Mother Angelcia Live- Why Is It You Have No Faith? – 2/4/97

Man: “Mother Angelica Live!” brought to you from the Eternal Word Television Studios in Birmingham, Alabama. [music]Mother: See in you the love,the compassion of Jesus.The most glorious work of all,to praise God in His Kingdom.Anyone moved by the Spirit…Anyone who lives in love,lives in Godand God lives in Him.[music]What a wonderful thingis our Church.This whole networkis built on trust.The essence of evangelizationis to tell everybody,“Jesus loves you!”We’re all calledto be great saints.Don’t miss the opportunity!(applause) Mother Angelica: Thank you. Well, thank you. It’s good to be back with you. Tonight I was wondering what to talk about, like I always do. There were 2 different subjects I thought we might approach. One was the opposite of virtue. We’ll say, “Why don’t you say the opposite of vice?” Well, because if I know the virtue, the problem in our lives is we don’t know the vice. Most people are absolutely sure that what they were born with they can’t help. So they have no responsibility before God to change. Well, that’s really not true. If I was a bricklayer I would first be obliged–and have a right then–to learn how to lay brick. I would also have to know what do you lay brick with. If I took that big trowel in my hand and I put some mortar on the brick, it would be everywhere but on the brick. I don’t know how to do it. It doesn’t mean I can’t. Somebody has to teach me. That was the question that the Eunuch asked Philip. Here’s a eunuch, he was a pagan but he heard and read about Yahweh. So he had some Scriptures and he was on his way home to serve the Queen. He’s reading, but he doesn’t know what he’s reading. Here comes Phillip. I always liked that idea the Lord pulling up by the hair, plunk, right in front of the carriage. He says, “What are you doing?” He says, “I’m reading Isaiah.” “Do you know what you’re reading?” “No,” he said, “How am I going to know unless somebody teaches me?” So all of us, if you have a hot temper–but there’s nobody here who would have a hot temper. You all look so gentle tonight. (audience chuckles) Everybody looks very gentle tonight. So you would say, “Well, I don’t know, I have a moderate temper.” Or, “I have a temper like everybody else.” Or, “I’m NOT as hot- tempered as somebody else.” Don’t you say that? Well, that proves you don’t know yourself. Did you ever get angry with somebody and that somebody or somebody else comes and you say, “Now, what did you say that he’s so hurt?” And maybe you said to him, “I think you’re nuts!” But when you give an example to that person of how you said it, what you’ll usually say, (quietly) “Well, I think you’re nuts.” But that isn’t the way you said it. Have you ever had that experience? Which means we don’t know ourselves. It would nice sometime put a little recorder in your kitchen–not for anybody else’s sake or not, you’re– like you’re trying to checking up on anybody, but it would be interesting to see how you reply to people. You can say “Now what do you want?” or you can say, “What do YOU want?” Same words but 2 different responses and 2 different actions. You’ll say, “What are you mad about?” You say, “I’m not mad. What do you want?” “Oh, you could fool me.” So sometimes it isn’t even the words we say; it’s how we say it. Now, if you’re nervous and upset about something, let me tell you it’s not going to come out right. If someone were to see you and you’re all upset about something totally foreign to the event and he says, “Do you love me?” “Yeah, I love you! Didn’t I marry you?” Well, that’s not bad to say that. It’s how you said it. If you said it, “Yeah, I love you. That’s why I married you.” Now, isn’t that different? So, sometimes when you feel people just don’t want to be around you, examine what you say and how you say it. Kind of wait a minute before you mouth opens and you prove that there’s nothing in your head. I mean if there’s nothing there, I would be silent– at least, nobody knows it. (audience laughs) And if we have something to say–and I catch myself doing that. Like I say to somebody who says, “Mother?” “What?!!!” They say, “Oh nothing, nothing.” And I walk away and say, “Now, why are they saying ‘Nothing,’ when they just said ‘Mother?'” Well, I examine that. I say, “How did I say that?” I would have ran away if I were in their shoes. “What?! What do you want?” Well, I could blame it on my Italian temperament. I could say I was born hot tempered. I would say, “They’re out of sorts. ” But the truth is, it’s me. I want you to think about that a little bit. I’m going to show you from the Scriptures what happened to the Apostles. I want to make you feel good tonight. I don’t want you to leave this place feeling like a Nobody. I want you to feel tonight that you’re in the same position with the same human nature as these Apostles. This might show you what is wrong with you. If you have a Bible… I had a meditation for the Sisters this morning during a class. I told them one time when I was a young sister, a novice –that’s ages ago–every Friday at lesson, Reverend Mother gave lesson and every Friday, whoever came late had to give the meditation in the middle of the floor out loud. When the bell rung, I’d take my apron