Mum mistakingly buys Card’s Against Disney game for family and ends up horrified

 A mum was shocked when a Disney themed card game she bought turned out to be a profanity laden pack of smut  Debbie Fanning ordered Cards Against Disney believing she would soon be enjoying a light hearted game featuring some of her favourite characters  What arrived was less heartwarming family romp than it was a twisted rendering of the broader Disney family  Players draw a question card, such as “Micky Mouse club house is really just a front for ?” to which answers including “snorting lines like Dumbo” and “Tinker Bells tiny titties” can be proferred    Debbie’s 20-year-old daughter Amy Tweeted about her mother’s accidental purchase  The Middlesborough based receptionist wrote: “My mam bought cards against Disney thinking it would be a nice innocent game and it’s really not quite what she expected ”  The game is a spin off of the popular ‘Cards Against Humanity’, which is known as the ‘Party game for horrible people’    A description of the game reads: “Cards Against Disney is a must for all adult Disney fans with an evil sense of humour It’s guaranteed to bring hours of laughs!  “You do not want to miss out on owning this game if you are a fan!”  Luckily the lewd product ended up in the hands of someone with a good sense of humour  Amy added: “My mum had purchased the cards expecting them to be a nice innocent game to be played with friends and family  “At first she was shocked but then it made her laugh when she read through the cards ” CommentsShow more comments

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