NEW DEUS EX GAME ANNOUNCED ! | Deus Ex: Mankind Divided 2015

Alright guys and welcome to my next video.
This video is going to be a real big announcement that I’ve just seen come over the wire on
youtube. I went on and saw that eurogamer posted a new video on the new Deus Ex game
which is called Deus Ex: mankind Divided. Now, last night there was a couple of articles
released from PC gamer and other sources saying a few images were leaked on a new Deus Ex
game. I can now confirm there is a new game in the works. The trailer has to be I would
say one of the most fucking epic game trailers I have ever seen. I’m actually really excited
for this. I’m a big fan of the franchise. I like all three of them well, four of them
if you include The Fall. It’s not really a main game but you know, I like the three of
them. Alot of fans hated the second game in the franchise: Invisible War. I happened to
of bought Inivisble War when it came out and funnily enough, my PC couldn’t run it at that
time. Like I said; I’ve played all three of them, love all three games. The first one
and Human Revolution would have to be my two favourite but I do like the three of them.
So, the trailer. One of the most epic fucking things I’ve seen in ages. I’m so psyched for
the game after seeing it. I’m just going to give a wee breakdown of the trailer. You see
Adam Jensen running; so we can assume we’re playing as Adam Jensen in this game who is
the main protagonist and character of Human Revolution. He’s running through this city
and then it cuts to another shot of him drowning; he’s face down in the water.Then, it cuts
to another shot where we see him following this kid with a yellow hood and then you see
Jensen overlooking this city on fire and it links in the whole anarchy/anarchist kind
of thing. It’s linked in with like the first game where you see a big terrorist attack
on the Unatco building and you know, JC Denton who’s the main character in the first game
he comes in as an anti-terrorist agent for the UN. He encounters certain factions such
as Majestic 12, the illuminati and the Hong Kong triads. So, then we see Adam Jensen talking
about terrorist attacks increasing and we see Jensen defending some augumented citizens
that are getting beaten on the street. In the human revolution game we see there is
a bit of controversy where Sarif industries which is the company Adam Jensen works for;
they’re a bio-technology firm where they’re dealing with human augumentations and you
see certain people protesting against that, terrorists protesting against that and it
being a very controversial issue within society. We hear Jensen speak the words �Embrace
what you’ve become� well, Jensen was in an attack on Sarif industries at the start
of human revolution and he ends up being augmented to save his life you know, and him saying
the words �Embrace what you’ve become� might be more significant than we think. There
are several illuminati references in the video where we see the all seeing eye and the pyramids
and different things like that. Which is again, another link into the first game where JC
Denton encounters the illuminati. He says �the world is different now, the old rules
do not apply� so, you know, what can we take from that? Is it going to be that Jensen
is a double agent or is it going to be that he’s solely backing Sarif or what’s it going
to be? When he says the rules no longer apply so, is it going to be to do with the anarchy
on the streets, the terrorist attacks? Is it going to be that his threshold for anarchism
has increased or decreased accordingly? At the end of the trailer we see Jensen attacking
a radical figure and he says to Jensen � you should fighting for us or fighting with us�
something along them lines but they fight each other anyways and it is epic. The CGI
in the game looks brilliant. Great announcement trailer you know? I think people that liked
Human Revolution will like this game. It seems to be like it’s going to be fairly similar.
It’s coming from the same studios: Eidos Montreal. Alot of people, well, some people had a problem
with the slow paced combat of Human Revolution but I thought it was great. I thought it was
a great game, one of the best modern games that I’ve played. If we get another game that’s
like Human revolution with a wee bit extra added in, that’s perfect. Alot of people say
that Adam Jensen is one of the most bad ass video game characters, which I can totally
agree with. So what did you think of the Deus Ex : Mankind Divided trailer? Did you like
it? Did you dislike it? Are you excited for the game? Do you feel the game could live
up to the widely accepted phrase that the first Deus Ex game could be the best PC game
of all time? Do you think this will live up to it? Do you think it’ll be better than Human
Revolution? I want to hear all your comments in the comments section below. You can follow
me on Facebook and twitter at For The Banter NI. Hopefully, going to be bringing you as
much news on this game as I’m really excited for it and maybe a few more Deus Ex games
on the channel in the coming months but I’ll definitely keep on top of this game and try
and give you as much information as possible. So, that’s going to wrap up the video on the
announcement trailer for Deus Ex : Mankind Divided and a bit of a breakdown for it, for
you. Until next time my friends, goodbye.

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