Paranoia and the Future – History of Mankind – Part 83

Hi, this is Jack and I’m here to speak about
the creation of paranoia. First, let’s go to the extensive manifestation
of paranoia. Paranoia can only exist in your mind consciousness system; if you are a mind
consciousness system – paranoia is able to exist. Though, in terms of who you are,
it is not possible – even the definitions of ‘sanity’ and ‘insanity’ do not
exist. Nothing exists of this world as who you really are – but, let’s carry on with
paranoia. So, paranoia exists… First, let me explain the mind consciousness
system: the mind consciousness system is set in a specific programmed manifestation. It’s
compartmentalised, it’s specific. Your emotions, your feelings, your thoughts and the manifestation
of other systems within you, the crystallisation – the entire system works perfectly within
and infused in your human physical body. It’s a beautiful, perfectly placed system and works
specifically according to how it must, from when you’re a child – and you develop
as you grow older with this mind consciousness system within you. Paranoia is what occurs when the mind consciousness
system splits, literally, completely in half within your human physical body – and that’s
usually [due to] a form of trauma that has occurred, or that occurs, in a being’s life
experience some time or another. It could even be the smallest thing that happens that
triggers paranoia. You see – human beings’ systems are very specifically designed, yet
they are very trigger-motioned. So, if anything happens that this mind consciousness system
does not expect, that is not programmed to be able to handle such a situation, paranoia
stems from this, usually schizophrenia as well. But I’m here speaking about paranoia. So, the mind consciousness system within the
human being, in the center of their being, splits, as I’ve said, due to a traumatic
experience that this mind consciousness system can’t handle, that triggered it to split,
because it just didn’t know what the fuck to do. So, it splits, because it doesn’t
have any other way to handle or deal with a certain situation that it hasn’t been
programmed or specified to handle. And then the mind consciousness system goes
haywire, literally – that’s where paranoia comes from; when the mind consciousness system
cannot discern between what is real and what is not real and the being starts experiencing
absolute obscene, strange events, thoughts, fears, emotions – everything literally goes
haywire, because the mind consciousness system has gone haywire, because it isn’t set anymore according
to its manifested frequency of how it’s supposed to be and that fucks up the human
being to a complete extent. Though, whenever someone says to you: “Oh,
you’re paranoid,” it’s never really you that’s paranoid, it’s probably the
being telling you who is paranoid, not you. But ‘paranoid’ is basically the definition
of when your mind consciousness system has split in half and can’t deal with anything
of this world because it hasn’t been programmed to deal with or handle anything of this world. Now, I will say one thing to you: human beings
that are paranoid – actual extensive paranoia has been programmed to experience that – to
create fear within human beings of paranoia, of course. And so, in terms of all human beings
in this world that actually experience the definition of paranoia in its most extensive
extent, their lives have been ‘programmed to do so’. So, in other words, they would
have an event that takes place in their world and then their mind consciousness system would
basically split in half immediately. And then, their mind consciousness system is not able
to discern between what is real and what and what is not real, what’s going on. And the
mind consciousness system actually looks like an animal of sorts and just climbs up and
starts lodging itself into the human physical body completely and then takes over, because
it hasn’t the stability-form anymore and it’s looking for stability in the human
physical body somewhere. And it just goes haywire. You know, there’s much I’m able to say
in terms of how everything is pre-programmed in this world to have human beings either
fear something or not become something or not realise something. Because – it’s
interesting, if paranoid people, if the human beings understood paranoia and just didn’t
give those people drugs and shit like that, they might have actually transcended their
mind consciousness systems, because the thing is fucked. And if they had someone who understood
mind consciousness systems, which of course no-one in the world does at the moment, but
now if they allow themselves to hear what I have to say, they are able to be assisted
because their mind consciousness systems is just messed up, all that they need to do is
to stand up within it and it will definitely go. Because: it’s just looking for a place
to hold onto. It doesn’t have a place to hold onto – so, it creates these obscene
fears and anxieties and thoughts and alternate existences and things like that, to just ‘stay
alive’. And then, what assists the mind consciousness
system when the split occurs, to stay ‘alive’ (if you want to call it that) is the drugs
that people feed such people. Because, that’s – I don’t know if I said this before – because
drugs… (‘drugs’, what I mean by ‘drugs’ is the medication you get from pharmaceutical
companies and doctors and things like that.) … because drugs assist mind consciousness
systems inside human beings. So, when human beings have paranoia and they are given drugs:
‘goodbye’ to them again. Drugs probably put the whole mind consciousness system that
split inside them, back together again for them. See, it’s strange sometimes, when you ask
the question of: why have these things never been seen or asked or just everything accepted/taken
for granted – how everything got here – everything is just ‘what it is’; if you’re
sick, you’re just sick or if you leg breaks, it’s just your leg that breaks, or if you’re
paranoid you’re just paranoid – it ‘just happens’. And then you find reasons and
excuses and causes and justifications for why these things happen because of only what
you see. I’m going to tell you one thing: there exists a world beyond this one and I
will probably do an interview on this as well – [on] what is the difference between the
real world and… What is the real world? That’s also the
question: what is real? Of course, many human beings ask that question, in terms of ‘what
is real?’ But, just a note: I would suggest not taking anything for granted that you experience
in your world, because everything is specific. Thank you very much. This is Jack.

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