off and I knew I had 5 minutes to get there. But every time I got there, Friday after Friday after Friday, I was late. I’d be kneeling there because I was late and Rev. Mother would walk in and she’d look at me. She says, “Well, while you’re there give the meditation.” (sigh) Well, this happened 4 or 5 Fridays, like, I began to catch on. I thought, “Ah-hah. ” So, I looked at the clock and 10 of 9 I took my apron off and I waited, sat in my chair. The bell rang late. Everybody’s walking in and they see me and they get pale in the face, you see because they had concocted that if they rang the bell late, I would be forced to make the meditations, you see, and they hated to make the meditation in public. I’m sitting there smiling. Well, we had another custom. If at lesson you dropped something and made noise, you had to kneel down until Reverend Mother rapped on the table. So I’m there puffed up with my bright idea I had finally caught on. And by golly, my scissors went splat! I never quite figured out how it got under my basket. So I knelt down and Mother looked up and she says, “Well, while you’re there… ” (audience laugh) Well, I decided to make a whopper meditation on the virtue of charity, love and all these little things, all these good little things. So from then on, nothing ever dropped from my basket and the bell was always on time. I finally after many years began to laugh at it. However, it’s not so good when we don’t know ourselves and we don’t like what the Will of God is doing at the present moment. I’m having a mic problem and the reason I am is because it’s slipping off the gimp. And they’re going to come and fix it. So please don’t go away, if you want the rest of the story. I’ll be back in just a minute. I think I fixed it. (applause) [music] [music] (applause) Mother: Well, we’re back with our story. I hope you can hear me now. So even if we’re close to the Lord and we’re trying to be close to Him, don’t forget, we’re human still. And sometimes we have a wonderful day when we really come up to par, or we think we do. And then all of a sudden, BOOM, there you go. And this is for little things. We hope no one really knows they are in danger of very, very serious sin. And even then people walk into it. But if we are faithful in little things, little occasions, then when something big comes along we can come up to it and grow in holiness. I want to show you from this event in the 4th chapter of Mark. I’m not going to go too fast with it because you can’t read Scripture fast. You have to read it slow and stop every so often and think about what you’re reading. I’m going to read this piece of Scripture here very fast and tell you how so many people read it. Now, if you read it like a newspaper, you’re going to do this. “With the coming of the evening the same day He said to them, ‘Let us crossover to the other side’ and leaving the crowd behind they took Him just as He was.” Mmm, wonder how he was? Well, anyway. “And there were other boats with Him.” A curious mind will stop and say, “I wonder how many boats?” “Then it began to blow a gale and the waves were breaking into the boat so it was almost swamped. ” They must have been scared to death. “But He was in the stern with His head on the cushion asleep. ” I want Him to wake up, for goodness sakes. “And He woke up and rebuked the wind. And they said Him, ‘Master, do you not care?'” Well, they had every reason to be scared. “And He said, ‘Quiet now. Be calm’ and the wind dropped. ” Well, it is about time. “Then He said to them, ‘Why are you so frightened? ‘” They had every reason to be frightened. They were drowning. “How is it you have no faith? ” Now, you could read Scripture like that, come out with a critical mind– the Lord didn’t care; why was He asleep when they were drowning; what was wrong with them?– and you can go there and you miss the entire point, the entire point. That is why I’d like to show you a little way of reading Scripture by using your imagination and your memory, and slowly. Let’s go back now and we used to say in monastic life that you place yourself in the presence of God. Well, you can’t help but being in His Presence. What you want to do is remember you’re in the presence of God. Wherever you go, you go–to the heavens or down in the nether world–God is there all the time. Now, it says here, “With the coming of evening that same day He said to them, ‘Let us cross over to the other side. ‘” It’s a good place to stop for a minute. You know, Our Lord had worked hard all day talking to the people and even He felt He needed to rest. He needed to just go somewhere quiet and be with His friends and relax. For some of you, that’s a real lesson. You haven’t really relaxed for years. You’re workhorses. You can’t stop. Some of you are afraid to stop. You’re afraid to catch up with yourself. You’re afraid you have to think. You’re afraid of your conscious maybe. But maybe Jesus had to get away. “And leaving the crowds behind they took Him just as He was in the boat and there were other boats with Him.” And it’s nice to know that sometimes we have to leave the crowd. We have to leave all of those things in our mind. Sometimes it’s not a crowd around us; it’s the crowd up here. This is a lot of places. We’ve got