#MyJihad: This Video Will Renew Your Faith in Humanity

[Applause and ululation] I know there must be like a thousand people standing outside. Correct, your eminence? We’re very thankful for this beautiful visit. It’s an expression of the love and compassion that bind us with the Omar Makram Mosque for a number of years, and especially during the January 25th revolution when our two field hospitals were united as one, and shared doctors, and patients, and medicine. That was very beautiful! We had become true friends, not just neighbors. The neighbor relationship between us had transformed into a profound human relationship filled with compassion, and love, and a lot of beauty. Would you like to say something? Please go ahead! [Applause and ululation] In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful First of all, I’m your brother, Mazhar Shaheen, the imam and speaker of the Omar Makram Mosque. I have conducted my doctoral studies at the Azhar University in Quranic rhetoric. Since about 2005, we at the Omar Makram Mosque have been building strong intimate ties with your church. Ours is a relationship of love, and of friendship; an all-Egyptian relationship at its base. [More Muslim visitors entering the church and more applause] [[United like] one hand!] [Long live the crescent side-by-side with the cross!] In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. Dr. Ahmed please come sit int the front if you please. I believe that the type of relationship that binds me with this church is one that has been dictated upon me by Islam, because Islam instructs us to be kind to our neighbors. It is therefore a relationship that draws from two traditions: the spirit of our faith, and the spirit of our shared nation. Therefore, Egypt, on whose land, both Muslims and Christians have spilled of their blood in every war, could not allow but that all Egyptians remain united under its banner as one hand without the slightest difference between them. It is in Egypt that Makram Ebeid Pasha (a Christian patriot) lived, and that Muhammad Abdu (a Muslim patriot) lived. It is here that these many greats lived, Muslim and Christian, and built Egypt together. This great country, in which the river Nile flows since the beginning of creation, and from which drink all those who tred this land, irrespective of creed or sect. Those who think that the pillars of this land were erected by just one faith, are most certainly wrong! Because the pillars of this nation were erected by Egyptian sweat. By Egyptian sweat. And with the hands of all Egyptians, Muslim and Christian. This church, in particular, has a significant meaning for the revolution. As my dear Christian brother has said, from day one, it has opened its doors to the January 25th revolution, just as the Omar Makram mosque opened its doors from day one. And just as Egyptians used to shelter in Omar Makram Mosque during the revolution, without anyone inquiring about their name or religion, here too in this church, the men and youth of Egypt sheltered without anyone inquiring about their name or religion. Because Egypt, throughout all the tough times that it has traversed, has always embraced all its children, and has always risen with the hands of its children. Because Egypt is a unique and singular example in the world! With its constituents, its people, its buildings, and its Nile, it is unique in everything! Even in its geography! This great land – Egypt – will remain a safe land, by the will of God All Mighty, safe-guarded by those who tred her lands, Muslims and Christians. [Applause] [Muslims and Christian are united as one hand!] Our march today from the Omar Makram Mosque to the Qasr El-Dobara Church is a message that I direct to the enemies of Egypt both foreign, and within. Just as the people of Egypt have stood together under the singular banner of “Egypt” during the January Revolution of 2011, this nation will remain, by the will of God, strong, defiant and dignified, with the hands of its people confident that they will lead this country to the shores of safety, even if our wait for this day prolongs. This is a message for the entire world: hands off of Egypt! Egypt is more capable of solving her own problems. Egypt has no religious problems, no sectarian problems. Egypt’s problems are in the mindsets only, the problem in Egypt is a problem of mindset. We need to understand the spirit of Egypt, the spirit of Islam, the spirit of Christianity, in a new way. We want to dialogue and converse with each other. We need to cooperate and collaborate where we agree, and dialogue among ourselves where we disagree. We want to prevent from entering into this country, any colonialist/imperialist interests, under any name. we want Egypt to remain, by its children, a strong and productive country. You would not find a single factory in Egypt where the workers are all Muslim, or are all Christian. Not a single factory. Rather, in an area like Shubra, you might not be able to distinguish between the Muslims and the Christians. You might not be able to find a building where Muslims do not live alongside their Christian brethren. The proprietor of the building might even be Christian, while all the residents are Muslim. Or the proprietor might be Muslim, while all the residents Christian. Here in Egypt, there are Egyptians whose fathers are Muslims, and whose mothers are Christians. We fought alongside each other in ‘67, and before that in ‘48, and after that in ’73. And in the January 25th revolution, each of us stood beside the other, and no one asked the other about his name, his political orientation, or his religion. In times of crises, it is the voice of Egypt that always rises above the rest. In times of crises, Egypt refuses but to have her children all united. Hundreds of people have come with me today, or maybe thousands even. They have all come to you, to offer their well-wishes and greetings. Their sincere well-wishes and greetings. To you in your holiday. [Applause] As you see, many Egyptians have taken part with me today, among them: Dr. Ahmed Darrag from the National Association for Change Also, Judge Zakarya Abdel Aziz, former President of the Judges Union. And Judge Ahmed El Khatib from the Judiciary. And Mr. Ahmed Ashour, and Mr. Sherif Seif, and many others – I don’t want to miss anyone. Also, coming from the mosque with me today is my friend and my companion along the journey of struggle during the Egyptian revolution, with whom I have shared a shelter many nights in the Omar Makram Mosque, My Christian brother, Dr. Hany Hanna Aziz. Egypt will remain strong because of you – her discerning children! This is a message that we send to the whole world: Egypt does not need intervention from anyone. Egypt is a united front – Muslims and Christians. Egypt, after the January 25th revolution, is not the same as Egypt before January 25th. Also, please prepare, as we are preparing in the Omar Makram Mosque, to celebrate the anniversary of January 25th, this time peacefully, and lets us prevent the vandals that may take advantage of this sensitive period to destroy our country. Egypt will remain safe and tranquil because of you! I thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak and may God bless you all!


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