“Hey, my husband is out until 11. Wanna bang?” “Not tonight.” “WHY NOT?” “Check who you sent this to.” “Shit”- *laughing* She sent her kid, “Hey, my husband is out until 11. Wanna bang?” He’s like, “ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS, iPhone 5, and a new laptop and Dad will not hear about this.” *gasp* DANG! He called his mom a who– What’s up, guys? Today, we are reading texts of people who got caught. Let’s be honest; I don’t know what to do for an intro. Lemme entertain you real quick. *music* No, I do not comb my hair. My P.O. box is in the description, below, if you want to send me a brush. Actually, don’t do that. Alright, let’s get started! Dad sent Jimmy: “Just to let you know, the security camera code is”- -star, star, star, sixty-nine, sixty-nine, sixty-nine, sixty-nine. “Why would I need to know this?” “I thought you might want to delete the videos of you and Julia having sex.” “What about the ones of you and Mom’s yoga teacher? Or would you prefer that one to be seen.” DAMN! Get caught, Dad! “500 dollars and you delete all the videos.” “1,000 dollars and a new car.” … *silence* … I don’t think Dad has a choice. *giggles* Damn. Mom’s yoga teacher, huh? *whispering* That’s messed up. Dad texted: “WTF? You have herpes?! Why the hell didn’t you tell me before it was too late to get condoms? … What? “Don’t gimme that! What will happen if my wife finds out?” “Um… hi, Dad.” What’re you doing, if your dad texts you this? … *silence* … I can’t imagine if my dad texted me this. 50” faltscreen, xbox 360, or $1000 All and a door lock w/ a subscription to brazzers hahahhahah


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