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and I stood upon the sand of the sea and saw a beast rise up rise up [Music] who is able to play [Music] [Music] [Music] good evening and welcome to the midnight ride I’m your host David Carey CO and we are now live live live I didn’t write this time right we’re just smooth as butter aren’t we I’ll tell you what and we are live live live on the midnight ride and we have an awesome broadcast for you tonight so if you want to be winner winner chicken dinner you keep it right where it’s at here on the midnight ride tonight our broadcast is entitled Brotherhood of the snake and monotheism all roads lead to Rome with our very special guest dr. Stephen pigeon who’s no stranger to now you see TV but this is his debut on the midnight ride welcome to the midnight ride doctor pigeon with you can’t wait to slap leather here on this ride today I tell you what we’re gonna be playing a little Luciferian guacomole we’re gonna be we’re gonna be letting it letting all the horses out I’m so looking forward to it and before we get into broadcast John has a little promo here for our good friend Joshua Watts well tonight we have two sponsors for the show since we have dr. 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Augustine and the work that st. Augustine did in North Africa and into the Arabian world in you know the 3rd 4th and 5th centuries Exodus the 5th century where most of his work was done and we will see that with this manipulation the serpent with sir but one dislikes we don’t have in tonight’s show David that we could have had very easily is the audience hall at the Vatican yeah and we know that this audience hall I mean it’s very clear anybody can look it up online right now as for speaking the audience hall at the Vatican is the head of the serpent and it’s very obvious that it’s a head of the serpent all the photography shows of whether you’re looking to the north or the south and you see the fangs of the serpent you know and in between the banks it’s the throne of the Pope who is you know speaking from with the authority of the serpent at the very mouth of the serpent you know from the mouth that is in inside the Serpent’s head so went now that this cat’s out of the bag you see this and we can actually go a little farther into it to talk about Vaticanus of one of the seven hills of Rome which means the place of the diving serpent place of the diving serpent the Vaticanus this is the the hill upon which the Vatican was constructed and it was constructed in order to maintain spiritual authority when the physical authority of Rome had failed and so all of this now you’re going to see was really kind of the concept the conceptual brainchild of this fellow who called himself Augustine not a believed that was truly his name if he took the name Augustine in celebration of the month of his birth which was in August and of course the month August was named after Caesar Augustus who’s originally was Octavius but who took the name Augustus meaning you know very dogus very significant important if here that people took his name after the month of his birth and anyway his history is something we’ll get into more more David as we talk about how his history would come to play out throughout the Middle East throughout northern African Middle East and what it would mean to force the position of Rome over this area all in an attempt to control Jerusalem which has always been a cup of trembling in the hands of mankind David come in oh you were cutting out just a little bit there doctor pigeon could you repeat that for me please oh I’m sorry I was cutting out yeah I was just saying that you know when you look at what happened if you look at what st. Augustine was up to you know he developed he’s the conceptual father of this brainchild that would allow wrong to perpetuate after the physical Empire the military Empire had collapsed and if you recall I mean his birth dates Augustine’s Augustine’s life time coincided with our good friend a good friend to Rome but you know they call him Saint Jerome in a Catholic Church but really his name was Eusebius hieronymus right and so we see that Augustine died in 430 ad now that’s very interesting that he died in 430 ad because that pretty much coincides with both the death of the Roman Empire that is to say the Western Roman Empire and kind of the birth of Roman Catholicism because it’s around this time that you have this Pope Pope Damasus was his name who would conclude with the Sidious also known as st. jerome as to what the new testament was going to be now it was a canonized at this time there was no canonization until really the council of trent but before that you had this idea of these are the texts that we’re going to go with this stuff we’re going to rely on and there was a whole bunch of reasons that that happened but you have Damascus in Rome who’s saying okay we want to go with 27 books in the New Testament and we want to go with 41 books in the Old Testament but believe me 42 bucks so what you had was you had his hideous argument see that’s not right either there was 47 books in the Old Testament you had Eusebius argument saying well you should only use 39 books of the tonight 39 books of the Tana and the master said no we’re gonna stick with the books that have been used in the Septuagint which turned out to be 47 books so 45 books I don’t remember what the number is then I’m kind of messing around here but you had many more books you had what is called the Apocrypha that included the wisdom of Solomon the wisdom of Sirach the book of Judith you had the additional books in Daniel had Tobit or additional books that were written there and all of these were included in three and four esdras one in two Maccabees all of these were included in the Roman Bible from the time of Pope Damasus now this again is established in this thing called the moratorium fragment that so the similar date that gives us this canon of 27 books in the New Testament so all of this happens at the same time you have Odyssey and proposed in this model of we can have a spiritual Empire without having the physical Empire he’s the brainchild of that and he’s the brainchild of doctrine that would later infiltrate the entire church and ultimately be responsible for the schism between the eastern and western churches in 1054 which is going to become significant as we talk about this history really that is that is accompanied the Middle East oh so baby let’s kind of get to the quick of this okay what you had is you had some very interesting things and of course history you know people you know they say that history is is in hands of he who tells it right but we do have and the historical record that is accurate I mean there is a true history notwithstanding whatever one person may tell you or another person they tell you and what the truth is is that you didn’t have the settled religion of Judaism at the time of the crucifixion of the Shia you had an emerging doctor but there were competing doctrines the book of Acts is very clear they were competing doctrines between the Sadducees who didn’t believe in a resurrection and the Pharisees who did believe in a resurrection and they were competing they were arguing with you also had the emergence of the aeroshell meet foul mood which included the damara and included and included the oral laws for he down the Mishnah but even then you didn’t have these quote-unquote pillars of Judaism being created at that time there was still an argument going on between Hillel the elder then eventually cam lel the nasi in the Sanhedrin the Pharisees who were claiming to be sons of fare as the son of Jada but who were actually Benjamites so this war kind of went back and forth back and forth but in the meantime you have this birth of the Messiah who would say look I’m going to clarify the Torah for you I’m going to fulfill the Torah for you because I’m going to tell you what the Torah actually meant which could only be done by the Messiah and so he does and so you have this kind of congealing if you will of the singular faith it’s a singular fate that arises all of a sudden boom this is the true path from Adam through Abraham Isaac and Jacob – David – mashiac in fact Matthew 1 gives us that very lineage and so you have this line is very strict mind in the Shia command you have this faith emerging and then the the fundamental believers in the first century were all Jews so this became kind of an issue so now what’s going to take place is you’re going to see Judaism begin to emerge as of the action as a reaction of the Pharisees to what was being said by those who followed the Messiah and this would take place this will culminate in the Council of Jam Nia about 108 ad and the council of jami is now going to say look no more of these books of the Septuagint particularly those that prophesy of the Messiah get it reversed cut it back to 39 books we’ll call it the tonight which is the Torah the nabiyeen and the ketamine or the works of Moses the Torah of Moses then you have the prophets the writing of the prophets and then you have the writings that get to be like the songs and the products and so forth and so they reduce the book now down to 39 books have become the thana so even this didn’t hold it kind of held but it didn’t begin to really gel until about the 350s ad so now is that you see now we can wear this contemporary timeline of Augustine you see st. Jerome now Eusebius is going to arrive in the Holy Land and he wants to create a Latin version of the Sacred Scripture Latin and Greek which were the languages he spoke but very much contemporary of Augustine in the meantime we also saw the rise in Alexandria which is where a very progressive City intelligent City intellectual City major library there you saw this merging going from the ideas of Mark being of one of the heads of the church there was now called a Coptic Christian Church and then his successors in Alexandria including Clement and others and origin but once origin gets there we start to see this ship and it starts to ship towards Gnosticism and you see this shift towards Gnosticism in Alexandria and that shift would also later take place in Antioch towards Gnosticism and then when you begin to move later in one of the heads that showed up in Alexandria was this fellow Arian and we get what’s called the Arian heresy and the Arian heresy you know the arianism is now it’s followed today as from the Dastak trinitarianism you find it in the Jehovah Witnesses and a lot of this has to do with the question that mashiac asked his disciples who do you say that I am and the Arian said that there was no the shot until he was conceived and born then we had the Messiah so the Messiah was a created being not gone substantial with the father in the beginning but a created being and because he was a created being he had much less authority than the father and so this doctrine was known as Arianism and it was very pervasive in the fourth and fifth century in fact it threatened the very foundation of the whole theology inside the faith at that time it’s a new understanding very dominant very powerful and there would be wars about this intellectual wars between some of the leaders in Jerusalem and some of the leaders in Alexandria and of course Augustine who was very much contrary to arianism so we try to set the stage now so let’s try to get an idea of what we’re talking about here from a geographic you Augustine was out in this town called hippo Regius hippo regis and hippo regis is actually right where Algeria and Tunisia come together where that border is an organic northern Africa this region is an extremely important region you know if you read about it historically nassif was founded by the Phoenicians well who would have been nations there were the northern tribes of Israel in the tribe of Daniel Bryan Zebulon is a car these tribes who had populated this region and this would become kind of a second kingdom if you will for the house of Israel even during the time of the Assyrian revolt and in this area so there have always been a lot of Jews a lot of if ryeom living there a lot of the tribe of dammit and there all of these people have been present and what is now modern Libya Tunisia and the Mediterranean coast of Algeria so this is Augustine was there he was in this city hipa we just right there on that intersection so here’s Augustine here so they’ll look pretty goodness Augustine is here hippo regis on the northern northern coast of africa then you come down the coast here is alexandria right at the nile delta and in Alexander you have Aryan and then you go to Jerusalem and you have you know Cyrus of Jerusalem who is teaching here and then you still have leadership in Babylon you still have leadership in Antioch and the competing forces of Rome and Constantinople so Constantine would pull out set his camp up in this magnificent geographical setting called Constantinople where Asia and Europe meet over the Bosphorus incredibly important geography and very important historically because Constantine would move the capital of the empire from Rome to his city Constantinople this was rejected by Rome the people in Rome said hey we’re as important as your but we’re more important than you are and eventually this would become a schism and you would have the Western Roman Empire and the eastern Roman Empire this is going to be reflected in the division that Christians among Christians to have a Western Christianity and an Eastern Christianity the Western Christianity is going to be dominated by the thinking of Augustine who actually gives us the modern interpretation of Paul so the Western Church now looks at all through the eyes of Augustine in his interpretation of grace his interpretation of ritual sin his interpretation of the Nicene Creed which by the way he changed he did some things that work on inordinate he was the first to say certain things in the in the doctor so August II becomes a very important part now when I say Augustine’s is very important part we have to get to the emergence of what’s going to take place now in Arabia remember you can’t ever forget a lot of people think that Ishmael was cursed but Ishmael was not cursed you know Ishmael did some things that were pretty rotten to his little brother Isaac it shot but nonetheless even when he was sent away because Sarah said you know get the stranger the strange woman hi GERD Hagar a GERD get her Atta he get her out of the camp she broke with you she was supposed to be the surrogate mom she gave birth