#OurVoicesOurProtest: Latinx Kidlit Authors Protest Human Rights Violations of Migrants

The migrant story The migrant story is our story. We are the descendants of immigrants. We are immigrants. We’re descendants of ancestors indigenous to these lands. From them, we all rise. Yet, in this America in this America In this America, state-sanctioned
policies of imprisonment and terror along the border and across the U.S. destroy families and communities of color and the very fabric of our nation. As authors for children our work is part of the human chain the brown and black links that seek to create a bridge for all our brothers and sisters Our work is our prayer, our poetry, our memory, our voices, our protest. OUR PROTEST. We do not consent to the inhumane treatment of any migrant. We do not consent to the
imprisonment of refugee and immigrant families in concentration camps. We do not consent to the separation of children from their caregivers. We do not consent to massive ice raids of migrants in our cities. We do not consent to allowing U.S. corporations to profit from this terror. We do not consent that our government creates and supports these inhumane conditions. We do not consent to the molestations and rapes. We do not consent to their deaths. We do not consent. (In Spanish) We do not consent and we will never consent. We seek justice in the present to ensure the future of goodness and beauty on our planet. Cross our hearts, our voices will be a wall of resistance and rebellion to the racism,
sexism, and homophobia that are responsible for these violations of
human rights.

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