to leave all this stuff up here. Jesus was divine and human. He is the Tireless One in His divinity. In His human nature, He was tired, needed to get away. Well, let’s see what happened. “Then it began to blow a gale…”–in those areas it happens very suddenly– “…and the waves were breaking into the boat was almost swamped. ” This is a good place to stop. You’re in a boat, nice and calm when you started off. All of a sudden (noise) Wow! Well, they started trying to get the water out of the boat. The boat starts going around this way and it’s not going anywhere. More and more water is coming in. You have to stop and picture that in your mind and picture yourself in that boat. “But Jesus was in the stern, His head on a cushion asleep. ” Wow! Here’s another place to stop and think. He was so tired in His human nature. The tireless God, divine and holy, becomes human for us– never losing His Divinity– to become tired. He wanted to feel your fatigue. And sometimes, Alabama is in tornado alley and if we have tornadoes like–I think last Friday we had about 10 or 12. Some of us it’s just, conked out in bed, that’s it. I mean, the whole monastery could be lifted up and placed a mile away and they wake up the next morning and say, “Oh. ” (audience laughs) “What happened? ” Well, Our Dear Lord was like that tonight. That this little passage is an awesome passage to read. And then, now, St. Mark is the detail man. The others are not interested in the cushion. “They woke Him up. ” I could just see Peter saying to John, “Wake Him up. ” And John says, “No, He’s tired. ” “What do you mean tired? We’re drowning! ” “Well, we’ll drown with Him. ” “I don’t buy that. Wake Him up. ” And John says, “No! ” I can see Thomas saying, “Well, what’s He going to do if we do wake Him up? ” (laughter) Thomas didn’t grow that way only on Good Friday. He was that way his whole life. I could see Peter looking at Thomas and say, “Get the water out of here and shut up. ” Well, Peter can’t take it anymore. Mark was very kind. He said, “They woke Him up.” He didn’t really want anybody to know who it was that woke Him up. “And they said, ‘Master do You not care? We’re going down! ‘” Whew! Who would dare say that? Oh, wow! “Did You not care? ” Stop there for a minute. How many times have you said to God, “You’re not answering my prayers. You must not care. ” Oh, that’s a terrible thing to say. I’m going to tell you now what Jesus answered him. They said 2 things. “Master, do you not care? ” And the other thing “We’re going down. ” Well, let me tell you something about those 2 questions. The first question said it was very unloving. You ask somebody that you love who loves you, “Don’t you care?” That is a very heart- hurting doubt. The next thing, they informed Him they did not believe He was Son of God because he says here, “We’re going down,” as if He didn’t know. His humanity was asleep; His divinity never slept or sleeps. Haven’t you done that? “Lord, I’m going down. “Why don’t You help with me? Why don’t you love me?” How many people, good people that are keeping the Commandments and praying well, they get a long siege of dryness, a long siege when prayer is difficult. You don’t feel like praying. You don’t want to read anything spiritual. That’s when we say, “Why is this?” We don’t understand the ways of God, that He has to do that to us. He has to give us those opportunities to prove we love Him in difficulties, in tragedies, in heartaches. Well, “He woke up, He rebuked the wind”–which answered their first question, “Do You not care? ” and “We’re going down. ” and He said to the sea, “Be quiet. Be calm. ” There’s a raging wind, an enormous amount of rain and waves. He wakes up. And if I were God–and thank God I’m not–in that position I would have woke up with one eye at a time. I’d look around and then I would slowly open the other one, just to make them miserable. (audience laughs) But God didn’t do that. I’m running out of water in case somebody wants to know. (audience chuckles) I can see my Sisters up there, “Get her water! Get her water!” Now we have to look at what did Jesus say to them? I mean how did He answer their question “Do You not care?” Well, He said to them, “Why are you so frightened?” Oh, you better stop there a long time if you’re going to read this passage. Why? Because we are all frightened about something, the future. In today’s world we’re frightened with something we never thought in a million years we’d be frightened about–birth and death. Somebody else may decide for us whether we live or die. We’re too old. We’re in the way. We have no quality of life. We’re going to air on this network a program, a half hour on Partial Birth Abortion. Look at it and tell me how we can justify murder a few seconds before birth of a normal human being. Tell me that. How can we do that? In this country we have one bend of mind–kill the young and the unborn, abuse children, murder by assisted suicide the elderly or the sick and kill off everybody else. So tell me how you can think that way. And the rest of the people are frightened. Others decide to play God. The question is here in this place, in this passage. “He said to the wind, ‘Quiet and be calm.'” That was easy for Him. And then He said, “Why are you