to the baby and she hung around get her out of here so Abraham says I can’t deal with you anymore you have to go so he gives her skin of water he kicks her out and says there you go go die and she’s sitting out in the desert with her son Ishmael and she doesn’t want to look at him because they’re gonna die from the water but it is an angel that comes to them and says hey there’s water right here I’m going to take care of you everything’s gonna be fine and Ishmael would have going to have his own set of 12 sons all of whom were blessed now they were called wild asses of men in Scripture that’s how it refers to them but nonetheless the twelve tribes of Ishmael were blessed and if you go to the Middle East now you’ll see that many of these scents of Ishmael call themselves Ibrahim right Ibrahim is a very common name among the sons of Ishmael because then in ourselves Adam after their patriarch that they believe is Abraham what happened is you get two different stories the sense of Ishmael will tell you that the one who was sacrificed was not Isaac that was put up there in Mount Moriah but Ishmael and so we get these kind of two competing stories you’re going on however if you recall when Moses led the tribe said in Egypt they came out of Egypt they went into the Sinai they went into the Sinai and now we have it a modern record that’s different than the wife’s of Constantine’s opinion I’m told us that Mount Sinai was in the Sinai Peninsula based on her gasps but rather we have some information now that shows Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia and Mount Horeb in Saudi Arabia and in fact the artifacts that are there are absolutely mind-boggling than the 12 pillars that Moses set up are still there the burnt basalt top of Mount Sinai is still there you can see the two huge rocks at Mount Horeb still there the split from which water gushing you can see the evidence of water gushing between those rocks down to what I think was probably around 2 million people so but when they got there when they got here to this land Mount Sinai and by the way if you ever get a chance David and I’m gonna recommend this to you guys if you get a chance go on to Google Earth and dig into that area go look at Saudi Arabia and that coastline down the Red Sea there it’s amazing I mean it looks like Utah right and it’s a-you know you think something Saudi Arabia I thought it was just all stand but that coastline along the Red Sea is actually quite I think we lost pigeon there if you can hear us you probably have to read log right while dr. pigeon is getting back on the historical scenario that dr. pigeon is laying out focuses on the period in the fifth and sixth centuries when Roman Catholicism was wanting to consolidate power underneath the Pope in the Church of Rome and the big problem that they had were these Christians in northern Africa that were Sabbath keepers that were holding to the original apostolate doctrine that came down from the church in Jerusalem this was their big problem and this is what motivated them to do the things they did in coming up with the solution of how do we deal with these Christians in northern Africa and the basic solution they come up with was extermination and here in this area of northern Africa in Alexandria as dr. pigeon was laying out in this area there was the fight over what was the true Word of God and in the apostolate fathers and in ayran næss the names are even given of the individuals in Alexandria that butchered the manuscripts and polluted them and to this day your modern translations are based upon the UVs on the nestled all in text and this goes back to the second century Gnostics in Alexandria that deliberately butchered the manuscript so they could get what they wanted to say out of it because they couldn’t get out of what they wanted to say from the actual Word of God and the text of the manuscripts are basically called your Alexandria and manuscripts because they come from Al Zann drea and there are about 45 of them there’s about 5,000 plus of what we would call the Byzantine manuscripts and this would be the basis of the received text and one of the manuscripts the that the modern translations the NIV Enes and you pick about any of them there’s the one of the four main codex is that they base the validity of their translations on is called the codex Vaticanus and as dr. pigeon says that word Vaticanus it means the place of the serpent and we can see the breath of the serpent throughout this whole episode and it’s so pivotal that here in northern Africa this is right where this was working out it worked out from the 2nd through the 6th centuries and this is the area that was the place of struggle for Rome to consolidate power this is the area that they had to deal with and I believe we have dr. pigeon back are you with me yes I am David sorry about that I think somebody got disturbed at my at my oblong and obtuse discussion maybe well probably more likely what was said and I was just talking about the struggle that took place in the problem that Rome had of the Christians in northern Africa they were Sabbath keepers and there was nothing that was more problematic or more detestable to them than these Sabbath keeping Christians that held to the original apostolate doctrine and here in this area from the second up into the fifth century this is so pivotable pivotal in the struggle that Rome had to usurp power and consolidate it and this is basically what motivated them in their plan of extermination how do they deal with it well let’s come up with a way to get rid of them is just basically what they’re processing was but you go right go right ahead dr. fidget yeah now I agree with that David and I think you know use in the Council of Nicaea this doctrine that were going to elevate the quote-unquote holy Easter and that we’re going to declare the Sabbath to be Judy Isaac now I’ll grant you that at the time of the Council of Nicaea you had you know the Jews of course were still keeping the Sabbath but so were all of the churches in the world all of the Eastern Churches were keeping the Sabbath and they were keeping not all of the feasts they weren’t keeping the fall feasts great when you talk about the Feast of Trumpets the Feast of Atonement and the Feast of Tabernacles they weren’t keeping those feats but they were keeping what they call the pasca or Pesach Passover they were keeping the feast of unleavened bread they were keeping a firstfruits right and so all of these would be and they were also keeping Pentecost the fiftieth day they were keeping Pentecost so these churches all of the Eastern Churches were celebrating those four feasts and Rome it’s very clear that in the end the doctrine of Nicaea that the mark of Roman Authority is Sunday worship there no question and so and they knew that they had control over the population when they had succeeded in imposing Sunday on the population so you see this throughout Europe and you’re going to see time and time again the persecution that came in Spain under the Inquisition the persecution that came against the Celtic people in the United Kingdom the persecution that came against the goods the persecution that came in France under the Inquisition all of that was done to stop sabbath-keeping and to impose Sunday all of it once they have imposed Sunday they have complete authority over the grass roots in other words they have this Authority that is really inherent to the sense of life of the people who live in those communities and so the biggest problem was they had not only do they have Arianism there in Alexandria but they also had the churches that have been founded by Peter in Babylon the churches that have been founded up in Antioch by the disciples the churches up in Cappadocia along the Black Sea coast in Georgia and up into Kiev in Ukraine that was founded by Andrew the churches that were governed by John the Revelator the seven churches of Revelation you know Ephesus Philadelphia Smyrna Thyatira you know that whole group of churches that were all managed under the Bishop of John the Revelator Yahoo Canon the Revelator so they had real difficulties with those churches now the irony is is that they still have difficulty with those churches they still have difficulty with Eastern Orthodoxy and Rome continues to work a path of barbarity against those people in other words it’s perfectly permissible in the sight of Western countries to slaughter seventy five thousand he’s from Orthodox or Coptic Christians a year since the year 2000 I mean it’s an ongoing martyrdom and an ongoing slaughter now I’ll tell you you know the Heavenly Father has seen fit that those believers should be the ones that are martyred I mean they’re the ones that will be coming back when when are our lion of the tribe of Judah appears on a white horse it will be those who have been beheaded that are going to be joining him and in this final battle of Armageddon and you know so Rome is so wrong as idea was of course we have to gain control spiritual control not necessarily physical control although they want that too we have to gain both spiritual and physical control of Jerusalem that’s the main issue getting Jerusalem so being unhappy with Rome the serpent feels this need to somehow take on Jerusalem well you had some interesting problems that took place remember that the New Testament and I believe this you know David between me and you I believe that yah made sure that the New Testament would be in Greek for the last 2000 years because the Jews were blinded in part and this message had to be given to the rest of the world the other nations amen during this period of time that it was blinded and so it was given in Greek to reach the other nations so this is the hand of the Father that put forth this Greek even though we know that st. Augustine one of his Crusades was to destroy all of the manuscripts all of the Hebrew manuscripts he could find that caused the early church to continue to keep the Shabbat that caused the early church to continue to keep the feasts that caused the early church to continue to have regard for the Torah of motion so they wanted to burn those and they did if you recall they burned the librarian Alexander the woman’s burn the librarian Alexander the in Alexandria they burned the library in Jerusalem and they burned the librarian Carthage any place they could find Hebrew documents they would destroy them and replace them with Latin documents and so it is that we have this Latin ideology of Augustine now that’s going to permeate the world well at this point they started to refine things because when I’m talking about gay men right Yemen being the son of shamone and that you had actually these sense of shamone all the way down the saudi coast there and there the modern saudi coast on the red sea and so they were known during that period of time for it really for hundreds of years as Jews even though it was the trial of Shimoda but they were probably Jews from the kingdom of Judea that once Jerusalem was shut down to them and said you can’t live here anymore you know what it was called Palestine ax and the herbs renamed the city outcodes and they began to they forced all the juice out following the Bar Kokhba revolt so you had Jews in Babylon but you also had Jews that were up and down this coast okay now the Jews in this one city called Mecca would become known as the goraishi the Kureishi and so the Kureishi practiced the form of babylonian but it wasn’t an intense form they were various they were still a tribal and they were dealing with the tribalism of the sons of Ishmael who were living in the same area and like I said when Moses got there with the people on the Exodus they wandered through the wilderness it’s called in inscription you read they wanted through the wilderness of sin the one that could wilderness of sin if you read the history of Nebuchadnezzar Nebuchadnezzar you know what it’s when the Book of Daniel says his son Belshazzar became the king that was actually his grandson but in the vernacular of the day grandson son same difference that’s how they were pretty good his his real son abdicated the throne in order to follow the moon god sin in order to follow the moon god sin so you had this the wilderness of them sin was this wilderness that Moses Moshe is describing where those people who lived in that wilderness which at this time would be the sons of Ishmael worship the moon god sin however when you get to Mecca around the time of the seventh century you had a kind of a similar to a Hindu practice you had on the lunar calendar on a 360 day basis and in that lunar calendar you had a God for every day so there were 360 or non biblical gods if you will each one group in the day one of which was the moon god sin however this moon god sin was going to take on a new name because of the Jewish influence in the tribes of quraishi because the Jews would refer to this god el right so we have el Elohim el-shaddai El Elyon etc but one of the one of the versions of el is Ella wat so in the book of Job for instance the references to El in that book are all aloha but even aloha has a root and the root of aloha is allah a lot this is a Hebrew word okay so you have these Kureishi using this word elahh wa or allah to refer to l and the arabic picked it up downstream if you will in the language and it became Allah Allah now on one hand there are people now in the modern world who will try to assert that the moon-god was masculine and the sun-god feminine and the two of them were somehow married but that is not well accepted what’s what was well accepted at the time is that the Sun God was masculine and the moon God was feminine now you know this is one of the great things that if you’re a Muslim you should be very worried about because what if Allah is feminine you know the kind of treatment that has been given to a Muslim women over the years has not been Deus have been conducive with it shall we say women’s rights and so if this is this could become a big issue but nonetheless so these people would named themselves after the particular God that they were worshipped and you know and Muhammad’s parents who had died pretty out when he was pretty young of what his uncle was known as Abdul Allah because his God of the 360 was a lot however it was you know part of this pagan ritual parted partners pagan worship system talked about Allah the moon God being married to the Sun God and then they had three children they had three daughters three daughters one of whom was a loser okay so when we look at this this