NJM Volunteers for Habitat for Humanity

Hi I’m Annie Fox. I’m the resource
development director at Habitat for Humanity of Burlington County and
Greater Trenton/Princeton. We are so thankful for our volunteers here from NJM and they’ve been out on multiple work sites always volunteering and
always putting in so much effort during the day. The partnership has been
wonderful and we’re looking forward to many more years of it. So this is my third year doing Habitat
for Humanity. At first I was intimidated, I didn’t think I was going to be able to
do anything but I found out I’ve learned so much so quickly, got to meet new
people, and every year it just gets a little bit better. Today I am working up on a ladder and I’m putting in pieces of wood to build the roof of a
porch. I was sheetrocking and putting in some
insulation with two of my teammates from the Customer Experience Office. It’s all for a great cause, giving back to our community. It’s kind of cool this is
right in Ewing so, you know, that’s our home and it’s just great energy for our
team as well as doing some great things for people who are ultimately going to be
living here.

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