frightened? ” Did they really believe He was God? Did they think for a moment that the Lord Messiah waiting for hundreds and thousands of years was going to drown with them or let them drown? Did they not know the Scriptures that said, He would become “a worm and no man,” denied by one of His own and mocked by His own priests and those in the temple? Well, apparently they didn’t. Most of us feel here a kind of injustice. You have a right to be scared if water is coming in the boat. You can’t get anywhere. You can’t get it out of the boat. On a human level, we all felt sure they had a right to be frightened. And He said, “No, you have no right to be frightened.” And our confidence is in the Lord. No matter what happens to us, we cannot be frightened by anything or anybody. If we believe Jesus is Lord and God and Son of God, we have no right to be afraid. Well and He said something else. They gave Him 2 questions; He gave them 2 answers in question form. “How is it that you have no faith?” He didn’t reprimand them for having little faith. “How is it that you have such little faith?” We would have probably thought that was proper and just. He wanted to know why they had no faith. I wonder if He wouldn’t say that to some of us? “How is it you have no faith?” God has been with all of us. You say, “Well, I don’t know. “I’ve got problems. “I’m a born loser. Everything I touch turns to ashes. ” If you’ve done your best and it falls apart, God is with you. If you try to live better, you try to be holy, you try to be saintly, you seem to miss the boat, He will forgive you. You can make it. You can come back. Some of you teenagers have done some pretty bad things. No one will tell you, but you need to know they are pretty bad things–they’re everlasting things. They may turn against you. You must stop now. Why are you so frightened? How is it, how is it in this day and age that so many Catholics and priests, religious have lost faith in the Eucharist? Many bishops write about the Eucharist, the Real Presence of Jesus. I got a letter from–well, a note or phone call really, it wasn’t a note but it’s written in note form. It said, “A visiting priest at this particular church told the congregation of 60 people that you, Mother Angelica, denied the Real Presence on your live show.” He either has wax in his ears or an overworked imagination. I have dedicated my life to the Eucharist. My life, my work, my death, whatever it is I give to the Real Presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. I feel sorry for all of you lay or religious or bishops and others who go through the motions but don’t believe because He is our Food in this life. Our God did an awful lot coming down in human form when He was so powerful. He knew all that was coming. He knew one day there will be automobiles and planes but He walked like we all walked. He knew all the things today and all the things to come. But He lived in His time and suffered from the heat, from everything that you and I have wrong with us except sin. And then He humbles Himself in another way that if we had even thought of it, it would be blasphemous–that God would come in Real Presence, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity and be our food. Who would think that? And He said, “Unless you receive that, you do not have life in you.” I saw a Mass on our own television network the other day. Big wing-ding celebration, all the Precious Blood was in wineglasses. People were coming up like they were taking a Coca-Cola –clunk. It’s amazing to me. We give God their very least. We build His temples now that look like garages. And we have the best. People allow it because and they have big houses and some of the best of foods. Our Lord has a little glass, a common table glass. His house is very small, very empty, very cold and I have a hard time with that. You know I do. I keep telling fight for the Lord with your faith. I was reading this to the Sisters this morning. I was going over this meditation and I thought to myself, “I wonder, Lord, You can rightfully say today to each one of us; ‘How is it you have no faith in My Presence, in My power, in My love for you, in My desire for you to come to My Kingdom, in My desire for you to raise and be raised up by My Spirit, by grace to a high degree of holiness? How is it you don’t care?'” I think He will fill in my place today, tonight He would say that to you–and to me, to me. Read this sometime. It’s Mark 4:35-41. After this the apostles ask another question. Can you believe it? What was their last question? Was it saying, “Lord, I’m sorry I have no faith?” Or “Lord, give me faith.” They said, “Who can this be; even the wind and the sea obey Him?” They had their problems like you and I. So before you read a lot of Scripture all at one time, ask yourself some questions. I know a lot of people think I have a lot of faith. Let me give you an old definition of faith. I’ve been saying this for years. Faith to me is one foot on the ground and one foot in the air and that queasy feeling in your stomach. Why? God asks us to do many things. He doesn’t ask if we like it. He doesn’t mind if we’re afraid. And He doesn’t mind if it’s hard. All of this had to be hard for Him. And even after this event, when