Monroe County Habitat for Humanity by Quiet Light Films

It really doesn’t occur to you that it’s
something you’re doing. It’s more, you’re giving back. You’re
helping people who need it. It’s like when people call someone a hero
– the heroes are the people we are doing this for. Because they need the help. That’s what we do. Hi may name is Vincent. I’m a volunteer
here at Habitat for Humanity, Monroe County. So I’ve been at Habitat for probably the
past four years. Probably this is about the fourth house and this is the first soup kitchen that I’m doing. So our church over the last few years has
become really aware of the fact that there are a lot of people in the Poconos that are
really in need and don’t really have access to the resources that they need. My name is Luke Richards. My wife Kerry and I are co-pastors at Pocono Lake Wesleyan Church. A lot of work and a lot of volunteer hours.
You have over-close to 8,000 volunteer hours that went into this building so far and we
still have about another year’s worth of work to do on the upstairs. I retired, started working, doing, for Habitat, volunteering for Habitat. This is my second project with them. A home means many things to many people. It’s a place where you feel nourishment. It gives a person a place to grow roots and to feelsafe. I’m going home. Delta Chi’s been working with Habitat for
Humanity for a couple of semesters now and we keep coming back. It’s good for our community
service for our accreditation but a lot of times we always get over the hours required
so we help out of the community and everyone in need. My name is James Pepper and I am the Home Preservation Manager for Habitat for Humanity. The home preservation initiative for me is
to try to help as many peoples as I can. Try to get volunteers to come out and understand
what home preservation is and to do things right. I wanted to volunteer for Habitat for a while. So finally I filled the paperwork out and
I brought it down to 912 Main Street. Actually this job means a lot to me because
I get to help a lot of people. I get to work with a lot of people – a lot of really good
people that are passionate about volunteering for people. And it’s so hard to find today
because people are all about the dollar bill. It means a lot to me that I can come here
and help people that, ahh, doesn’t require me to write them a bill at the end. And I
can give them what they need. I can give them the skill level that they need. I can give them… I can give them hope. I was just looking to volunteer. I was looking to give back to the community. I was looking to put my skills to work to help someone. Cameraman: “Why?” It’s like I told Jim, There’s not enough good in the world so the more that you can put into it the better the future’s gonna be. Hey, you wanted honesty. You got it.

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