setup now we can you kind of see now that we have this idea of first of all the Kaaba which is believed to be a rock that came down from heaven and this gamma becomes the center of worship in Mecca which is controlled by the Quraish Jews the Kureishi Jews who are here right and then here is this Muhammad well people don’t want to admit and they don’t want to accept the fact that Rome was desperate to hold on to its controls because the Empire would collapse now ona I got to take just a second David to talk about the Empire before you could park much further into this you know with Rome you had this problem of extreme decadence and you know it was a totally corrupted social order and because it was immoral it was demoralized and because it was demoralized it could not hold it society together I mean it was ungodly and therefore it was self-destructive and was going to destroy itself but in the meantime you had this whole motion of the actual tribes of Yashar l coming out of the Indus River Valley over the Caucasus and into northern Europe this all of this happened in about the 3rd century part of that tribe was this tribe of GAD the tribe of GAD which is not pronounce GAD we call it yet but it was actually pronounced God God and people would say well hey let’s worship the the you know the deity that the tribe of God worships let’s worship the deity of God let’s worship God and that tribe became God became good became goat became growth and they were known as the gods right and you had the eastern gods the Ostrogoths and you had the western god significant the Visigoths that group the Visigoths you know they’re sitting around up there in Austria and Hungary and Hungary hey what do you what do we got going this summer I don’t know let’s go burn Rome so they didn’t they go down they went down to burnt Rome and it burned at eight times eventually that group would transgress through France and Spain across the Mediterranean in Morocco and come the time of Augustine they actually received the city of Hippo Regis with Augustine living there and the at that time they were called the bandulus and they eventually overcame Augustine and joined with the remainder of the house of Israel that was in Carthage to put together the last group of Carthage for the three cuneiforms wars against Rome so this becomes very important because Augustine is like you know it’s got his fingers friggin nails going down the blackboard you know trying to hold on to Rome and his concepts would in fact allow Rome to continue in other words the concept is we don’t need to conquer your territory and impose Roman fortresses and and stationed Roman centurions etc all we need to do is come to conquer is to capture the sense of life of your children to force them into a Sunday worship and to understand that the god of this life and the afterlife belongs to Rome and that the Pope is you know sitting in the place of the Son of God on earth these are all Augustinian concepts so Augustine also began to work in the other direction that is to say part of the mission was to capture Jerusalem remember that Eusebius was in Jerusalem that’s where he worked to interpret the Latin Vulgate in Jerusalem and in Antioch and but they couldn’t control it because the Eastern Empire of Rome was in control and that was a Greek speaking Empire not a Latin speaking Empire very important that portion was a Greek speaking Empire not a Latin speaking Empire and so you have the paleo Hebrew which would become the Greek alphabet which in today’s world is Cyrillic Cyrillic okay so the Eastern Empire which is still clinging to the idea of Sabbath and so on until Constantine Constantine says we’re going to impose Easter we’re going to post a Shabbat now but you know you’ve got to split between East and West Eastern Empire which would become grizz antium and Rome which is crumbling it’s crumbling because of its decadence and because of its a perversion it’s just crumbling from completely falling apart so like 4:32 death of Augustine you’ve arrived at pretty much the end woman empire but ideas had not ended and the idea was to begin to develop inside the sense of Ishmael Oh some kind of a candidate that could do the bidding of the Catholic Church in exterminating it or otherwise allowing for Catholic control to emerge in the Byzantine Empire and the way to do that was to denounce sabbath-keeping to denounce those who believed in the son and I’m not talking about the Sun in the sky I’m talking about the son of man and the son of the been Elohim the Son of God and the Son of Man the Benedum the been Elohim and these are the practitioners of the true faith whether they’re in coptic egypt or whether they’re in Eastern Orthodoxy and Antioch Babylon Jerusalem Cappadocia the churches of Ephesus even up on the coast so the church had to do this now the church did succeed because remember that Rome at that time was quite good at invading and holding and it was an intellectual process not necessarily a physical process they couldn’t however get to the other side of the afraid ease so we see this process begin now enter enter this Kaja they Nicosia was an interesting person because she of course had roots in the Kureishi in Mecca and her family was very well developed she became a very rich merchant and was making a lot of money but inside Catholicism they will tell you inside Catholicism now Islam will deny this all day long and this is an important point David because Islam will deny this all day long right that never happened you can’t prove it so on and so forth but inside the Catholic Church at least according to dr. Alberto Rivera who a former Jesuit affected him could to a true faith and then began to reveal all of these things he said that the Catholic Church holds the doctrine that in fact she retired to a Catholic convent this khadiyah getcha getcha she retired to a Catholic convent and here both her and her uncle were being trained by Catholic monks and they were being trained in a certain format to develop some kind of a charismatic individual to create a form of the faith inside of the Arabic world inside the sense of Ishmael that would come to work against both Jews and these people who were you know following them as the Messiah which you might call the net serene which I referred to as the house of yashi RL the house of Yasser of the true house of the usher up on the path of the true faith and so they did they began developing they began to develop and they had one particular candidate in mind and this was a young man who was particularly brilliant but who also had a viable mind that is to say Kaja could who was twenty-one years older than him could talk to him and tell him and encourage him and so on and so forth and him be without parents he ends up marrying her when she’s 21 years older than he is and she begins to give him doctrine and he begins to write some of this doctrine well if you if you’ve ever read the Quran the Quran opens up the longest book in the Quran is the very first book of the Quran it’s called the cow in English but it’s the very it’s the longest book in the Quran and in this book it proclaims that ISA which in the Greek world is EA Seuss and the Latin world Jesus in our world something entirely different but they would talk about ISA being of a virgin birth now this virgin birth became very important where did they get the doctrine of virgin birth where did they get the doctrine of birth well a lot of this has to do with a spiritual understanding of course but the virgin birth is promoted in the first surah of the Quran also Abraham is called the Prophet Moshe is called the prophet ISA is called the Prophet but as you get farther and farther into the Quran you begin to see the Quran kind of moving towards of these pagan gods so remember that Kaja came from a family that worshiped al-aqsa one of the daughters of this marriage between the Sun God and the moon God we might see that marriage between the Sun God in the moon god as the ISIS or Cyrus marriage Isis Osiris marriage but in in the Arabic terms there was not the son Horus there were three daughters okay three daughters now when you get into the karana this is going to get stinky for a lot of people I mean oh this is kind of hard teaching but it is what it is and this is in the Quran and everybody who knows the Quran will tell you it’s in the Quran you arrive at the sewer about mid book where Muhammad says well you know he’s been saying now for many many many sewers that Allah has no son Allah has no son but eventually you get to a point where he says Allah has no son but has three daughters one of whom is a loser now Moosa is the Arabic name for this fertility goddess Isis right it started Easter Ishtar and also which would be later be understood as Mary what he says I would say and so he says that God has three daughters a loser well you can imagine his followers at this point Cain went ballistic because they wanted this perfect monotheistic view which was a lot one guy right nothing else no more just Allah no son no daughter and so in the very next surah he makes this claim he says well all of the of the profit are tainted by Satan now when you say this publicly people get very angry the ayatollah khomeini he got mad at some and rusty wanted to kill him because some and Reggie had published the book saying the Satanic Verses now The Satanic Verses you can see why the people in Islam would get uptight about that because the title of Rusty’s book implies that all of the verses in the Quran are satanic and that’s not what I mean you know you can reach that inference from what Muhammad said in the surah when he says all of the verses of the Prophet have been tainted by Satan you could reach that inference I’m not going to reach any inference about what’s in the Quran I’m gonna reach an inference about what is explicitly said which is you know at one point he says Allah has three daughters and then he reverses his position and says that verse was tainted by Satan okay well here this creates the doctrine of abrogation inside the Quran everything that is before that verse before the outlets averse is now abrogated by everything that will follow and then you get into the Sunna you get into the hadith and you get into these teachings of what would become modern-day Wahhabi ISM which is a radical form of Islam that favors a violent jihad okay jihad of course means struggle but there is a command of course in the Quran it says convert the whole world to Islam and when you get into these verses that abrogate the earlier doctrines of peace in the Quran you get only the violence section of the Quran you get only the violence of jihad okay so how much of the doctrine in the book the cow was given to him by Kaja his wife who was operated on the basis of Catholic doctrine according to the Catholic Church all of that doctrine was given to Muhammad by Kaja and that was intentionally a Catholic doctrine because they want Islam to dispose of those pesky Jews who would not come into Roman Authority refuse to come under Roman Authority and they wanted to get rid of those people who were following the Messiah who were doing what the Messiah thought who would do with the Gospels thought who were doing what Paul taught for heaven’s sakes in keeping the Shabbat and keeping the feast remember the people who are new to this channel David who may not know these things remember that it was extremely important for Paul to get back to Jerusalem for the high feast days I mean he was willing to risk his life to get back into Jerusalem for the high fees days it’s very clear in the book of Acts that every Shabbat he was in the synagogue arguing on behalf of the Gospels it’s very clear that the Messiah in fact if you look in Luke 4 you’ll see that it says point-blank that when the ship returned to Nazareth after passing in the wilderness for forty days he went to the synagogue on Shabbat as was his custom it reads you read throughout the Gospels that mashiac was in Jerusalem for the high these days there is no last supper without Messiah and the twelve disciples keeping the Passover you know go and secure the upper room that we might keep the Passover I mean this is what’s discussed right so there’s no question that the Gospels that the epistles that the teaching of Paul very clear concerning the Shabbat and the feast and even keeping the Torah now not keeping the Torah for purposes of salvation but keeping the Torah because we love yah that’s what he’s called us to do and of course as soon as you crack the book to the left of Matthew which a lot of churches don’t do you know that’s the gold pages that are still stuck together right but as soon as you crack those gold pages in you look what are you gonna find you’re going to find Shabbat Sabbath Shabbat Shabbat Shabbat it goes on and on and on and on an on beginning with of course the fourth commandment guard my Shabbat and keep it set apart keep it holy keep it sanctified keep it set apart so these teachings are very obvious in the faith and they had to be obfuscated by the serpent who demanded acquiescence to Sunday and so this manipulation now that it was set in motion by Augustine would become pervasive throughout the Roman Church so one saw us teens set the foundations here in the fifth century by the time you get into the sixth and seventh century you’re seeing this develop throughout the Catholic world but remember business Byzantium continued to hold Jerusalem now there were times when the Arabs would come in even before Mohammed and they would you know make moves against out Goods then there were times even when the house of Joseph the house of your frien held Jerusalem the park the intelligible is Lamar gone what are we doing here again right but when you get into the later years the prophecy that talks about the dragon with seven heads right and he says these seven heads are seven kingdoms well those seven kingdoms are those kingdoms which controlled Jerusalem beginning with Egypt of course during the time of Joseph then going to Assyria then going to Babylon then going tomatoe Persia and then Greece now that were the five that were one that was which was Rome but remember that Rome divided Western and Eastern Eastern Rome survived until 1453 Western Rome collapsed a thousand years earlier now doesn’t this tell you something about the doctrine eastern Rome which was continuing to hold to at least the four spring the four earlier feasts and that we’re still practicing Shabbat they were continuing to hold now of course the Sunday church would invade there as well