Moon says Korean people’s desire for peace has grown since Germany’s unification

president moon jaein that sat down today
with Bono the lead singer of the band u2 in it in town for a concert president
moon told boehner that the korean people want peace more than ever before
and bono praised moon’s efforts to that end comparing the situation on the
peninsula to that of his home country of Ireland Shin Semin has the details president moon jae-in
sitting across the lead vocalist of the legendary rock band u2 appraised its
long-running activism for global peace including that of the korean peninsula
speaking during a meeting Monday with Bono at the top office the president
said the Korean people’s desire for peace on the peninsula have grown
stronger such remarks on unification comes amid at least all the
denuclearization talks and rising tensions between North Korea and the
u.s. ahead of a December 31st deadline set by Pyongyang for progress and
negotiations the president of regarding the Irish rock band’s first ever concert
held the day before with the first lady in attendance expressed his appreciation
for you to specify the performance among the playlists of the band during the
concert the song one was inspired by the fall of the Berlin Wall that brought
about the unification of a once divided Germany I want to thank you also for your leadership in the peace process and
your dogged determination to go the distance in making them a reality not
just a day and dream I’m here to encourage that coming from a
small island where we had similar difficulties he also expressed his
respect for president wound referring to his initiative to establish peace on the
Korean Peninsula and promote an inclusive and transparent development
path known as a philanthropist lead vocalist Bono has been using his fame
and wealth to fight hunger and promote human rights anti-war and environmental
issues around the world he had also been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize
multiple times for efforts to fight debt and the developing world Shin Semin
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