Old Lesbians Play Never Have I Ever

But I did do one with a man. Actually he was very good. No. Not me. No. No. Well I’m not gonna answer it if I don’t want to. I’ll answer anyway. Me too. Oh that’s true. Oh, well. Friends- The one I fell in love with was my best friend though. She’s still my best friend if she gets away from that other lady. No, not with a best friend. Yeah! It wasn’t one of a major partner. Obviously not. Thank goodness. I mean it… no. Oh! She’s sweating. Well, when I first came out I would pick women up in bars. Very briefly. Mine was in Chicago. I didn’t have much experience and people would approach me. Sometimes I would go. I was trying to get experience. I’ve given. I don’t see the point of receiving one. I don’t want just a lap dance. Giving a lap dance in the process of doing other things, you know with a partner. Well, I have. She used to be hot, you know you gotta- I used to be hot. She used to be hot? Usually the gym teacher. Oh, yeah. Oh. Yeah! They’re all butchy. They were very appealing. That was quick. Sable! No. It wasn’t my fault. Cuz when you’re little you play with your neighbors. And this one girl used to say: “Have you ever sat under the tub and let the water run on that?” And I’m like: No… Let’s not forget zucchini and cucumbers. That’s too big, Sable! Chopsticks. Wait a minute. What you doing? How you do that? You just had to be creative. I don’t have any naked pictures. Even now, if I was young. You know, I still got the same brain. I wouldn’t want to do it. I’ve never sent one, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t taken them. We would watch them. They were always erased right away. Your own private porn. Have I ever had a threesome? Yeah. One at a time is enough for me. Is that with women or a man or both or what? Well I did do one with a man. Actually, he was very good. Finally found a guy that was good. It took you 70 years, but you did it. (Cheering behind camera) Yes. Finally. For a one night stand. Can’t get pregnant. I really have had a sheltered life. Look at this. In a New York City Cab. The craziest place for me was in the car. Driving. If a trucker comes next to you, they can see. But that makes it more exciting. I like porn. Very rarely. I have just looked. It wasn’t as risque as I thought. I’d say it was good. So you all didn’t get into details or… really… Things we’ve done or positions… Now, you wanted to spill all the beans. That’s what I thought she was gonna do.


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