but they were continued they helped for a thousand years longer than the West which become totally paganized completely corrupted and completely perverted and so finally the ottomans do take Constantinople and there is an agreement made by Rome with Islam that says look we realize we can’t control you guys at one point Islam spread so fast because when you look at the doctrine of Islam it’s like okay here’s the deal if you’re not a Muslim then you’re an infidel and if you’re an infant a woman a Muslim man couldn’t rape an infidel woman to death and there’s no sin under Islam no this is my opinion but Walid Shoebat a former Muslim who is a fez which is to say he can give you the Quran from memory in Arabic as said this was the teaching that he received when he was at the University setting the Quran that it was permissible for a Muslim man to rape an infidel woman to death and there was no sanction it was nothing wrong with that and so and now so this is one of the teachings of Mohammed second teaching any infidel City that you find or any imminent person you’re welcome to kill him we had him and they take everything he has take the loot so he gave this open license to men – number one have no respect for women whatsoever total domination of women that is to say a Muslim man can have up to four wives and the fourth wife anyway I picked in divorce you know you’re out if he claps his hands like this three times wipe this out so he can divorce the fourth wife you know meet her and at 8 o’clock at night you know at the bar be married to her until 2:00 in the morning you know you’re out look at the next fourth wife the next time I’m in Dubai so you had this kind of practice going on inside of Islam in radical Islamic territories like those under the Taliban women connect contract they cannot hold a job they cannot divorce they cannot seek medical care from a man they cannot drive they have no right to an education so this is this is the condition of women in Islam in a radical under a radical doctrines of Islam like under the Taliban so you can see with Muhammad teaching this very easy to get a bunch of men to jump on board with that and say we get the rape riot slaughter and keep everything we get yeah that’s it so boom this thing grows very very quickly and becomes a religion of conquest a religion of conquest and so all of those areas that had become peaceful the cities without walls if you will in the Coptic Christian world a places of even even in the Catholic world along northern Africa which is also mostly Jewish and but throughout all of those areas Islam swept like a fire boom just right across northern Africa and throughout the whole of the Middle East it it burned like a fire and so you know when you get when you look at the twelve hundred and ninety years following the destruction of the second temple the Dome of the rock is constructed on the Temple Mount in 688 ad twelve hundred and sixty years later that is to say time times and half a time the city of Jerusalem is returned into the hands of the Jews so they’re pigeon we’re here about at the top of the air I would just like to interrupt you for a moment to have you give out your contact information to where people can get the etc your blogs and after that I have a question I would like to ask you so go ahead and give that information if you will hear about the top the air you bet and you know here’s my etc so you can see it’s in a beautiful letter cover created by our other sponsor tonight you get a fantastic job in this covered fix like a glove wears like a glove sturdy latch and so forth yet separate now much narrower it’s only a four pound book now two inches thick 7 by 10 Debbie had at Shepherd net CEP HBR dotnet you can reach me by email Steven axe effort dotnet and of course uh you know anyone who comes from this show David you know from NYS TV I can also use the effective discount code NYS TV use that is your coupon code and you will receive a 10% discount on everything that is sold on the website now that doesn’t apply to the app but it does apply to the sefar cover the tabs are additional books like like of the vessel road Bereshit the the the parshat the torah portion the young pradesh Josephus etc all of those things you will receive the 10% discount on and you can get free shipping if you want to wait for the post office to do it otherwise we ship by FedEx and use the code use the NYS TD code feel free to contact me or contact us at info at separ net but use the code NYS TV okay thanks very much dr. pigeon and as you have laid out here in our first hour and very well done to I might add the historical situation that we were in it would make the the story of Alberto Rivera seem very plausible that they would seize upon the ancient beliefs of the people in the area to create a new religion to deal with their problem which was primarily these sabbath-keeping Christians which to them was the greatest anathema and I have a commentary Bible commentary here that was written in 1896 by a man to the name of God me and he makes a very interesting statement here of a fact of history that connects two things that I think for the most part people do not connect but he says this Romanism constitutes the Great Western Hemisphere of anti Christendom of which Muhammed ISM is the eastern the first pope boniface the third Bishop of Rome was crowned by focus the king of Italy ad 606 whereas Muhammad began to preach in Arabia at the same time do you believe it’s a coincidence that the consolidation of power in Rome was taking place at the very same time that Muhammad began to preach uh no I don’t I mean I think of course a lot of this stuff is I think spiritual in nature too gave it I mean that you had that you have the rise of the serpent spiritually you know the war in heaven he warned principalities and what you see is you see a weakness that began to appear in the Christian world where people the believer world that allowed Rome to rise and to rise with this kind of this kind of spiritualism I think that you had that as the faith began to permeate because you had some very unique things happen I mean Rome had finally realized gee the dust to settle and you know if you go from the last Roman Empire Emperor to the rise of Charles Charles the hammer or Charlemagne you know Charlemagne took control of the Holy Roman Empire he couldn’t even read nor write and you had gone into the illiteracy at a dark age and so they Rome took this opportunity to impose the serpent now do I believe that the serpent was being used on both sides of the coin yeah I do and you know and I think that we’re going to see here that Babylon which was always captured in the hands of the right they never let go of now gone the fish god they never let go of Mithras in fact they took the statue that they had of Jupiter and called it Peter the statute they had a Venus they called Mary either way they were worshipping the Queen of Heaven and in similarly a very important part of Islam was they were worshiping the Queen of Heaven as well and the fact that there was a virgin birth doctrine that would emerge inside of Islam would see its culmination at Fatima right remember Fatima was Muhammad’s daughter because guess what Allah had no Sun and neither did Muhammad but he had a daughter he had a daughter named Fatima and she would give birth to two sons Hasan and Husayn but we’ll get to that later on in the show but I think what you see as you see the the rise the promotion of Muhammad around the same time with longeth of the rise of Boniface and how many times have we seen the Catholic Church embrace a ruthless political leader who is willing to shed blood I’ll just leave it at that what John David it’s your turn if you want to go ahead and go through the slides here I oh no no go ahead and let dr. pigeon go on let me know when it’s the bottom of the hour we’ll go then well it’s 1107 I’ll tell you that right now how about that okay all right a dr. pigeon would you like to speak to some of these slides here that we have yeah sure okay and sister Donna here has helped us with a prepare some slides and this is going to speak to a lot of the similarities like dr. pigeon was saying this doctrine of the virgin birth that is in the Quran is there because of the influence of Catholicism that came down through the wife of muhammad that for all intents and purposes could be called the Catholic nun coming out of a convent but just speak to some of the symbology now in this first slide here we have the Islamic flag and the crescent and the star ya know the crescent and the star now you’ll see that the flag we have here is in green which has a particular meaning in Islam and if you recall in fact if you look at every Islamic nation right now their flags are red green and black right which is consistent with the 2nd 3rd and 4th horse in Revelation and in particular a lot of people you know when you read it in your KJV and other English text they talk about the fourth course being the pale horse however that Greek word there is chloros now Flores and easy for us to say oh that means green Kouros means green right because you know is we have a simple kind of a simple interpretation but it really doesn’t mean green it means a sickly green right it means a pale green it means like a sick horse right but something that’s turned green right like gangrene maybe but you see nonetheless you see this green throughout the flags of Islam it’s a very dominant color color and green is one thing green means that the Islamic nation is at peace when the flag is black it means that the Islamic nation is at war now this flag would you see here green if it were red it would be very consistent with the modern Turkish flag which has the sickle moon and star on that flag now let’s look at this for just a minute we know that the that the super moon is kind of an optical illusion because a big portion of the moon is blotted out by shadow what’s the star doing there what’s the star doing in that place of the shadow and why is it a five-pointed star right we know that the five pointed star is a pentagram it’s a pentagram now of course when the star is pointed up upside down so that you have the point of them started pointing downward like it is in Washington DC that the evil is poured out onto the earth the star pointed up means the evil has been captured so you see here in most Islamic depictions the star has pointed up and captured you inside the super moon now a lot of people believe this is consistent with the passage in Isaiah that talks about Hillel ben-shahar and I’ve written on this kind of extensively in the separate we use the passage ll son of the howling morning and the question is what is halo right what does halo well when the acibi islook tat that Hallel is similar to halal allow which means shining you know the shining one right hollow like hallelujah right the shining one it’s a shining form of praise how loud and so they simple Hillel which doesn’t exist anywhere else at olive scripture must be associated with halal which means shining therefore it’s a light shiner or a light bringer or Light Bearer therefore Lucifer in the Latin now we looked at it we said well no that isn’t what it is at all that’s actually prefix ha yellow yellow which means the howling right allow then a car the howling Sun of the morning the howling Sun of the morning either way if it’s the shining one you see that this is consistent with this idea of this shining star uh next to the sickle moon now the sickle moon is not just moon worship people say well they’re gonna be worship the moon therefore they’re loony so to speak but actually the the worship of the moon gets actually much more than that because they’re not just worshiping the moon but they’re worshiping the cycles of the moon and as a result you have Islam which is marked by a lunar calendar and it’s a strict lunar calendar with no solar adjustment so Ramadan keeps moving up month by month by month it keeps moving up through the year because there’s no solar adjustment so it’s a 360 day calendar that’s based strictly on the moon so of course they’re gonna put the moon on their flag saying this is our calendar the moon calendar and this star is Hallel the sun of the howling morning in my opinion and it’s also interesting that Hallel ben-shahar is also a designation of the planet Venus and as the planet Venus if the as the ancient astronomers drew the star chart it actually formed the five pointed star when it completed his complete cycle and there’s definitely from remote antiquity a connection between the worship for the planet Venus and Lucifer way back go to the next slide there John and here we have as dr. pigeon is laid out this worship of the moon God it goes back all the way back to bail worship but here’s the same symbolism and go ahead dr. pigeon and speak to that the next slide yeah yeah now sure tonight here we’re gonna see something different because you see the simple mode you know pointed upward rather than on its side you know pointing to the left or right here it’s pointed upward right and this particular slide may indicate the marriage between the Sun God and the moon God right this may be the victim both of them now we’re going to see that this kind of imagery which is you know Babylonian in its nature which means that it’s got a real pagan beginning to it this kind of imagery is can become more problematic because when you look at the icons really icons above it the Roman Church and the Byzantine church we see the same kind of you know sickle moon over the head of the Saints right they call it a halo but when you see it in its 3d dimension the halo is never like well it’s rarely in a round circle that is completely around the head where it comes down here to the neck you know and then goes around loosely it starts up here and then you have this halo that comes up like this so in what it creates is a sickle moon over the top of the head of the saint and so you know again you have this depiction of here both the moon god and the Sun God being married together and this might even give us a representation of the three daughters they’re I don’t know we have some kind of representation – maybe hands hanging down here al-haddad and remember that you know you’re talking about bali bah-li you know this master Lord and Master and but I’ll have that again the scriptures are very very clear what that worship meant that worship always included child sacrifice it always included you know this letting of blood and it and it also and excluded uh you know maintaining