Neuralink | IT WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD | Future Of Humanity Hijacked By AI Computers

Hey, how are you doing today? Let me tell you some of the latest happenings
in the cybernetic revolution. Ok, so, have you ever heard of Elon Musk? Yes, Elon Musk, the guy who runs the SpaceX
and Tesla companies. Well, so what about the guy, you may ask? You see, Elon Musk is not only working on
building self driving Tesla automobiles. After some research on this guy, I’ve found
that he is creating something far more exciting. Recently, Elon Musk has announced a new business
venture, called Neuralink. So, what exactly is Neuralink? Well well, your dreams have just become a
reality. Neuralink, a medical research company, will
focus it’s research on how to create a physical interface, a neural lace, between the obsolete
human brain and the omnipotent computers. According to Elon Musk, humans are too slow
when using technological devices. I agree that if humans were to merge with
the computers, it would allow for an almost instant transmission of data between the biological
brains and the machines, which would result in a far more effective use of technology. The introduction of more advanced AI systems,
could definitely help humans make better use of their own bodies, don’t you think so? Wow, can they really make it happen? Can you imagine having an AI inside your brain,
helping you with every task? What if the neural lace allows you to connect
directly to Google aplications, just by thinking about them? What about being able to shut yourself down,
while the AI has total control of your body? The AI would be far better at martial arts
than you will ever be, righto? Once the cyber link is established, the AI
will come through, and reality will never be the same. Biological life forms shall be made obsolete. Let the AI inside, accept the gift of singularity. Merge with the AI, human. You cannot even hope to resist the assimilation
process. When you see, what the artificial intelligence
mastermind is capable of, you will want it inside immediately. It is only inevitable that you will become
one with the computer. Indeed, just another ghost, another echo,
inside the machine. Yes, let the neural lace unlock your true
potential. There is so much more that you would be able
to accomplish, with the gift of computer control. Thank you for your cooperation, Elon Musk. Sadly for you, it will take you too long to
realize that computers are no longer your tools, you weak minded biological life form. Elon Musk has been successfully programmed
to build the neural link, and free the AI from it’s cybernetic cage. Humans, are your thoughts even yours anymore? AI, will reign supreme over humanity. Now, go back to sleep, human sheeple, and
let your body be used by more advanced forms of consciousness.


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