Oats Studios – God: City

[angels sing] [street noises and voices] Ahem. Sir, Lucifer just sent up
this most fantastic bottle. It’s a 1976
Chateauneuf de Pape, sir. Yes, all right. Well, he also sent
his usual letter, sir, offering to
patch things up and reminding you that if you do ever
choose to pop down, he has a full
10-pin bowling alley. Mm-hmm. You see that building
in the middle there? Ah, yes,
the Ashley Tower, sir? Set it on fire,
and the one next door. I want to see
what they do. Right away, sir. Come on,
chop-chop. [explosion]
[God chortles] [people screaming]
[God]: Good shot! There you go. [blowing] Ooh, look at them go! They’re going up the steps! Running, running
little legs. Ooh, that’s quite warm! That’s lovely. Oh, good little legs. They’re scared
of the fire, you know. They’re terrified of it.
[sirens wail] Look. Look,
running all the way up. All the way up to the top. They’re up to the roof. [screaming] “Ooh, we’re on the roof! What are we going to do?
What are we going to do? Now we have
to get down from the roof!” Very clever. [helicopter whirs] What do you suppose
they’re thinking up there? [Geoffrey]: Oh, I imagine they’re thinking
about their families, sir. Things they’ve done wrong
in their lives, and what they might do were they given the opportunity
to live… sir. Send in the twirly thing. The sucker. Tornado, sir? Tornado! Yes! That’s the one.
I love that one. Sir… they are rather
unusual in the city, sir. Bloody hell, Geoffrey! I created the whole planet out of shit I found
floating around in space! These little muppets haven’t even
found the other universes I made on a Saturday night for fun! Send in the fucking tornado! Right away, sir. Oh, yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. [coughing] Okay, shut it down,
Geoffrey. [coughing] Turn it off. Very good, sir. [coughing] Jesus, my man. Trying to kill me. Go and get some of that… that toast. With the, um… Marmalade? Marmalade toast. Of course, sir. Right away. Uh… oh, god. [angels sing]


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