the Shabbat maintaining the feast and so forth so this is probably let’s see this says this is Paul Haddad right pagan symbol for Sun and Moon gods yeah because it’s showing the marriage of what the Sun in the moon God right as that really is the creative force amen down this next slide we have the statue of the Egyptian Isis holding up the Sun and we see here the same symbology yeah and with Isis again you know you see the symbology on top of her head right you see this kind of HAARP thing holding the image it’s kind of the same kind of concept that the super moon is holding the Sun in a demonstration of the marriage of the Sun the moon and the statue of her with her wings out we get it we get a sickle moon here right and then there is this ball over her head right between the wings but once again showing the Sun and the moon and her having the authority of the Sun in the moon remember that Isis was always a fertility goddess she’s always a fertility goddess that’s why her feast is always a fertility feast and the fertility feast is always in the spring when people are praying that their plants are going to you know that their seeds are going to ripen into something that’s going to become harvestable so here you know this idea of the woman with the full authority of the marriage of the moon and the Sun and here in this next slide we’re going to see the same Egyptian symbology side-by-side with that of Roman Catholicism with Mary the Queen of Heaven and the Eucharist yeah now here we get into some things David that I think are justifiable criticism I know a lot of Catholics don’t want to hear this but I can tell you this exultation of the Queen of Heaven you know we looked at this in Scripture and we found that some very interesting things when it talks about in Jeremiah and highly critically by the way Jeremiah is talking about the remnant that’s left in Jerusalem appalling the collapse of the temple and the exile of Zedekiah talking about the fact that these guys wanted to go back to Egypt and yah had told them stay here don’t leave don’t go to Egypt you’re gonna die in Egypt stay here and just take them to be olive farms and the wine presses of the rich people that are gone and they couldn’t do that without bickering and fighting them on themselves but there’s a whole passage talking about how these women were baking cakes to the Queen of Heaven with the approval of their husbands now again you have this same liability that is assigned to the husband because of the acts of the wife that is to say Eve a first of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and then she encouraged Adam to do so and he did the liability of her acts were imputed to the husband same thing here that these women who were baking cakes to Tom moves and to the Queen of Heaven they were weeping for Tammuz and they were baking cakes to the Queen of Heaven and that was approved by their husband so the liability part was given to both was given to vote okay so we understand that now what the word there though however is not baking cakes it’s baking sacrificial wafers sacrificial wafers to the Queen of Heaven and so we have this idea of the Eucharist which you know in the Catholic doctrine it’s called transubstantiation that is to say that the Catholic Church teaches that in fact the Eucharist is in fact the flesh of Messiah and that the wine is in fact his blood and that you are eating real flesh and you are drinking real blood because the priest through a process of invocation Lattin has forced the spirit of mashiac to come down from heaven and enter the Eucharist and the wine now that is just strict Catholic doctrine and the Eucharist is in fact a wafer that is carved out to the Queen of Heaven and the Queen of Heaven is in fact the goddess of the Catholic Church no pope john paul ii readily admitted that the doctrine of the church changed in 1959 dramatically when they accepted the ant a million of james which claimed that mary was sinless and ascended and was not buried even though her tomb can become the neva census but this is what the claim is that was made by by the church and this is the doctrine of the church now so and also what you see quite common is you’ll see the star of remphan but this particular radiance around the sun god Mithras that’s being held up by Isis the Queen of Heaven here whose holiday is demanded by the church write it you all the way back to the Council of Nicaea we are going to replace the Sabbath with the holy Easter what Easter is Ishtar each star is there amen and if you didn’t know anything about history rather oh I’m sorry you were cutting out there I thought you were done alright and if you didn’t know anything about history or theology and if you just compare the image of Isis and the image of Mary the symbolism you know it’s hard to deny that these images are virtually identical portraying the same ancient goddess the Queen of Heaven now absolutely and this next slide many times we see the BVM of Catholicism represented standing on the Crescent and the moon and here’s this is pictured here in this next slide yeah uh-huh yeah and so with this kind of symbolism again there’s no distinguishing between between Mary the Mary that is worshipped by the church and Ishtar I mean there’s really no distinguishing it is you know the the doctrine of the church as drafted by our good friend Constantine and the bishops that were there that doctrine of the church is one that allowed them to blend we need to capture this Christian faith before can overturn the Empire which they were unsuccessful in the Western world we need to capture this fake so they can’t overtake the empire plus we need to accommodate you know the worship of Mithras the Sun God you need to accommodate the worship of you know that Isis the moon god we need to accommodate all of these things all these doctrines we have to blend them into a single faith and so the Pope continues to wear the fish hat of the priests of data and that’s what that Pope’s mitre is it’s the fish head there’s no question no question and you have in Constantine everybody tells you you know in the propaganda he converted to Christianity well yeah he did but his conversion to Christianity was after he was stricken with illness unto death and he was stricken with this illness unto death on Easter and he repented at that and he died on Pentecost that was his conversion that’s how long he was Christian before the act he exalted himself as a God over all of the Roman Empire and his his King his God was force Mithras the Sun God and to this day you know if you go to Italy the favorite song of the sense of Italy is also a meal right now I used to think that Matt you know solo mio you know me only only only right o solo mio but it’s not it’s also lay me oh my son that is that is s UN all my son s UN that’s the favorite song of Italy to this day and there are still Sun worshipers well inside the Catholic Church that are given complete countenance to worship the Sun as they see fit as long as they pay homage to Marius they’re supposed to you know they have to repent by saying seven Hail Marys yeah now in this next slide and this is really disturbing for anyone that’s paying attention this actually comes from a Catholic Church in Chicago and here Mary is depicting sitting where she should not be we see we see here again her sitting upon the Crescent we see the moon symbolism in her chest and you see where she is sitting yeah that is pure heresy in my opinion oh yeah I mean you have met you have Mary sitting on the mercy seat in the Ark of the Covenant and she is obviously you know holding the power of the Sun in her hands right and so you have you know and they’re depicting the care of them as containing the Ark of the sliver moon when the carob em you know really the care of them were like this right the wings were facing like this because they were they actually created a voltage of new Yorkish government so they’re facing each other like this straight across like this not this business of creating a super moon this is absolutely I mean look if you’re you know if you’re in a church that is following this you know your taking your eternal future into a very very risky place yeah what part of come out from among them and be separate aren’t you getting you know this way this isn’t hard I mean this isn’t hard our Catholic friends should take this to heart you know in this next slide we’re going to show some of the common symbology in one of the big common denominators between Islam and Catholicism and that is Freemasonry and you see here the Shriner emblem and a lot of people don’t realize many of your Cardinals and also many of your Imams and some of your highest officials in Islam politically and religious that they are all freemasons but here is a symbolism on the Shriner ramble yeah and here you go you know you have the the sword of jihad and from that is suspended the super moon and star in Islam it is obviously it’s very clear to me and then of course you have the the square of the compass and the G of that is common to the Masons now I don’t know how somebody who calls himself a believer can wear this symbol I mean I just don’t know how you do it you know idiot you’re a believer and then you put this symbol on and then you know Islamic well you know is so you know it’s so a black and white you know if you give the Islamic confession to faith even if you’re just quoting it from somebody as far as the month monsoons are concerned you’re Muslim boom that’s it done fait accompli so on Justin Trudeau also known as Justin Castro in Canada which walked into a mosque and was taught the Shahada done and then he gave it a Muslim to pressure the faith on a prayer rug on a mosque and he says I was just having a good time well I think you might think that Justin but the whole Islamic world saw that as a confession and if you try to convert back to Christianity they will declare jihad upon you just remember doing so and so you know when you see this kind of symbolism somebody puts that symbol on their head or somebody puts it on their a fold that they like to wear you know in the Masonic Hall they don’t know what they’re getting into and you know this blending of the Freemasons and the Shriners and the Knights of Columbus and the Jesuits you know all that order has come together in the modern age right because they all meet the dark room and they all pray to the east and they all do the abominations that are described in Ezekiel 8 you know that’s what’s going on yeah and the shrine was the you had to be the seventh degree initiate in the York Rite which was the highest degree in the York Rite or the 32nd and the Scottish they’re now letting in Master Masons but this is where that the highest degree Freemasons met together and this is why to get the the real picture of what’s going on the Catholics and the Moslems they meet together in the lunch and in the next slide here here’s just the picture of the shrine hat and we see here the the same obvious symbolism and this is the shrine is a Masonic organization where the highest initiates meet together and in this next slide we have a picture for those that might doubt that leaders in the Arab world of Freemasons here’s a very interesting slide oh yeah there you go sure yeah and in fact you know nobody wants to talk about it David I mean you know it’s hard for us to talk about even now between me and you but you know this country is run by Mason’s man there’s no question created by Masons and it continues to be run by Masons and the only difference is is that you know we have normally you have Mason’s but we also have Jesuit controlled are giving an example you know I don’t know if you watch gimme the c-span stuff about the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh but you know there was a lot of filth thrown at him from the left side of the aisle and a lot of praises thrown at him from the right side of the aisle but nobody wanted to talk about that in my opinion the central issue which is that on the Supreme Court right now you have John Roberts who is a Catholic you have Clarence Thomas who is a Catholic you have Sam Alito who is the captain do you have Sotomayor who is the Catholic right then you have a Bader Ginsburg who is Jewish you have Stephen Breyer who is Jewish you have Elena Kagan who is Jewish right and now then of course we get Gorsuch on there who is openly Jesuit openly Jesuit and so you have the current occupation of the court is five Catholics three Jews and now here comes Brett Kavanaugh openly conspicuously Catholic right so our Supreme Court is going to be made up of six Catholics and three Jews there’s not a Protestant as far as the eye can see and there’s nobody else from any other kind of thinking you know in the country on that venture and so what you see is you know that you know the Masons were operating in secret to maintain control of the country this is why you can have this top Mason top Luciferian Albert Pike who was in part responsible for the civil war in this country and who was the Civil War general they’ve got him exalted on the mall in Washington DC what’s he doing here because he was the top Mason and him and this guy Mazzetti another Italian Mason thirty third level Mason came into the country and formed the mafia completely at the permission of the Masonic Order that was governing the United States no before I get beyond this I want to say this you know I walked into the Supreme Court building in Jerusalem in Israel now this was built by the Rothschilds in conjunction with the Shimon Peres this opinion and they built the court that has 30 steps and in the official stairway which is close now to the public you can’t go in there now but in the official stairway you would walk into the lobby and there was an upside down crop ask in white marble that came down those stairs and then the process on the bottom so you had to walk on the cross and you would walk up 30 steps and then you would hit the 31st floor which is where all the courtrooms were you would go into the corner that’s where the library is and there’s a pyramid skylight over the top of the library and that pyramid illuminates the 31st floor which is for the lawyers the 32nd floor which is for the judges then there’s a third floor in the library and I asked for quick or who’s that for oh that’s four of the really important people to use the third floor of the library the 33rd level it’s a totally Masonic Temple so yeah the Masons are widespread in Islam the Masons are widespread in Judaism the Masons are widespread