MORO ARRIVES ON EARTH! Piccolo And Gohan Vs 73 Rematch! Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 56 LEAKS!

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number 56 looming over the horizon we have brand new leaks images spoilers and
updates in regards to the latest chapter involving Goku moral Marius Vegeta Gohan
and many others as right now we are well aware that two months in the manga
chapter had now passed and with more looking to arrive on earth and further
having to challenge Goku and Vegeta the million-dollar question is are our
heroes well-prepared enough in going up against Morel and his goons once they
end up arriving on earth as we are going to be covering the entirety of Dragon
Ball super manga chapter number 56 on the channel in English within the next
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happen once Morel ends up encountering Goku and Vegeta again because now that
Goku straining is complete and essentially Vegeta is also going to be
completing his training on planet yard rad everyone’s going to now be
conversing and making their way towards Earth for essentially what’s going to be
looked at as the final battle that’s going to take place on earth which is
surely going to be barbaric but also by the end of this video I will be
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this video now the following leaks and spoilers for the upcoming manga chapter
go as follows as of course you guys can see on your screen we get to see how
Goku is actually using the Galactic patrol spaceship to kind of hover around
in space and try to get back home and it would appear that Goku actually ends up
landing on this planet that has like octopus people or whatnot so Goku sh
trying to get home he’s trying to do everything he can to get home because it
would appear that he is very far away and
seem to use Instant Transmission given the fact that again he’s just very far
from earth so the fact that we actually get to see Goku try to use this ship to
go back home is very interesting in comparison to it what we’re normally
used to seeing Goku do as of course in the next image we finally get to see how
everyone’s on the battlefield piccolo Gohan we get to see how members
of the actual Galactic Patrol are there Master Roshi
we have Crillon to Yen Yamcha so this is definitely like resurrection of F when
we had everybody gathered together it’s a battle against freezes army and those
are basically the vibes that I’m getting from this in the idea that everyone has
to band together in order to battle against morals people because with
morale now arriving on earth it would appear that not only is more osa gombo
7-3 everybody gonna be there but we’re also going to have a very large fleet of
moles criminal friends actually get to earth and given the fact that we get to
see how everybody’s standing there collectively it goes as far as to show
that this is more or less just like resurrection of f except on a much
higher level to where from there as seen in the next image having to be shown we
get to see how Gohan and piccolo are actually side by side in unleashing a
massive attack and I can only assume here that Gohan and piccolo are probably
battling against some of the underlings and some of these subordinates of morals
people because I really doubt that Gohan and piccolo are battling against Shema
Rekha or perhaps Yuma or so gombo or even Morel himself so I really don’t
think that it’s anybody of relevance I don’t think that it’s anyone of
importance so far I think that with Gohan and piccolo working together it’s
a very cool thing and given the fact that I believe that the Z fighters are
going to absolutely destroyed it in the beginning we can only imagine what would
happen 1 7 3 gets there once more gets there but nonetheless if you’re a fan of
Gohan if you’re a fan of piccolo then you guys are going to find it very
entertaining to see how they’re both working together side by side in really
whooping some ass in this manga is only then we get to see in the
next image having to be shown how there are a bunch of morals goons actually
rushing towards our hero’s direction and the first person that actually steps in
and does some really cool work is Yamcha out of all people Yamcha actually has a
lot of relevance in the manga and given his ghee status as well we get to see
how Yamcha also has the Galactic patrol symbol on his G as well so for Yamcha to
step forward and actually contribute something is something that’s quite
shocking in the fact that yong has always been a meme but in this upcoming
manga chapter Yamcha is gonna be whoopin some ass
Yamcha is going to be side by side with piccolo and Gohan in really putting in
some work as towards the end we also get to see how both Android 17 and 18
actually arrive in the fact that they actually get recruited in this battle to
further aid our heroes against the fight with Morel and his goons so if you’re
wondering about the androids they’re here 17s here and we really haven’t seen
these two in action since the actual tournament of power itself so given the
fact that 17 was recruited now and now we’re going to have the aid of the MVP
of the TLP here to battle against morale it’s going to be most interesting to see
what 17 can do given the fact that of course 17 can supply endless energy so
the question is is morale going to use him as a means of getting stronger by
further fueling himself or is 17 simply going to create somewhat of a strategy
to further protect him from Moore’s abilities but on top of that it would
also appear that Gohan and piccolo collectively gang up on 73 and because
of them having to combine their attacks because Gohan and piccolo are so well in
tune with each other it would appear that 7/3 really takes a beating from
Gohan and piccolo in this scenario given the fact that they’re using the mock on
cos on pole they’re using endless amounts of energy blasts who really hurt
seven three and seven three really gets messed up in this entire manga chapter
because you can see that he takes these attacks head-on and these attacks are
definitely no as at a certain point in time we also
get to see how 7-3 prior to him getting annihilated he really puts up a fight
against Gohan and piccolo collectively but it would also appear that Gohan and
piccolo have been training they’ve really been synchronizing their attacks
to get ready for 7/3 so yes we are going to be getting a 7 3 vs. go on and
piccolo rematch but the only difference here is that with Gohan and piccolo
having to work so well with each other they just absolutely demolish him in the
idea that once we initially get to see 7 3 arriving I really love the fact that
Crillon gets to fight Yuma along with you know Master Roshi and
tien so there are fights happening all over the place but initially one of the
primary battles in this manga chapter is 7 3 getting his rematch against piccolo
and Gohan which bear in mind Gohan and piccolo just like Yamcha also
have the Galactic patrol symbols on their gear which is a really cool thing
and this is just like rof just like the battle and resurrection of F with
freezes army except it’s amplified so much so to where everything appears to
be bigger more grander there’s a bigger spectacle going on so everything is just
going to be chaotic and the fact that if you guys are wondering what happens with
73 and go on in piccolo it would appear that judging base so far on these
chapters that piccolo and Gohan actually end up beating 73 until the very end
when morale actually gets there but on top of that we also have brand-new
information in regards to Dragon Ball legends as we are going to have
additional units be included in the game units of course stemming from Dragon
Ball GT such as baby Vegeta and sin Shenron which are looking to make their
way into Dragon Ball legends so if you’re a fan of Dragon Ball GT if you’re
a fan of baby Vegeta or more or less specifically the strongest shadow dragon
that being sin then you guys will find those units coming to Dragon Ball
legends just as we’ve seen be done with the new units including Gogeta Ginetta
and of course super saiyan 3 Shalit but the only question that a lot of people
are asking at this point is are we going to get Super Saiyan for Gogeta as well
considering the fact that we already have Super Saiyan 4 Goku and Vegeta in
the game so one can only assume that perhaps maybe
megha and super Sam for Gogeta are going to be the next ones in line following
sin and baby Vegeta however on top of that we also have the
new confirmation of ultra instant Goku making its way to Dragonball Fighters
season 3 so in case you guys were wondering if we’re going to be getting a
UI version of Goku ax we in fact are we just don’t know which variation if it’s
going to be mastered ultra instinct or even ultra instinct omen but nonetheless
we are going to have another Goku added to the game with assumingly a brand new
move said a brand new dramatic finish we are so asked to win I think the rumor
date right now is for February so keep your eyes and ears peeled out for that
one so ultra instant Goku can be omen it could be Mui I think if anything it’s
going to be probably mastered ultra instant Goku and that’s the news that we
have right now for Dragonball fighters but either way we’re gonna be getting
mastered ultra instant Goku and he’s bound to arrive with another character
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