Patents for Humanity

We live in a time of great change and breathtaking
progress. The last century alone has borne witness to
more innovation than in any previous age of human history. But serious challenges remain. In 2018:
844 million people had no access to drinking water.¬¬
1.1 billion lived without electricity. 2.3 billion lived without access to toilets
or latrines. And at least half of the world’s 7.3 billion
people still lacked essential health services. For many of us, these problems are difficult
to imagine, much less solve. But technology can help. Which is why in 2013 the USPTO started Patents
for Humanity, to recognize and reward groundbreaking innovations that address the world’s most
pressing humanitarian problems, in: Household energy, living standards, medicine,
nutrition, and sanitation. Past award winners include:
Nokero, for a low-cost solar light for the developing world. Golden Rice, for creating vitamin-A enriched
rice that prevents blindness and death. Global Good Fund at Intellectual Ventures,
for a cooler that can keep vaccines cold for over 30 days without electricity. Winners receive a certificate for acceleration
of select USPTO proceedings that can help move their innovations to market. And, they are honored at an award ceremony
in Washington, D.C., attended by USPTO and government leaders. You could be one of the next awardees. Your next patented innovation could do more
than push technology forward and create jobs. It could save lives.

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