throughout all of Europe the Mason Masonic orders even in Russia okay so yeah we see this all over the place and ultimately the confession of faith is the sickle Moon and Sun in a marriage formula as the creators of the earth worshipping the creation and not the Creator yeah and John and I did a show where we showed the upside down cross and the stairs and everything of that what you’re talking about there in the Israeli Supreme Court totally paid for by the Rothschilds well in this next slide we have a side-by-side comparison to just see visually many of the common denominators of Islam and Catholicism and I I do believe that indeed that Islam was the creation of Catholicism and you can seek your undeniable visuals just from the looking but go ahead doctor pigeon well sure and you know here not only do we see the nun’s habit and the Muslim burqa but spiritually they’re the same – I mean unless you speak to a a Muslim woman you will never know that you know you have this you know Haji which is just kind of the scarf that you wrap around your head the Hillary Clinton used to like to wear it a lot you know the Hajji but when you when you graduate beyond the ajeeb know you know even in the christian church is like an Eastern Orthodox Church if people into the Eastern Church whether it’s Pentecostal Baptist or Orthodox the women cover their head coming in to church they do this to this day when I was a kid women needs to do that in American churches too women used to cover their head you know they put on a scarf or a hat to come into church but this would be the the jieb in Islam but when you graduate from that jeep you know you don’t get to the burka unless you have a measure of holiness so women in Islam tend to wear the burka as a sign of their holiness right so if it’s spiritually has the same kind of authority as the nuns it’s not just similarity in terms of what it looks like but spiritually it’s got the same concept exactly the same concept and you’re right I mean that picture is in a picture tells a thousand words though yeah it sure does it’s undeniable and when you see what would seem to be an untenable proposition when you begin to understand the history and then you you know when you don’t see something oh until your eyes are open to something you can’t see it but then you know truly as you say a picture’s worth a thousand words and the habit that is one of the older habits and still used but not as much when they’re out visually it was basically a hood with just a narrow opening for the eyes just for all intents and purposes identical to the Moslem burka and here’s another in this slide here concerning the way that Muslims and Catholics both use beams into prayer here’s another obvious connection that a lot of people don’t really connect the dots son oh sure yeah and the use of beads again you know you know there’s no candy there’s no call inside of scripture to use beads right I mean there’s there’s no beads I don’t recall any beads being discussed in the Gospels there’s no beads being discussed in the epistles fact the teaching is really contrary to the idea of beads because you know you have the idea that everything you know the the faith is a easy yoke and a light burden it doesn’t include beads and you know so this idea of giving beads to people is I think it’s an absurdity but I believe the practice of beads was captured in Islam before it was captured in the Catholic Church I think it started in the Arabic world before it started in the Catholic world I may be wrong about that but I think that’s its route was in Babylon having to be yeah yeah and here in this other slide I think John has it on their side the side is a young Muslim child with beads and also the Catholic baby beads they start them off the same from their youth in praying in this manner and discussion and in this next slide we have something that we would think really shouldn’t be happening but here we have yessir Arafat kissing the Pope’s hand what the world’s going on air yeah yeah well you know Yasser Arafat you know not to defame his legacy but he you know I mean it’s kind of hard to defame that guy’s legacy right and all the money all the money that went into help of Palestinians ended up in his bank account and then when he died and ended up with his wife’s bank account right I think she was like 21 or something at the time and you know they they weren’t sure what was gonna happen with that but they got all the money back hurt but you know I mean it is an amazing thing when you see these practitioners of Islam kissing the rim of the Pope because it shows of course the authority of the Pope now David you and I could go on for a long period of time talking about how widespread is the authority of the Vatican it’s extremely widespread and even now even now of the Pope is his reigning supreme even even though this Pope currently this current Pope is absolutely a wounded duck and if he’s going to survive the year it will surprise me because I mean he is the father of protecting the pedophile in the church yeah and and you know in this protectionism I forget what he called that piece of the Crimson licit item was something he wrote a piece telling instructing all the Cardinals of the bishops to cover up pedophilia in the church yeah that’s his instruction right and you know he is a bit adjudicated by the international common law court of justice and at The Hague being guilty of child sacrifice being shipped the guilty of pedophilia himself plus of the crimes he committed in Argentina before he became the Pope but you know far be it and he’s not even legally the Pope at this a recollection to put him in office and he’s holding the office while there’s another Pope living the Vatican I mean just it’s you know it’s such a world of corruption and I think now with this grand jury coming back in New York saying that there were at least a thousand clergy members of the church who had violated children thousands of times in this country there’s going to be a class-action lawsuit that’s ultimately be brought against that organization and somebody’s gonna walk away with trillions of dollars in damages and rightly so and in this next slide we have Pope John Paul kissing the Quran and that’s something that you wouldn’t think would happen but here it is and something that I tell our Catholic friends and they think that I’m telling them wrong when I do so is that the Catholic Church teaches that Moslems are saved without faith in Christ but on page 223 and this is their the Catechism of the Catholic Church it says here on page 223 the church’s relationship with the Muslims the plan of salvation also includes those who acknowledge the Creator in the first place amongst whom are the Muslims they profess to hold the faith of Abraham and together with us they adore the one merciful God mankind’s judge on the last day so maybe it isn’t so strange to see Pope John Paul Kerr kissing the Quran right because the doctrine of salvation in the Roman Church is not believe belief in the Shia but belief in the Virgin Mary yeah and that’s why that’s why Muslims have salvation in the eyes of the Pope’s and of course you know John Paul kiss in the Quran is nothing compared to what Francis system in Francis has prayed in the mosques he’s invited you know Muslim Imams who create the Vatican which you know once the Imam sets foot in the Vatican and prays the Vatican is no longer a church it’s a mosque and oh and and I don’t care what what the what the Pope may want to say well you know we still have statues up who still have the you know Michelangelo’s painting on the Sistine Chapel yeah but you still have priests openly singing worship the Lucifer inside the church – yeah so we see a lot of things happening inside the Catholic Church that anybody who believes the initial premise of the church when you’re lured into Catholicism oh we believe in the Holy Trinity and you know and I were to walk into a Catholic Church in policing Georgia and we just wanted to see the only Church the only Catholic Church in Georgia we walk into the church and I was just shocked you know behind the altar is this mural of Mary ascending to heaven with all the disciples around her and she’s descending to heaven and all the disciples are under knees worshipping her I’m thinking okay well is there anything of Christ in this church yeah there was a black and white eight-by-ten what were there on the left wall right a black and white eight-by-ten hanging the little frame of the wall with the big painting of Mary ascending in the back so it tells you something about the doctrine of people who were in the church you say well look I believe in Catholicism because it’s a you know it’s a well established religion and you know and they know the Catechism but they don’t know the underlying tenets of Catholicism they don’t know the underlying teaching in the faith they don’t know the rudiments because they’ve never explored it because the church tells them you’re not supposed to explore it do what we tell you to do and nothing more so they barely learned how to Jan you black and get their fingers in the holy water and all this other stuff and they don’t know anything about theology that they’re practicing it’s time to learn time to figure it out because you’re gonna find out that your leaders have been worshipping in mosques now this business of doing this in elevating the Quran and trying to blend between Islam and the Vatican once again the Vatican is wrong they couldn’t control Islam in the sixth or the seventh century they can’t control this law now and eventually the Vatican will burn at the hands of its Muslim rulers yeah I believe that and it’s interesting and I’d say a 14:12 then what right there in Isaiah 14 when it speaks of Lucifer ascending that word a is a lot it’s very interesting and in this next two slides here and all you can say here is somebody’s wrong but one of the commonalities another commonality between Islam and Roman Catholicism is their love for pilgrimages and their love for relics and the no better way to illustrate this this is the supposed head of John the Baptist in the sand silvestro Church in Rome and also in a mosque in Damascus they also claimed to have the head of John the Baptist in a mosque here in Damascus and you know without fear of being wrong somebody’s wrong here or maybe no but what’s going on here and there’s even another Catholic Church claims to have the arm of John the Baptist so you know maybe we could get us a little Humpty Dumpty going on here and they don’t John back together but you know what’s going on here with this commonality of their love for pilgrimages and relics yeah I mean this idea of the relics is just ridiculous and you know they you know they’ve probably sold enough wood that’s supposed to be from the crucifix you know to build the Vatican again right and you know you’ve had all of this stuff this this egg’s exaltation of created things again you know and of course you see that throughout the church you know the light a candle here don’t forget your Saint Christopher medal and you know and on and on and on the Shroud of Turin is another one you know you’re looking you’re pulling up these artifacts to say this is important this is important but the faith never calls you to that the faith actually calls you to know created images none it’s supposed to be in spirit and in truth and nowhere else now between these two images here of the head of John the Baptist at this church or the one in the mosque you know I my tendency is to believe the one in the mosque because of course you know Herod that the the Tetrarch not here at the gray prepared the Tetrarch who had him beheaded was a leader in the Northern Kingdom and I believe the Northern Kingdom actually had yet seat of authority in Damascus remember that’s why Christiane’s went there was no sería then there was no Golan Heights there was no boarder people could walk up there from the Galilee and you know instead of walking down to Jerusalem you walk up the Damascus and so as a consequence there’s a good chance that maybe the head of John the Baptist at that mosque but what’s interesting about John the Baptist and again nobody tells you this inside the Catholic Church but he was the true high priest of the Levite order at the time of the Messiah he was the true high priest and he had been kicked to the curb by these fake high priests like Caiaphas who claimed he was a high priest when he was Jewish he wasn’t Levi you know you have to be a Levite to be the high priest not not of the tribe of Judah but Caiaphas was I was of the tribe of Judah and some of the other guys would actually Edomites that were in that if that were in that Sanhedrin at the time and so you know these guys were proposers and the true high priest John the Baptist is the one who this mosque’s is we have his head why is it important to you I’d like to ask the owner of the mosque why is that important that John the Baptist head is in your is it in your mosque does the question makes a lot of sense dead in these next two slides here we’ll just have to file this under you can’t make this up this just shows how far this is going and I would think that this would make our Catholic friends stop and pause about you know just where this is going but this is a picture of st. Joseph’s oratory it’s the largest Catholic Church in Canada it’s in Montreal and this is one of their priests brother Andre and bless his heart when bless his heart pardon the pun but when brother Andre died they cut his heart out they pickled it and they put it in a jar and in this next slide they actually have the heart of brother Andre that was removed here on display where they can make pilgrimages unto the heart of brother Andre now they just need to stop they just need to stop this you know what can you say about this yeah I mean that kind of thing you know again these ideas of Cobre emergence in this site yet you know you know in the Roman Catholic Church this elevation to sainthood has this total mystical connotation you know the Roman Catholics or you have to prove he did two miracles so you have to prove this and that maybe he had the marks of stigmata or something like this but you have to have all these things to group sainthood when you get into Eastern Orthodoxy you know they elevate people to say to hood status if you can call it elevated but they just remember who these brothers and sisters were who committed their life to the word who committed their life to Scripture who committed their life to the faith who gave up everything