell’s happening?
– Keep it going, dude. Like the Energizer Bunny man.
Just keep on going, keep it going. – I just missed every single one! – Just feel the beat, feel the beat.
– Jesus Christ. (Olivia laughs) – Oh my God, he’s killing it. – Follow the beats.
Follow the music, come on Chloe. Follow the beats, follow the music.
Follow your soul, follow your boots. Come on, you got it. (Olivia laughs)
– Save it, save it, save it. – Oh, get it! Yeah, oh! Look at him go! (Tom screams) – What is happening?
All I see is colors! – Oh no.
– Dude, that’s so crazy. They’re all, oh,
are they still coming? I got an E. – Geez Louise.
How did we do? – D!
– Hey, there you go! – That was hard.
– That is, that was really impressive. – (Danial) Thank you. – ♪ We’re playing Beat Saber ♪ – Okay.
– (FBE) Alright. We’re gonna go onto the third song. – Okay, I’m actually
dripping sweat in here. (FBE laughs) – I believe in you!
– Yeah. – Commercial Pumping. – This is your song, man,
come on. – Dude, this is my song.
This is my jam. – It’s time to
bring the thunder, for real. – Bring the thunder! – Alright, hold on.
– Aw snap, yeah! Oh I see it real time now, let’s go. This is your song, Ken. – Boom, easy, easy, easy, easy, easy. Mm-hmm, yeah. Gimme those combos, I think that’s where
we’re getting points. Don’t miss a beat. – This one takes a lot of focus,
’cause they’re coming at you so fast. He’s killing it so far. – So far you’re killing it.
You got it! You’re in there,
you’re in there right now. – I don’t know how
you’re hitting all these cubes. They’re like crazy. – Alright, watch the wall,
watch the wall. – That’s the exact opposite,
you must murder, you must murder, Ken! Get in touch with your dark side! – Just abject suffering. Stay in, stay in, stay in.
Stay in there, we can win this. – Alright.
Alright, you got this. Alright!
– Ooh, nice nice. That was a hard one, you got it.
– Dude, you gotta it right now. – (screams) Watch those walls!
– Whew! – I like it,
I like the physicality, Ken. You got spunk, kid.
Let’s go! – You’re killing it so far,
you got this! Duck. – Boom. Okay! – You got it, you got it.
C’mon Chloe, you got this. – This is your jam,
remember this. This is your jam. – Hell yeah, crushing!
Crushing! – I think this constitutes a break. – Oh he feels it.
He feels it! – Oh my God. – Just kidding, he’s lost it. – You got this, keep it going.
You’re in a good rhythm. His arms are just like
going so smoothly. – You’re like almost done already. – They’re coming really fast,
and it feels weird. – You’re close to the end! – Almost done, almost done, up! – Whew, your boy is sweatin’! – Is that it, no it’s not over yet!
– Other side! Breathe, you got this. – Getting down helps. – Oh, now he’s going.
Now he’s going with real speed. – Oh my gosh. – Did you hit the last note at least?
– No, I didn’t. – No!
The last note! – I got a D dude.
– Oh God. Woo, I was so low to the ground! – Danial!
– C baby! – Excellent.
– E for excellent! – E for excellence,
I like that. – Oh I hit the last one, no! – Aw!
– I had it! I had it, I felt it,
and I missed it by one! – Where’s that C, is that a D?
– I got a D, but I had 80,000 dude. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – (FBE) Alright guys,
are you ready to find out your scores? – Woo, let’s go!
– Yeah! – (FBE) Okay, I’m gonna tell you
which team won, but first, I’m gonna congratulate
our highest scoring player today, with a score of 276,424 is Austin! – Yeah!
– Yay! – Okay, alright. – I’d like to thank the Academy,
and um, that’s it. – (FBE) Austin, do you feel like
your experience as a musician helped you win today?
– Definitely. Relaxing and feeling the rhythm of it
is, I think, the only way to even do okay. – (FBE) Are you guys ready
to find out which team won? – Yes!
– Yeah! – (FBE) Okay, today’s winning team is
the musicians! – Yay!
– Yeah boy! – Yeah!
– Yay! – Hey, you know,
we’re all winners here. – I take credit for Austin’s score,
just want everyone to know. – She did all the work.
I just hung out. – Yes. – Thank you guys so much for watching
us play VR Beat Saber in 180. If you guys liked this video,
make sure to hit that like button, hit that subscribe button,
and we’ll see ya next time. Bye!


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