Never Have I Ever with Madonna and Justin Bieber

– All right, so we’re gonna
play–here’s your paddle. I’m sure you have one, but– – Can we spank each other
with it? – Yes, you can.
You can do whatever you want. [laughter] I’m gonna have a question, and we’re gonna answer honestly. I’ve never seen these, so… Okay, “Never have I ever
had phone sex.” [laughter] [cheers and applause] – You liar.
– I’m not lying. – Really?
– Wow. – Wow. “Never have I ever used someone else’s toothbrush
without telling them.” Ew. [laughter] “Never have I ever
fooled around in a bathroom during a party.” [laughter] [cheers and applause] – These are–
– This is the 21st century. – These are tame.
– Yeah. – “Never have I ever
gotten kicked out of a bar.” [laughter] – I just turned 21. – Be honest.
– I just turned 21. – Turn that thing around,
Justin. – I just turned 21 though. [laughter] – J.
– I swear. – All right. “Never have I ever dated someone
and their sibling.” [laughter] [cheers and applause] Ah. Oh, God. “Never have I ever
fooled around with someone else in the room.” “When someone else in the– with someone else in the room.” – Just wave your hands
in the air. [cheers and applause] I mean, all these questions
are sexual. Just saying. – Um…
[laughter] “Never have I ever
forgotten the name of the person
I was fooling around with.” [laughter] [laughter and applause] Come on! You two are perfect
for each other. [laughter] That’s all that we have. – Oh, let’s do more. – It’s a fun game, right? – It is.
– I know. – I feel like I’m getting
to know my new boyfriend. [laughter] [audience whooping] [cheers and applause] – Wait, come up with a question, and we’ll answer it right now
in the spot. – Um… Never have I ever had… [clears throat] [laughter] sex with two different people– with more than two different
people in one day. audience: Oh. [cheers and applause] – [laughs] – I mean, two different people
in a day, Madonna? – Here’s the thing. I want it to be special
for my wife. [audience member whoops]
– Aw. – Aw. I don’t buy that.
– I don’t– – All right.


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