for the faith that’s enough that’s the criteria and so when you walk into a like a Russian Orthodox Church don’t have paintings up like this brother Andre if his commitments to st. Joseph this was an eighth North Eastern Orthodox Church they’d have a painting of him up inside the lobby and they would bless it you know they you know a burn incense and bless it and they’d be the extent of it but this business of cutting is hard out and had you know there is not a single Catholic Church that does not have a corpse under its Alton yeah and in fact when you look at that Jesuit Masonic understanding look at the capital of the United States now once again you look at this church you’ve got this cupola right the cupola which is always which is over like the Vatican it’s always over these Catholic churches you have this cupola the cupola is of course an emblem for the womb and you know you see the symbolism throughout Catholicism that they’re all fixated on the womb and then of course you have the you know and then you have its counterpart which is the Egyptian obelisk that sits out in the front yard right so if you look at the American capital you have that same thing you have this cupola and in that particular Google at the Capitol you there’s the exaltation of George Washington who apparently ascended to heaven and there was a demand by the architect who built that who was an Italian that the body of George Washington had to be in a crypt under the cupola of the Capitol in George Washington refuses said no I’ll be to be buried at Mount Vernon so he and his wife at least it’s believed that he and his wife are buried in a crypt out in Mount Vernon not underneath the cupola of DC but here you know let’s cut out brother for Andre’s heart and pickle it you know it reminds me of in Russia right they have Lenin still stuck on display right in a glass case and just amazing the body is in perfect condition I mean you’d swear the body was made of wax but you know it’s what I tell my Russian friends I said look you know and Russia they talk about the you know the Easter greeting Christ has risen right and they say you know he is risen indeed and I said you know but here’s what you have to remember in Russia Christ is risen but Lenin is still stuck in the tube you know it is right it is brother Andre you know the poor guy you can’t let him rest in peace you got to kind of start out and stick it in a jar I mean that’s the absurdity of it all indeed now in this next slide this is the ancient Luxor Temple in Egypt and we have talked on previous broadcast about the way that Roman Catholicism would build churches overtop of ancient pagan temples and upon ancient mamas that pagans held sacred but here it’s interesting if you look within this Egyptian temple we see the minaret of the mosque that is still there and still functioning within the Luxor Temple in Egypt oh yeah and you know you see a lot more of this in the Holy Land in Israel you know I had the great joy really a visiting both hebron and also visiting there check em up in the northern kingdom and when we went into here on the the place that everybody wants to go is of course murat macula which is the burial tomb of Abraham Isaac Jacob and also Sarah is supposed to either and Isaac’s wife Rebecca or it pet is also there and so this is an extremely sacred site to a Judaism in particular and what you see there is what you know you have these gigantic stones that were put in place for this kind of temple if you will around the cave Samara Mithila and those were put in place by Herod the Great you know who also I believe was responsible for building the fortress Antonia in Jerusalem but who also constructed Cecilia who also constructed Masada and he built this big temple huge stones around Mara Mithila but when you get there yet guess what there’s also stones on top of that and the minaret of the mosque sitting right on top of mara my fila and so when you go there you’re so I’m going to take a look at this situation well you have to come only on Tuesdays and Thursdays because that’s when it’s a Jewish synagogue on Monday Monday Wednesdays and Fridays it’s a mosque same building right if you go downtown Jerusalem you have mosques all over the place it’s very important during the Arab reign over Jerusalem to completely destroy the pre-existing synagogues this apparel right synagogue in the middle of the old city burned to the ground it’s still ruined I don’t know they may have rebuilt that now but there is the old Spanish and Portuguese synagogues that were totally destroyed blown up and you know and mosques were put up instead in fact the room that has claimed to be the upper room to Jerusalem used to be a mosque that used to be a mosque and so yeah it’s very common for the church to build its churches over over pagan moons and it’s very common for Islam to conquer would like for instance the Red Mosque in Istanbul very big tourist attraction everybody wants to see the Red Mosque in the Blue Mosque but the red mosque used to be the Hagia Sophia the most important Church in Christendom in the world am and the Muslims captured it and said hey guess what put some minarets up and let’s have some called a prayer and even when when the so Nene went there to look for manuscripts during the reign of Louis the sixteenth he ran into the Sultan the Sultan says oh yeah let’s go over to the red mosque and I’ll show you where we have this stash of ancient manuscripts in Greek come on let’s go so they know the Muslims to this day no in fact Vladimir Putin when he got into an argument with erawan here two years ago he told everyone look you keep pushing against Russian troops in Syria and we’re gonna come down liberate Constantinople and make it a Christian capital again not a soul in the Eastern world let me tell you this stuff is very well known and those wounds that happened to 1453 are still open the Russians will tell you that this that this a crown of authority for this cape of authority if you will that was christened them that was that was in the Greek world and housed in Constantinople that that crown ax which was in the second room first rome in rome ii rome constantinople and that crowd was passed to moscow in the 1400s making the russian empire the third Rome but if you recall it is the Russians who were defending the Christians that were being slaughtered in Syria and here and in Iraq yeah and it’s the Russians defending them Rome in the meantime is saying let him die yeah yeah absolutely and in these next two slides here we remember where was it that Muhammad supposedly received his revelations it was in the cave and many many depictions of the BVM of catholicism and the pilgrimage pilgrimages are depicted with Mary in the cave one of the most famous there in Lourdes France and in the prayer hill of tomohon and once again here the symbols of the symbolism of the cave and the revelation and the commonality of Mary in Islam and Catholicism once you are aware of these paradigms it’s very hard de mis yeah yeah it is and you know that cave I mean you know again there’s all this discussion that you know gotcha would tell Muhammad when he was in the cave hearing these words oh yeah you’re being visited by the angel Gabriel with Gabrielle right Gabrielle is the one who’s giving you these words but da Brielle doesn’t there’s no time in Scripture when Gabrielle visited anybody in a cave and equally important there’s no discussion that Miriam ever been in a cave you know when you read a fair reading of the New Testament which I believe we have a great reading of it in the etc you know Matthew one becomes very critical very critical discussion point because if you look at Luke three Luke three gives you the genealogy of Joseph very clearly that gives you even perverse that Joseph was the son of it was the son of who’s the son of and if you look down that genealogy you’ll find that he was derived from Nathan but if you look at the the son of David but if you look at Matthew one it talks about David and then Solomon and then Roman in this line because Miriam was a princess Mary was a princess she wasn’t just some gal some farmer living out there in Nazareth she was a princess who would have been part of the royal family if they had not been prevented from holding the throne by the Holy One because of the sins of Manasseh and so you know she was never living in any Kate she was never in any cave and there’s no cave about this but you wouldn’t this idea of let’s have this warm and fuzzy cave stuff this comes out of Babylon it certainly does and in this next slide it just pushes these common denominators just a little bit broader and with the God Mithras who was born on December 25th this was the primary enemy of first century believers and indice Mithras cult Mithras slew the bull in the cave the same place where Muhammad was receiving his revelations while being coached by his Catholic nun wife and we see the symbolism of the BVM coming out of the cave and in the symbolism of the bull in the book of Genesis it talks about ashteroth karna heme ash the rest of the two horns quite literally and this was the Nephilim religion they worshipped the the goddess and once again we’re back to the concept of Lucifer worship when the planet Venus Hallel been shakaar also being a designation of the planet Venus when it went if they would trace it between a morning and an evening star on their star chart it would look like the horns of a bull and here again this is directly back to these common factors that precede Islam and proceed Mithra ISM into the most ancient forms of pagan worship but brother pigeon what do you say yeah I agree with that David I mean what she see particularly you’re lifting up this Sun God Mithras I mean you know the whole of the whole idea that the Sun would die on December 21st you know this this nadir if you will of the Sun cycle when you get the winter solstice and the shortest hours of the day and so the Sun would die and that it would take three and a half days for thee to be convinced that in fact the Sun was coming back to life so you would have December 22nd December 23rd December 24th and a half day of December 25th which would you would celebrate that we have we have hard evidence that the son is alive boom the son’s birthday and so Mithras would was worshipped there’s nothing in scripture that talks about mashiac being born on December 25th Beck the inference is that the Word was made flesh and tabernacled among us the inferences that he was born on the first date with Feast of Tabernacles and so if you’re going to celebrate his birthday do it on the Feast of Tabernacles and stop having a half a day with a bunch of plastic presents for your kid under the Nimrod tree and start celebrating for the full seven days I mean not to be a legalist or anything but you know take the whole week okay there you go now I’m gonna ask sister Donna to join us here and if doctor pigeons okay we’re running a little long tonight and do you are you still up for a few questions doctor pigeon sure yeah it’s the midnight ride and absolutely and we are because Jon has about an hour drive to get home and he’s gonna be traveling we’re gonna cut it off at 12:30 I actually have a four hour drive after this and I’ll be up it’ll be all right we’ll do five questions so Donna’s gonna pick the five probably just most relative questions to what we’re talking about tonight so we’re excited about this so sister Donna and thank you so much for all of your work putting these slides together and thank you also to doctor pigeon for all of the expertise that you have brought to the broadcast this evening and sister Donna join us and get some questions for doctor pigeon well I truly hope I don’t offend anyone because I can’t ask in order that they were given to me I’m picking the five I think that’s most relevant from Gonzales and a question from Benjamin from YouTube what is the possibility that Rome took and and hid for themselves the most important and inspired Hebrew works from the libraries that were burned yeah I think it’s possible it depends on who the leadership was at the time I mean quite frankly the leadership in Rome at that time was currently ignorant I mean you’re talking some extremely ignorant people and you know and there was a intense hatred for things Hebrew so unless there was some intellectual present when they were doing the burning they burned everything that that that they saw that they could recognize the Hebrew writing on now did they retain any of it in the Alexandrian library maybe you know when you when you talk about the destroyed to Carthage Carthage had all these instructions about how to build massive ships for sailing how to do agriculture they had planted all the way across Libya I mean it was a major agricultural ground they were feeding the whole Roman Empire and the Romans went down there and stopped them we did cut off their own food supply forever said this is how ignorant these people so did they keep any of it the answer is maybe now there are some documents some first century documents that are held by the cities in in far western Iraq okay and that’s probably the best source of original documents in the world and can we go there not really I mean you would be really picking your neck and your own hands walking into that neighborhood right now but that is the best chance for original documents so I don’t know I don’t think so but they may have saved a field okay Scotty wanted to know could the radiating sun halo possibly mean the moving of the Sun and Moon God moving into humanity and taking brain of the mind yeah I mean it’s possible that you’re talking about the idea there is that is that when you put a halo beside somebody had somebody’s head I think the artists were trying to say this person had the authority of the Sun God it’s like you see these pictures of Isis you know what the Sun guided me to go over and her wings wrapped around that it’s you know you see this fertility goddess claiming I have the authority of the Sun in the moon of this marriage between the Sun and the moon and the halo I think depicts that this person has more of the authority of the Sun God than the guy who doesn’t have the halo okay do you believe there’s any other religions that the Catholics started through the use of the Jesuits boy yeah the Catholics I think the Jesuits are willing to destroy anything and everything now yeah there are other religions like I’ll give you an example voodoo is a form of Catholicism they have this this worship that’s going on in northern Mexico