November 25 – Compassion | Part 2

Compassion is to show God’s love
in a practical way. It’s not only words
but it’s also practice. So we do acts of kindness
and we help people to be happy. And also to recognize
God’s love in their lives. Mariano and Lola are full-time volunteers
in the city of Dili, Timor Leste. They have set aside a year of their lives
to serve God through mission activity. Today, Mariano, Lola,
and the Compassion group are using colorful paper cards
to write encouraging Bible verses for the people they will meet. The participants take time
to search the Bible for special passages. They think long and hard, searching for words that might
uplift someone in a special way. Mariano mentors
the Compassion participants and explains how people might feel when they see that someone
thought about them. Mariano gives the group final instruction,
and they pray together that the Holy Spirit
will touch those they meet with a sense of God’s love. Then, the team splits up
and walks down the promenade. As they hand out cards
and greet the people warmly, some passersby
share their burdens and sorrows. This is an opportunity
for Compassion volunteers to pause and pray,
interceding for the people. Exercise, fitness, and health
are important concerns here, so Lola walks around
with a blood pressure monitor to offer basic health assessments as she shares tips
for forming healthy habits. The sight is one we might expect
from Jesus’ time: street children being taught
Bible stories through song, the homeless receiving care and attention after long, lonely hours
living on the streets. The Adventist youth
set a worthy example in this city and they leave the recipients amazed by helping the people any way they can. Here, we train the youth
to actively engage in leadership. But we also do some activities
to reach people here in Dili. I really like Compassion’s activity
and community services, because through this,
we can have more friends and get closer to many people
as we serve the Lord. Adventist members in Dili are praying
that God will assist them in establishing the Seventh-day
Adventist Church in meaningful ways. Please pray that the Lord
will open doors to people’s hearts!

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