Muslim Brotherhood Banned By Egyptian Court

after months of imprisoning members the
Muslim Brotherhood and in many cases violence leading both Muslim Brotherhood
members and those opposing them as a brother dead egypt has formally banned at the Muslim
Brotherhood for operating inside Egypt I in fact the I meet other Egypt’s the
official news agency reported that any institution branching out to the
Muslim Brotherhood hot Brotherhood or receiving financial
support from it will be bent I they believe those are covered
activities that violate Islam and its rulings are they going to say that it violated
the rights of citizens when the Muslim Brotherhood was in power under Mohammed
Morsi and while more Morsi was in power
citizens lost their basic rights for social social justice and security and under egyptians found only
repression and arrogance now of course you’re going to
have to take those words of the great assault thing is how they are coming
from the official state press each upped but that is what’s going on
right now obviously the Muslim Brotherhood not liking this
legislative ruling are this judicial really I should say
either he monir a leading Brotherhood member responded by saying this is a totalitarian decision your
losers and the Brotherhood will remain with God’s
help now by the orders by the judiciary have LCC at talking about one of the military
authorities there now %uh many believe that this is banning of the
Muslim Brotherhood is sort of redundant considering what’s
been going on in Egypt in the past few months as I alluded to thousands of members of
the Muslim Brotherhood including many of its top political leaders have been rounded up and detained I
Mohammed Morsi retain %uh remains in secretive military did at a captivity as we speak and of course
there have been many killed in violence spreading throughout the country
particularly in cairo over the course of the past few months and so many see this is sort of a
redundant move although it can set a precedent that would allow
the political and military authorities in Egypt to move from just the political branch love the
bright Muslim Brotherhood and to sum up its support network now
this support network network is incredibly diverse and extensive includes churches %uh schools cherry organizations a number of
different arms of the group that are %uh instrumental both in raising
money for the Muslim Brotherhood but also rallying a popular support for
the movement now of course it’s not a very popular
movement as of right now in Egypt although it has been more popular in the
past but it in so with the attempted to move
against I understand politically why they feel the need to do that but I do
worry about what the future %uh education politics holds after this
move now %uh for the vast majority of its existence
the mother Muslim Brotherhood was banned in fact it was only sorta informally
unbanned in the intervening years over the course of the past year or two and so the idea that simply by banning
it you can drive it totally underground and perhaps even kill it that seems completely unrealistic at this point in
many of the both the numbers the Muslim Brotherhood we have sort of a vested
interest but also just scholars I love a Egyptian
politics a this is not going to be successful in in
fact it could lead to the Muslim Brotherhood gaining some additional degree of power
because I’ve sort of the or other being a martyred political party up more
devout Muslims or something along those lines and so I don’t know that that edge it
ships a digits in politics or the partitions or the up on military will be
successful in their mission now a one of the %uh the former justice
minister is there says a similar thing now this is somebody
who’d does not have as best a vested have an interest as the Brotherhood members but Ahmed
Mekki says the group exists either with C band or
without it is like Israel for some Arab
countries it exists though some Arabs don’t recognize it does this affect Israel the answer is no
and so a similar situation going on in Egypt and it is going to be interesting to find
out what part display is in the next couple beers a judge in
politics because while not many have as we said the political members have
been rounded up by the military and certainly support for the Brotherhood is that I would imagine an all-time low
they still Cal possibly a million members in Egypt now egypt is a country over 18
million people and so as a percentage its relatively
small but if you drive it underground if you give it this mystique of fighting
for something as significant representing some on I guess unspoken aspect if just by
Gyptian society I think that they could be shooting
themselves in the foot actually making it easier for the Muslim Brotherhood to both were crew members and to
disseminate its message in future years


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