NBCC St. Andrews Habitat for Humanity House Project

when the students arrived here in
September you know that they look out back where the house is going to be and
there’s there’s two wooden beams there there’s nothing else there and when they
leave in June there’s a house sitting there ready to go to a family today you know everyone wants to get
involved and help their community and this gives our students a chance to do
that work to help our community directly and to have an impact on the lives of
some other people in their community it’s a great partnership it makes so
much sense for us and so much sense for Habitat for Humanity they know every
year they’re gonna have a house to roll out of here in June and they’re gonna
have a happy family so it’s a win-win for everyone I feel very privileged to
have worked on their house just going in there between now and then where it’s almost
finished like it’s an amazing transition and it certainly is gonna be a great
home it’s somewhere that I would definitely raise a family like I’m
really impressed with how the house is coming together and I say every time I
look around at some of the stuff that we’ve done I feel very privileged to say
I worked on that this is going to a family who definitely deserves it that
was our first like actual experience putting in any kind of real electrical
work and so working in a booth like here is one thing but when you actually get
into a house and you’re like putting the Box in or something and running wire and
you’re like well you know this is gonna be the work that someone’s gonna live
with for the next 10 15 20 years maybe that was really cool because it kind of brings
everything to a more serious point you know and I mean and a more professional
point and I think just getting in there and getting to get the feel of a
new-construction house running while I was a little cool you get to take a step
back in the actual learning environment and say well why are we doing it this
way and what what sorts of jobs are there like I wouldn’t have known that
plumbing branched out into pipe fitting and sprinkler systems and a whole bunch
of other stuff unless I went to school for it and you get a whole bunch of
other connections by coming here the highlight of the program to be honest
with probably be building the house it’s definitely highlight of the year just to be able to
give back to the community I call the family doesn’t need and just to see them
be happy we’re all from different backgrounds like you got two of us from
Saint John couple from Fredericton Minto even had one from Germany so like it’s
just interesting to get to know everybody that’s in here
it’s quiet at first but once we started that everybody’s just friendly and gets going working together good so it’s one thing I’m not gonna forget is
working with these guys for me it makes me feel I don’t know accomplished in a
way because what we’re doing there it’s gonna help someone else plus help
ourselves so because everything that we do in that house is what we’re gonna be
doing in the future one of the nice things about this project for the
students is they see the the actual building of a house basically from
the floor from the foundation up and that’s a nice skill for them to take
forward as they move into their working career often it’s sometimes in these
type of programs students get exposed to the different pieces but they don’t get
the whole picture we had some interest from from an employer in some of our
students for practicum work integrated learning and when they found out these
students had actually built the house this year they were very impressed and they
knew that they were going to be a big benefit to their job site because
exactly what they were doing was they were building a house if you want to
transform your community the Habitat for Humanity project is completed by our
carpentry electrical and plumbing students at our St. Andrews campus visit
NBCC.CA for more information on these programs

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