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My name is Elizabeth from Sydney Catholic Youth As this Year of Youth comes to a close,
and as the church addresses the reality of sexual abuse We’re here tonight with Xt3 to interview young people about their thoughts on how the Church can move forward towards healing and compassion // Intro music // How can we as young Catholics help the Catholic Church move forward from the uncoverings of sexual abuse in the church recently? So obviously this is a massive issue in the church at the moment I think the first step is to own up to any of the accusations that were true and prioritise in the well-being of the people who are… of the victims and you know helping in compensating with what happened to them and I think the first step is acknowledging that it happened People don’t care what you say, they care what you do If we’re going to regain trust we actually have to do good things and sometimes I sense we can be a little bit too caught up in our rules and things It’s an opportunity for us to look inwards in ourselves and have that time for examination to really see ‘What is the church?’ Who is the church in today’s life, in today’s world?’ I think for me, it’s just prayer Like we really need to pray hard I think there just needs be more measures to prevent it and more help kind of services so people can reach out to them,
so we’re more approachable so these things don’t get concealed. Look it’s gonna take a lot of faith We really do need good people and I hope to be one of those but I don’t know if that’s really happening right now Yeah we just need good people full of faith and it’ll all be ‘right. I’m confident. I guess we shouldn’t lose hope despite all the I guess difficult situations we are in right now so we should probably stand together and try our best The biggest way that we as individuals can move forward is to really live our faith by our actions and so to take in you know teachings through the words but then to really make that transformation and live out live it out as truthfully as we can in our lives

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