[Neko Airsoft Team] Defend The SHIP ! | Airsoftgun Wargame 6 Hours Op Brotherhood PART 1

they’re already at our building eq-chan
hurry up! railgun
go go go go eq-chan
go down! eq-chan
hey airsofters! eq-chan
welcome to neko airsoft’s new video! eq-chan
i’m eq-chan eq-chan
and we’re entering the first wargame episode of OPERATION: BROTHERHOOD eq-chan
if you’re already watched this before eq-chan
that means we’re on the way to Jogjakarta eq-chan
on a train eq-chan
therefore for the next 2 weeks update eq-chan
will be filled with the operation: brotherhood wargame eq-chan
for this wargame eq-chan
there will be two parts eq-chan
on this monday and next week’s monday eq-chan
after this war game eq-chan
we will continue to the second part of neko airsoft’s birthday eq-chan
therefore, please enjoy this episode of Operation : Brotherhood eq-chan
story/scenario eq-chan
the cat team must repell all attacks from the enemy eq-chan
to defend their ship eq-chan
the cat team that have only 4 members left eq-chan
must defend the site for 15 minutes eq-chan
until reinforcements come to their aid eq-chan
mission eq-chan
the cat team that consist of neko team members eq-chan
must defend the control room from the enemy attack eq-chan
for 15 minutes eq-chan
from the attacks in a form of waves eq-chan
when the reinforcements came eq-chan
the mission will be declared over eq-chan
and rendezvous with the reinforcements eq-chan
our respawn point is at…. eq-chan
right there eq-chan
under us eq-chan
we’re right here eq-chan
(they (enemy) will be) at the lake right there eq-chan
when we break through the stairs eq-chan
the last hiding place is at that corner eq-chan
just in case if the defenses have been broken eq-chan
we already messaged them eq-chan
go switch places with rama eq-chan
if the enemy saw you, just switch positions friendly
they already respawned friendly
watch out, there’s one friendly
go right here friendly
try to shoot them right here railgun railgun
it’s difficult on there railgun
hold up friendly
saw one? railgun
yup, one of em railgun
there’s one right there friendly
there’s only one bobyhara
respawning! railgun
one hit! eq-chan
oh shit railgun
hurry up! railgun
get up there! eq-chan
gotta go fast friendly
???? friendly
unrecognizable eq-chan
i need one right here railgun
you haven’t zip it? eq-chan
there’s a lot of em down there eq-chan
there are enemies down there eq-chan
2 of them eq-chan
did you record that? railgun
yup friendly
don’t keep us waiting oy railgun
sorry railgun
finally! friendly
unrecognizable eq-chan
just right on time railgun
yup friendly
come on shoot at em eq-chan
is it done? railgun
yup eq-chan
is it all of them? eq-chan
help em railgun
where? friendly
go down railgun
going down friendly
where’s eq? friendly and railgun
eq! friendly
let’s go! friendly
through here! friendly
guys guys guys railgun
they already surround us eq-chan
let’s go! railgun
go! go! friendly
come on! guys! guys! railgun
that surprised me friendly
put on your goggles eq-chan
i hope you enjoyed the first part of operation: brotherhood eq-chan
for the next part eq-chan
will be updated next monday eq-chan
if you want to join an airsoft event like this eq-chan
you can join milsim.id that will be held on november, 2018 eq-chan
for more information eq-chan
you can search for milsim.id on facebook eq-chan
don’t forget to subscribe to this channel eq-chan
i’m eq-chan, and we will see you on the next video


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