North Korea Releases Report On American Human Rights Abuses

back in the beginning of this year the
UN released a report on the north korean and thai history love human rights abuses what’s
going on in the country right now when more in-depth with suspected many of
these things but now we had actual information about it and if you’ve been paying attention the
news you’ve seen some horrendous info coming out North Korea recently about their prison camps up political
imprisonment executing people via mortars and things like that and obviously know that distressing
information North Korea wants to change the I get the conversation going on
about how human rights abuses by releasing a list
of the US’s human rights abuses is being released by
the Korean Central News Agency and they’ve got a number of them where they go to the right now the first
is this to the general like it for all the US to the living hell as elementary
right to existence are ruthlessly violated living hell is a scientific designation
that they’re using their the now let’s get into specifics though
under the citizenship act racial ISM is getting more severe in the US the gaps between the minorities in the
whites are very wide in exercise such rights to work and elect and so whatever is we’re
talking about this is it sorta silly I guess the North
Korea is schooling people but human rights but I think you’re gonna find that many
cases there is at least something the weather I think that’s why I long comfortable and i really miss yeah
I thought go to the second one the numbered impoverished people
increase the forty 6.5 million last year and 16 the citizens and 20 at percent of
the children are in the grip of famine in New York City now honestly if you gonna talk about
back pain in New York City you want to go to world experts on famine and
there’s nobody better at it and the north koreans I yet but I hacer starving adorable the US government is monitored every
movement and its citizens and foreigners with many cameras in tapping devices and
even drones involved under the pretext that national security
move again room hard to argue with what North Korea
is saying there hard to argue right yeah because you can
argue cuz they’re saying things that are true I’ll I thought the same way you know what
John Kerry was run around talking about how Russia you just on in behind a good
three in the 21st century but I guess it was okay man you know limit 2002 when we got there it’s where you that we are the worst
people will be making these arguments and that’s kinda what north korea’s
pointing out you wanna combat us you guys in prison more people
anybody in the whole god damn world it’s all it’s a racist policy up in
prison in people yes you read right criminal justice
system are your économie is collapsing you’re not helping the poor in your
country one out of five children lives in
poverty and is up a with a call food a jeopardy and if
that’s the right word their their food insecure yes so I mean
these are yes you’re right you know I point the
finger back in United States why don’t you pick some hearing it looks like we’ve been saying
for years you gonna go fix Afghanistan about we pick Detroit how we figure out
how to bring the jobs back to Detroit and I have a healthy weight living there
before we try to pick somebody else yep G when dealing with Ron job with North
Korean media what it was on your I was playing food
jeopardy I we have to create that show you want to
know you’re not okay so we’re going on at the US also has 2.2 million the
prisoners at present the highest number in the world per Lacombe prisons on the part of the
government individuals are providing detention facilities to make money this
is true that is just not true they also they go
on to talk about how we’re setting up these %uh private prisons for profit and
passing bills to get more people in jail again hard to argue with that and
finally its chief executive Obama indulges himself in luxury almost
everyday squandering hundreds hundred millions of dollars on
his foreign trip in this regard it as people’s right at light there’re they do have a little misstep
they get it wrong in the same way the Fox News did they don’t spend hundreds
of millions of dollars to go to India and stuff like that but again the
earlier ones it’s also not the chief executive Obama its the chief
executive whoever the president in his travels in
a way that the lands that security and security it’s not in disrepair regard up the
wretched conditions I love the people in the
country I I think the the people who live in wretched
conditions you know its their attention is paid and can be paid and still have a president that with
security I mean I’d there is out a little this
proportionality to up I’m gonna watch the Brian Williams news
tonight and see if Houston extensively covered this story yeah I would guess it’s not gonna get
covered probably not and I’m guessing guess if it does get covered it all by
mainstream media now CNN they got a bill 24 hours a day news I’m I doubt they get to this story
yeah I doubt that if they do get to it that they cover it like we discovered it
right now right because these are all real
problems that are happening in America but I guess listen to a half-hour show
this morning and not NPR about talking Ben Ghazi bright kids
that there’s NPR trader training that is a bit
surreal discussion on fuckin the npr meanwhile look at
these problems in america and nobody’s really talking about the
real problem take north korea to stick that govern our I and then we
still gonna ignore 1 BR is talking about are also because john bainer there’s a
speaker the house today I named a select committee to be a job
to be chaired by trey Gowdy a republican South Carolina on Bangor Ben Ghazi so it is worth
talking about what a waste that is would you want to talk about
what we were talking about of course that they were I didn’t hear about it I
know you’re saying as a legitimate news lawrence that the reason why john bainer
did that is because he knows the news media in
the column out for his got great even bullshit that’s what you did and that should be
the story here’s another craven who that doesn’t help us by the most
ineffective congress in decades and this this is what they
still do that’s the story but that’s not the story that’s how get reported here when we get
reported directed the got their world is the opposite yet and I know it it’s
probably too late to start over get in front of the right-wingers who are
posting comments about how much all three of us hate America you probably already typed that comment
but understand that us talking about this and acknowledging that some other
things the North Korean propaganda news agency are saying are true have nothing to do with us hating
America and everything to do with us actually loving America in being able to look at it without
blinders on being able to recognize the things that we’re not doing right so
that hopefully in the future we can do them right call it this year it’s called the mature
about believe all the way at looking at the world instead a bit immature one eye
closed I don’t wanna see anything that’s bad
what some might like is I’m not fully developed yet and I’m in a state of arrested
development in Whitstable republican


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