MUTE Official Trailer (2018) Duncan Jones Netflix Sci Fi Movie HD

Do you know What it is To make your dreams come true, Leo? I’ve see you working downstairs You’re a good man This barman, shouldn’t have punched the fucking customer I don’t deserve you Leo I love you so much. But you don’t know me. I want to know what the deal is with this crazy bartender You sure you want our help with this? This kind of this hurts my reputation Daddy’s gotta go. Oh. No soda. You’re girlfriend has secrets. You lost mate? Take a hint and fuck off! You’re not very talkative. Something’s goin’ on. You need to maintain a sense of humour You gonna give me some -uh- Trouble big boy? Or are you gonna channel that famous amish serenity? Leo I need to tell you something This is gonna stop right now It ain’t a secret anymore Would you do anything for her? Say you’re sorry Fucking say it! Why the hell can’t he talk? He doesn’t need words


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