the Apostles still after the miracle of calming the sea and the wind they ask “Who is this man?” instead of saying, “This truly is the Son of God.” He didn’t leave them alone. He didn’t say, “Look, you guys act crazy and you don’t have any brains. ” No. He looked at them lovingly and then kept at them, day after day, day after day. Even when Peter denied Him, He did not take his call away. “I say to you that thou art Peter and upon this rock I will build My Church.” What a God we have. We should never be frightened, never be frightened. He loves us. And we have a call. Hello. Child Caller #1: Hello. Mother: Where are you from? Caller: Fort Wayne. Mother: What is your question? Caller: What is a virtue? Mother: What is what? Caller: A virtue? Mother: A virtue. Oh, I’m glad you asked that. A virtue is an occasion when I have to make a choice between doing something to please God or something to please the Lord or something to please the world or me. The Apostles did not at this point show any virtue. Virtue would have been to be in deep faith at this time. Based on Him performed miracle after miracle. They saw Him deliver men from demons and raise, oh dear, gave strength to people who couldn’t walk, couldn’t hear, couldn’t see and gave them eyes and new ears. But they said, “Who is this man?” Now, faith is a virtue, what we call a theological virtue, because it comes directly from God. Faith, Hope and Love, and you get all of these at Baptism. Don’t make your children wait till they’re 10 years old to be baptized. I think there ought to be a priest the day after the baby’s born and dunk him. (audience chuckles) Before you wipe him, dunk him (audience laughs) because that’s, what’s the awesome thing about Baptism. Now, that’s illogical. What do you mean? It comes directly from God and that has to be given to us at Baptism. Now, at a time when faith could have been–these men were baptized by John, not by Jesus yet, o they have an excuse–but they were men of Scripture. They didn’t have much excuse. Now, I can… when I exercise faith that God has given me then it is a virtue. I have to believe even when it’s hard to believe. Anybody living in the world today, you have questions and doubts, even from the altar and from catechism class. Your children in school, they come home and say, “Oh that’s just a symbol.” Now, your faith has to act strong. You say, “No, it isn’t. It’s the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus. ” “Father and Sister said I can love somebody and have an affair because I love them. ” “No, it’s not true. ” That’s virtue, to say the truth. And they must’ve thought of this after the Resurrection and they had the Holy Spirit. They realized they didn’t really believe that this was Son of God because they said, “Who is this that commands the wind and the waves? ” And virtue takes another turn. If I have faith, hope and love from Jesus at Baptism those virtues, those theological virtues that come from God have to spread up to my neighbor, to me, at every moment of my life– when we have a tragedy, when our prayers aren’t answered, when we get cancer and all these things we get, when your children leave the faith. We have to have that faith that says “Lord, I love them and You love them. “I will pray for them. I will love them.” There is a belief God will take care. Another virtue of faith is that no matter who tries to ruin your faith or disturb your faith–that happens all the time. Today it does. Like the poor woman I told you about a couple of weeks ago. She wanted to go to Confession so bad. She’s dying. When the priest came, he was walking up and down. He didn’t want to hear her Confession. Finally, everything she said, “That’s nothing, that’s nothing, that’s nothing. ” But she said it all. She wrote me a letter and she said, “He said, I wasted my time. ” But she said, “I know I told him the truth. I told him my sins. ” She said, “Was I absolved? ” And I said “Yes, yes. ” She died a few days ago. She had faith. That was a time to say, “The Lord said if I confess my sins to a priest and he absolves me, even if that man was unloving, uncaring and rude, she’s forgiven.” She knows that. That’s a virtue. Which means, if I feel angry, I don’t act angry, I think, “I want to be like Jesus. I want to be gentle. ” And I am gentle then. And you say, “Well, that’s hypocrisy. ” No! Why? My motivation is not human respect. My motivation is I want to be like Jesus. St. Francis de Sales had a hot temper. He controlled it so well that he was known as the gentlest of saints. But one day when he was a bishop, some young priest came in and laid him flat for something he didn’t like he did. And St. Francis did nothing. The man stomped out. So the secretary of the Bishop Francis de Sales said, “Why didn’t you lay him out? ” He said, “Well, I thought about it and then I thought ‘Why should I lose in one moment what I have worked 20 years to get? ‘” That was virtue. If somebody ask you for a date and asks you to have an affair and you say no, that’s virtue. Somebody wants you to go out on some kind of drunken, dope-drugged party and you say no, that’s virtue. When your dad or mother ask you not to do something, or to do something that’s better than you want to do and you say