Only Dutch people know this!

I cannot figure out… what is that!? Guess! What could it be used for? Punishment? I want to show you something. And I want to know… What is this? Jesus… Do you know what it is? No. I actually don’t. I have no idea what this is. ‘Geen idee’ (=no idea) I think… this is… Maybe, something for the garden? The goal is that you don’t go over this very beautiful flower with the lawn mower. … that they cut the edge of the grass like this. Why would they do that like that? Do that. OK. Torture. Students… Say it again and then ‘poom’! This is not safe. If someone wants to take the last piece. Make ‘stamppot’. The thing with which you do potatoes. Pick up the cheese. Barbecue? Cocktail… The thing that you push … for the ice. … for the ice.
– for the ice. For the Mohito. For the lemon. Maybe it has to do with making ‘pannenkoeken’. Maybe to mix some food in boiling water. To bring the fat away from the plate. I think it’s for the winter for the glass. For scraping… But then it would be bigger, I think. It’s to clean something. In English we would say: a squeegee. The thing for cleaning your windows. When you take a shower… the steam gets on your mirror and then you clean it. No, for that they have a bigger one. But that’s like for… your little mirror. Maybe to scratch your back. It doesn’t work like that. To put your shoes on. No it’s not the shoes. It’s really typical Dutch. And it tells a lot about how Dutch people are… about one of their characteristics. Character of Dutch people… They’re tall. Stoic, stern… To be quiet, and polite… and clean, and organised. So then it must be something practical. I know they like the tulips. They like those wooden shoes. And… the windmills… Something to do with windmills? Will you clean with… No, you can’t clean with those. Oh… Ah, is this the game you have here in the Netherlands? Maybe something to do with the bicycle? No can’t do anything with bicycles with this… They love apples. Sinaasappelsap? It’s something with apples. Organised… Why, this can be used to… … to organise something? Ah! Going Dutch. To separate: this is your food, and this is my food. You can only have this. It has to do with that characteristic. So, it is something that helps you… to get everything you paid for. To get everything you paid for? Oh, for coins! Oh, right! For a casino? Yeah!? No. To play poker. You pick up the things. Poker? For a cash machine… when we get the money out.. the little penny’s coming out… to get them out… it annoys me you put this in. To get the money out? When you win, you pick up: Oh, this is mine, this is mine… Prehistorical ‘Tikkie’. Like this was used before internet. To clean up a bowl you’ve used… and then just lick it. No, that’s disgusting. To clean your plate. Dutch people, they want to collect all the food in the plate. Yes, because they don’t want to waste money. YES! For scraping the insides… of like cans. Oh, you got it. When you have for example yoghurt, you use this to really pull out the very last bit of yoghurt. OK. To get the bottom out of the carton? Yes. That’s amazing! They have one, one drop… Wait, wait… No way! You have a special tool for that? I cannot believe that. The last part. The last drop. The last drop.
– the last drop. And it’s called ‘een flessenlikker’. Een flessenlikker? Like the English word ‘lick’? Oh well, that makes perfect sense. A bottle licker. It licks things out of a bottle. It’s funny. It’s useful. It’s a good idea. It’s interesting. It’s a very good thing. Wow… I think only Dutch people could come up with something like this. I’ve never seen such a thing. Of course, it’s Dutch. Of course it is!


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