NEW YEAR PARTY – RICH vs NORMAL PEOPLE | #MoralValues #Roleplay #Fun #Sketch #MyMissAnand

Hello what a party shop Yes !! I want to make my home decorate for the new year party madam we don’t work in sort notice for this we charge more don’t worry about money I just want best lights, best balloons, best flowers everything thing is well elaborated ok mam When do I take advances from you? tomorrow happy new year to all of you hey guys it’s me mymissanand and today i’ll bring for you an another video Rich girls v/s Normal girl please watch full video till the end because you guys related with this this video is the last video of 2018 give me 2Lakh like and subs cribe my channel i can’t wait for this video let’s start the video did you guys see what a amazing party it is look guys ! We should be happy in whatever we have. also say thank you to god for such a beautiful life and have some sharing and caring feelings my new year resolution is be happily accept whatever I have so that all for today’s video if you like this video then do let me know by commenting below which segment do you like the most my favourite is when I invite my friends for new year party for behind this scenes follow mymissanand on instagaram and for funny videos follow mymissanand on Tiktok so I’ll meet you in my next video till then take care bye bye and A very Happy New Year 😉

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