okay, that’s virtue. When you’re jealous of somebody’s talent and you say to them or you feel like saying, “Well, I am as good as you are. Why don’t I have that talent?” You don’t. Instead you say, “Thank You, Lord, that You have given that person that talent.” All of that is virtue. We have another call. Hello. Female Caller #1: Hello, Mother. Mother: Where are you from? Caller: I’m from New Jersey. Mother: What is your question? Caller: All right, about Purgatory. Mother: Purgatory? Caller: Yes. Mother: Oh, I thought it was something… Caller: I know. (audience chuckles) I love you and I watch your show all the time. I’ve written to you and you’ve written back, a couple of times. I have AIDS and my husband just passed away and I have a son. What I want to know was, you had said about Purgatory is like a cleansing because nobody can get into Heaven unless their soul is clean, cleansed. I know, I read a lot of novenas and stuff and I have a medal that somebody gave me, a priest that gave it to me in the hospital one day. And it says the Apostleship of Prayer. Oh, gosh, I can’t read it. It’s from the Sacred Heart and on the back it says, “See the Heart of Jesus is with me, Thy kingdom come.” And underneath it, it says “100 days each time.” Now can you explain what plenary indulgences are? Mother: Indulgence is really have, kind of a bad rap. Is that a good way to say it I think they’ve been so misunderstood by so many people. The Church has a tremendous amount of graces given to it by the Spirit of indulgences meaning the ability to give. An indulgence means if I pay your debt–let’s look at it that way. If a person’s in Purgatory and we say for them–a “Hail Mary,” a rosary are some highly indulgence prayers– what does that mean? The Church has the power by God to remit some of that pain. If a doctor has great power what can he do? He can heal you, but first before you’re totally healed he’ll give you medicine, he’ll maybe operate on you. He takes away from you in a matter of maybe hours through an operation or days or months with medication, this evil thing and this bad thing in your body. Well, it’s a bad example, but it’s all I could think of. The Church has the same power. It has the power that if there’s someone in Purgatory they want God so much, they know what they’ve done, they admit what they’ve done and they’re happy to get all of that rusts of them because they have seen Jesus. The only thing they want is to be with Him now, unlike how they acted on earth. Now, the Church has the power to take away from those days, those years or months or maybe hours of cleansing by allowing the cleansing to act more quickly. The time then is shortened. If you had a tumor and the tumor caused you a lot of pain and the doctor operated on you, you lessen the pain from the time you recuperate and sometimes you never have it again. That’s a bad example but it shows what an indulgence does for the soul. If you have AIDS–and I thought that’s what she said or what she said–you know your time is limited. What a beautiful time now to become holy. How you got that AIDS, I don’t want to know. You may have got it by some accident, whatever, by a transfusion. But if you accept it with joy, say, “Lord, forgive me all my sins. “I forgive the person who gave me this by this transfusion. I want to be with You.” Go over your sins and say, “Lord, I’m sorry.” Go to Confession. Read good books. Read spiritual books. Change your mind, your heart, your soul. You can become a great saint. Those of you that have cancer or those of you who have terminal disease, don’t waste it, don’t waste it. The world wants to get rid of you. You’re no longer valuable. That’s the lie. Your faith has to say, “Yes, I am valuable. “I’m crippled, I’m sick. I have cancer. I have a terminal disease but I am valuable to God, more valuable now than I would have ever been in my whole life.” That’s faith. Be a great saint now. Don’t let the world who got you into this situation destroy your spirit or destroy your heart. No. You have an opportunity to be holy, even to do away with Purgatory by having a heart that is not so much concerned with Purgatory or its cleansing fires but only because you have disappointed or offended Our Lord. We call that a pure act of love. Powerful, because the Church has within Her treasures the power to put you smack into Heaven, without Purgatory. We have an awesome God, a generous God, a holy God, a loving God, a redeeming God. Well, He’s on your side. You choose to be on His side and take advantage. Let us all repent of all our sins. And if you find it hard, go before the Blessed Sacrament. He is our life in this world of tears. I understand the government wants to send millions of dollars to poor countries for more abortions. Let us all tonight pray for this wonderful country that God gave us that we’re destroying by the day. And pray for poor souls in Purgatory, for priests, religious, for those who have lost the treasure of treasures our faith. Be willing to be mocked, to be persecuted, to be laughed at or called names because you’re faithful. Your reward in Heaven will be great. I love you! And say often, “Thank You, Lord, for caring. ” (applause) [music]

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