No. of people employed in S. Korea up 492,000 on-year in February

Sophia’s job figures went up for three
months straight however some sectors were adversely affected by the Cova 19
outbreak um young helps us look beyond the digits the number of people employed
in South Korea was up by more than four hundred thousand a year for the third
consecutive month in February according to data released by statistics korea on
wednesday the number of people employed was around twenty six point eight
million last month up by 492 thousand compared to the same month the year
before the employment rate for those between 15 and 64 years old reached
around 66% last month that’s the highest for the month of
February since data was first compiled in 1989 however the increase in the
number of jobs was mostly concentrated on seniors the number of employed people
aged 60 and older increased by 570,000 on-year in February while those in their
50s rose by 57,000 but for those in their 40s that number decreased by 104
thousand and for those in their 20s it fell by 25,000 on year job increase was
centered on seniors and most were under the government’s project to create jobs
for senior citizens with this people might feel worse about the job market
despite the increase in the total number of jobs last month some industries
experienced a slower rate of increase due to the Cova 19 outbreak the food and
lodging sectors were negatively impacted by the outbreak though as the on-year
increase plunged some 80,000 jobs were recorded in those sectors in January on
year but this figure was at just 14,000 in February compared to the same month
last year however statistics korea said the numbers in this month’s data do not
fully reflect the impact of the Karuna virus as the data was collected from
february 9th to 15th due to kovin 19 the year-on-year increase has slowed down
but in the delivery and logistics sector it has risen as people are avoiding
going and those who took a temporary leave of
absence from work in February made up around 29 percent of the total number
employed an official at finance ministry said this can be attributed to the
temporary closing of businesses due to the virus on ji-yong Arirang news


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