and I forget what they call it it’s something like Miriam de muerte or something but it’s a dead Mary that in other words they worship this skull this corpse of Mary they worship a dead Mary and that particular cult is becoming as every bit as dark as voodoo and as dangerous as Fudo and I mean they’re beheading people and everything else behind that cult it’s an extremely dangerous in dark call tonight and it’s directly derived from Catholicism but Catholicism has you know if you look at rare Catholicism is practice where it’s the dominant paradigm in the nation you’re going to see first of all collectivism is the general rule among the population that is to say a form of socialism and you’re going to see intense poverty you’re getting the the Catholic regions of the nation are poorer than the other regions that don’t practice it that’s just kind of a general rule okay well first questions were asked do you think that some if not all of the Gnostic books and other demonically inspired extra biblical books were written with the intentional purpose of discrediting the real inspired books that were removed you know no I wouldn’t say that I mean when you’re talking about I think there were a lot of things done against the inspired books I think there were a lot of things done against the true faith and I personally hold the conviction I mean you know David might disagree with me on this but I hope you believed that there were times in history that everybody of the truth faith had been completely guilty that there wasn’t a single practitioner in the true faith of life on Earth but the word has never gone out the eternal word of yah has never gone out and it continues to remain viable even to this day and so as a result you know the true faith sparks again even if there’s not a single human being on earth doing it it’s like the rules of music right music exists whether there is a single musician alive on earth because it is the foundation truth of the Father so when you’re talking about these other religions I mean yeah I mean I think that Hinduism was kind of is a downstream form of the Guru of the whom your faith it’s not really Judaism but it was probably more like mosaic mosaic teaching we had the read the law and the prophets but you didn’t have the rabbinical teaching in there and so you give up this Hindu Derik derivation came out of it I think Shintoism it’s a form of that as well but where Catholicism is concerned there is something that the schematic Catholicism comes out rapidly and that’s atheism and so you see probably I don’t know how many people you met that in your walk that are atheists and you scratch them a little bit and they’ll tell you well I’m an ex-catholic right I came out at a Catholic Church until I realized that was a bunch of phony baloney and now I’m an atheist I would say probably half atheist I know came out of Catholic Church and so you know and the Catholics were very quick to promote atheism in the eastern world in China and in Russia and in fact encouraged the slaughter of 60 million worth of ox believers in Russia in order to create atheism that they might come in and over those dead bodies build the Catholic Church that’s what they tried to do the Russians however have resisted it as much as again even though they’re his Catholic corruption inside of Eastern Orthodox and whether they want to admit it or not and so you know and the same thing in China in the meantime the Catholic Church is the only approved religion of the United Nations the Catholic Church is the only approved Christian faith in Red China so they hold themselves out as singularly viable while they’re promoting atheism to promoting the destruction they’ll promote any religion they need to promote in order to destroy the the true faith that may be existing in that place they’re true but once again assert the supremacy of the serpent and just there very briefly when we think about religions that could be might have been created but Paulo sysm if you look at much of what is going on in modern evangelical church and there’s a charismatic movement this is at the instigation and the infiltration of the Jesuits this is why Kenneth Copeland has the Pope on speed-dial you know and it’s just all too obvious yeah and the you know and that impetus of the Jesuits and you know David we cannot underestimate the infiltration of Jesuits and everything we do and you know it is amazing where they appear and you know they’re an intelligence agency themselves and you know I’ve had you know we fought for marriage shot here in Washington that battle was a battle we lost and when we lost the battle here it was lost worldwide it was like you know the dam broke and the water flooded the whole world and you know we were overcome by some Jesuit operatives out here using their intelligence network to defeat us and they did it they pulled it off and so and in the meantime I can tell you that the whole of the West Coast you know the rest of the country looks at the west coast and says you guys are a bunch of left-wing dingbats out there but the fact is the whole of the West Coast is controlled by the Jesuits all of it and this is the agenda they’re pushing so when you look at you say did they create another religion well you know when you talk about the operative arm of the Catholic Church now what are you talking about talking about a huge push to decriminalize if you will or to legitimize first it was what we wanted to we want to legitimize a you know homosexuality and I knew at the time that was just paving the road for you know other tanks to roll down right as soon as they paved the road for same-sex marriage which they claimed that we’re never going to go after they just wanted you know civil unions that had similar rights then it was of course though we have to have marriage once they got marriage then it’s well you know we have to be able – as transgenders use any bathroom we want to use well can’t we make all bad things private no no it’s very important for you to get used to the fact that somebody of the opposite sex doesn’t claim they’re of the opposite sex wants to be in the same bathroom it that’s very important to them now you get to this point to legalized pedophilia well who wants to legalize pedophilia the people that are openly abusing children that’s who once you analyze pedophilia and where do you see the push in just what controlled areas yeah and basically plan a for the Jesuits is let’s infiltrate it and let’s defile it to the place we can control it and if they can’t do that they go to Planet Plan B let’s destroy it yeah that’s right and they’ll do that with violence yeah and also in about a month of doctor pigeon is gonna be back on the midnight ride and we’re gonna devote a whole program to the Jesuits and we’ll be looking forward to that but go ahead Donna I have one last question and please pardon me everybody but I’m gonna choose mine because I’m asking this question because of the relevance of what we’re seeing lifted up nowadays we’re seeing a lot of well like we even showed in the slides tonight female goddesses such as Isis and there’s many others but my question was are there more female goddesses than male God because right now we’re seeing this lifted up even about the Holy Spirit being female which is a terrible that’s wrong and I just wondered through history just they’re more of goddesses and of course this also has to do with choreography even though homosexuality is on the rise we always see females I mean I don’t but there are females in homosexual pornography as well so are there more female goddesses than male gods you know no I mean what you seem right now as you see the emphasis on it but what you know you know there is a passage in the gospel that says you know it but if a woman marries a man he dies she marries his brother he dies she married since whether he dies and their seven brothers whose wife is she in heaven and the Shiite system you know you are simply in error there is no marriage in heaven and so the question and there’s other discussion too about whether or not the Angels are asexual right asexual not not a more pathetic but rather asexual and so you know there’s big questions about this and then when you talk about how the sons of the sons of Elohim came down and were able to transform themselves to be able to have these relations with human women it’s a different situation right but when you’re talking about these goddesses and gods being elevated what you’re seeing here in this country is a systematic demoralization of the country okay and I was talking with another friend of mine two nights ago and I talked to him about this issue I said look if you wanted you know if you wanted you want to see what this country looks like morally this country is a nation that has undergone a nuclear holocaust okay from a spiritual when we live in physical world yeah great we got all the skyscrapers everything’s cool you know they’re you know the World Trade Center has been replaced everything looks great but from a spiritual view this place has undergone a nuclear holocaust and we’re all living in rubble that’s where we’re living and the state is continually at war with the family and they have no regard for a mother and father raising children as was the dominant paradigm in 1960 oh no all that stuff is gone now because everybody and their brother has had a chance to come in and say my perversion should be enshrined in law and because they’ve all said this and I believe a lot of it came out of the confessional in the Catholic Church a particular one Church in San Francisco is where most of this began when you look at this stuff now we have a complete Holocaust here of total immorality as the dominant paradigm in the country now evil is called good good is called evil the statue of Satan himself is exalted in Oklahoma City and in Little Rock Arkansas and you know you see this going up all over the place of people worshiping the Baphomet witchcraft is not being caught in the public schools and let’s talk about it we have been completely systematically demoralized and what’s the point I’m saying to you that the church the serpent would do that to this country in order once the ruins are here and there’s nothing but dead carcasses all over the place now we’ll construct the church over those bodies and we’ll claim this place for the Pope okay and so that’s a lot of what’s going on and while this this demoralizing has taken place in this country there’s complete lifting of immorality this total destruction of everything you know a society is defined by out you marry and how you marry and marriage has been completely destroyed what’s marriage now a smiling judge and a license from a group of people who have no authority whatsoever to license you because you have a right to be married you can’t license that what you have a right to do but they do and and so now it’s only a symbol of civil affair it’s only done pursuant to state law it only has legal force inside the system and they will tell you what marriage is and what divorce is and what the terms they’re up our scripture has been completely deleted from the social order any time somebody gets up and says I’m gonna pray at a sports game some spiritual sniper assassinates it right not physically but spiritually assassination while we lift up the people who are willing to exalt the Islam like Colin Kaepernick willing to destroy willing to preach a doctrine that is destructive to the country like most of the NFL willing to exalt a you know Bolshevik communism and the overthrow of the constitutional republic which is going on in every major city in the country right this is D moralization we are a nuclear wasteland of demoralization and among that wasteland we look to NY as TV and its followers and other people across the country to seek and find righteousness to hold to that which is holy to repent and turn through the true way and the truth and the life and not to do it do not to force your neighbor to do it not to demand that it happened in the public square but to take the plank out of your own eye concentrate on the plank that’s in your own eye and get that plank out of there and when you do that you will become a light to the nation’s and this walkout pradesh will lift you up right you can a man we we just cannot forget the mercy of the Father which is magnificent and beautiful and endures forever amen and above all things this is the most important thing and this is the heart of what now you see TV is all about preaching the gospel of the kingdom and bringing people into obedience to all of the Word of God and I just want to thank so much tonight sister Donna for the slides and helping with questions and doctor pigeon for the expertise and the scholarship and the hard work that he brought to the broadcast tonight thank you so much doctor pigeon and we will be greatly looking forward to tackling the subject of the Jesuits and in just about a month and thank you to John for providing this platform staying up late and getting it done and as always it’s an honor I mean you know I don’t know I don’t know any other way to store the gratitude that I’m just able to be in this position I know there’s probably a million other people in the world that would love to be able to do what I do and I’m thankful I don’t care if I have to stay up till 4:00 or 5:00 I’m very thankful I’m blessed and I and I really appreciate being able to be listen and be in the same room I guess we’re not in the same room with Stephen right now but I just met him not too long ago just to be able to be educated by you you guys and to be able to I mean they’re the gratitude the spirit of gratitude that I have right now there’s the gratitude is just amazing that’s all I can say we are in John blessings to you David and Donna and thank you so much for your heart for this ministry and that you put yourself out on the line to do these things and I know it’s a war I know it’s a war to even be able to have a platform where we can speak you have carved out that space and you know that’s a mighty effort and I want to give thanks to you guys for doing that as well be blessed well thank you so much dr. Pigeon and we don’t want to fail to thank you all of our midnight ride listeners you are just the best and with that that it’s time to say good night and high five everybody we’ll see you next Saturday night on the midnight ride upon the sand of the sea and saw a beast [Music] who is able to play [Music] [Music] you [Music]

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