Partnerships to Move Humanity Forward

6-10. You might want to come on board with the Node-two camera. We’re on the Node-two camera. Station is somebody walking around up there? Nobody’s walking, but we have something we think you should see. Go ahead. Apollo. Do you see what we see? General Motors and NASA have a long
history working together. In collaboration, we’ve contributed to the Lunar Rover and other technologies that would allow us to better explore space. Both groups share the same vision of having robots and humans working together. To complete tasks that are difficult, dirty, and dangerous. And the use of robots allows us to be able to solve those problems. It is a fascinating partnership here with NASA and GM. It’s a real good opportunity to understand the interface between humans and robotics. General Motors put together a team of people to work side by side with NASA engineers to begin the development on what would become the Robonaut 2. The world’s greatest humanoid robot. I would like to introduce you to the newest member of our crew. It’s Robonaut 2. And we’re happy to have him aboard. From the Robonaut came the Robo-Glove. And the Robo-Glove was really designed to be able to help provide more grasp strength without the risk of ergonomic injury. Our goal was to improve the safety of the operator on the factory floor but also be able to use if for bio-medical applications for people that have disabilities and difficulties grasping objects. Eventually it became clear that the things we accomplish with NASA had broader implications across other industries. We started applying what we learned to improve vehicle and workplace safety. At General Motors, we’re always exploring partnerships that effect positive change in the world today.


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