Palestinians: Do you see Israelis as human beings?

Hebron They are human beings but they are like monsters They do a lot of bad things to Palestinian people that makes them monsters
not so much human beings everywhere you go
you will meet an Israeli if you go to the Ibrahim mosque
(Cave of the Patriarches) you will see an Israeli and the Israeli army I have gotten my ass kicked by them by Israeli soldiers Yes, they did beat him up Repeat the question In a workshop they came here (Hebron) with Arab people to buy stuff and they sell it in Israel When they come like normal
people, they look nice but when you meet them in the street and they notice that you are an Arab man that will not be good for you maybe you will get killed get beat up maybe they give you a knife
(plant a knife) and they say you want to stab someone maybe you will get shot by guns All of us are human beings
they are equal human beings Reda
Ramallah Under one condition to be seen as a human being
as a Palestinian Do you see Israelis as human beings? Yes of course Fathi (50 something year old man)
Hebron Are Israelis equal to you as human beings? What do you mean? Ashraf
Hebron Some of them, not all of them The extremist Jews
I do not see them as human beings I see them as terrorists Those who come from abroad like the settlers are not (human beings) Who comes from abroad? Some Jews are good but other Jews go into the
lands of other people ruin them and destroy them
are not good Do you see Israelis as equal to you? As human beings of course, all of us are human beings but when it comes to principles
and comes to demands when it comes to demands and principles we differ on this We deserve these demands from long ago What are his demands? Are we talking about Palestine? For example, first the land The land of 1967 or the land of 1948? Everything, all of it This land was ours
and we own it and we deserve it from long ago I have been told this ever
since I was a child and I have seen history
and read history and they told us that the Jews came later on and took our lands from us Monzer
Hebron According to how they treat us and their behaviour with us they are not human beings and we are speaking from reality You can see this in reality how they treat the children
how they treat the Palestinians


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