Moms and Teens React To The Sexiest People Alive

– I’m here for the looks! – 10, 10 out of 10, baby! – You like high tight butt?
You better calm down. – You can say it,
but I can’t even agree with you? ♪ (punk rock intro) ♪ – (FBE) What makes someone sexy
or attractive in your eyes? – Who are you asking?
– (FBE) Both of you. – Uh, I…
– This is gonna be good. I gotta hear it.
– The quality of their heart. – Perfect answer. – Personality. – Yeah, I was gonna say
humor, personality. – Uh huh.
– And then everything else comes second, third, fourth. – First thing I took at is eyes.
I love eyes. If you have nice eyes, big eyes,
you catch my attention. – When they smile,
I have to also smile. – Confidence,
and then sense of humor. – Yeah.
– They gotta make me laugh. – Sense of humor, that’s a big one.
– Is huge, it’s non negotiable. – High tight butt.
– Yeah. – Oh, you like that too?
You like high tight butt? You better calm down! – You can say it,
but I can’t even agree with you? – (FBE) Well today,
we are going to be taking you through a fun journey
of some of the sexiest people alive according to People Magazine,
and see what you think. – Oh my God, we did this!
– Yeah, we did this. – Oh!
– Who is he? Last time, I was like what? (laughs) – She didn’t know half those people.
– Yeah. – (FBE) We’ll start with five
of the sexiest men alive from 2019. – Okay.
– (FBE) And then we’ll show you five from the 100 Most
Beautiful People list of 2019. – Okay. – I don’t know if my mom and I
have the same taste in men. She knows my taste in men though. – Sexiest people alive.
– Sexiest people alive, I should be on the cover.
– Hmm. – (FBE) Here are the top five
from this year’s list, starting with the cover,
and working backwards to number five. – Oh.
– John Legend. – John Legend, yeah, John Legend.
– John Legend, [inaudible]. – I would say he’s a pretty sexy guy. But again, he seems very nice,
so that makes it even better. – I think he’s cute.
And cute and sexy to me, are two different things. – He looks like Arthur,
am I wrong? – Who’s Arthur?
Which Arthur? – Plug in Arthur. – ♪ Hey, what wonderful kind of day ♪
– Hey! – I don’t know who
chose him as Sexiest Man Alive! Like how many people
did that have to go through, like, who worked at People Magazine? – (FBE) On a scale from one to 10,
how would you rank him? – Seven for me.
– I’d give him an eight. – Eight.
– I’m with you. – Eight?
– Yeah. – Bump it down to seven.
I need some room. – Seven.
– Three! For the four people
that wanted him on the cover, you win.
– I’m gonna say an eight. I don’t think I’m gonna give him a 10.
– I’m gonna say a seven. – I would probably give him a six.
– How tall is he? Do you know how tall he is?
– (FBE) He’s 5’9″. – 5’9″.
– Ah, go down to seven. – Yeah. (laughs) – Seven.
– Yeah, I’m gonna say seven. Like he’s not unattractive.
– Yeah. – But he’s just not,
in my opinion, the Sexiest Man Alive. – Oh yeah, oh my gosh.
– Oh, the homie from Us. – This Is Us, not Us.
– Oh, you’re right, you’re right. – This Is Us.
My perception is that he is a nice, kind, caring man,
and that attracts my heart. – He’s got that voice, you know?
– Confidence. – Read me a book! – I met him at a marathon thing.
– Nice guy. – Yeah, really nice guy! – I don’t usually like facial hair,
but like his aftershave is like nice, and he has big lips,
and white teeth, and honestly, any man in a suit,
like, it’s good. – (FBE) Based on this picture,
how would you rank him? – Six? (laughs)
– Seven. – I’ll give him eight,
just on the sense of humor. – Seven and a half. – I’d give him a seven.
– I’d give him an eight. – From the lack of knowledge
that we have, we’ll give him
a comfortable high seven. – Nine!
I’m rebelling against your ranking, ’cause you’re just
not generous enough. – I’m gonna say a six. – I’m also gonna say a six.
– So I give him a nine. – I’ll give him a seven.
– Seven? Coulda been your dad.
(both laugh) – Oh, Jason Moma.
10 out of 10, all across the board. – Yep.
– It’s Jason frickin’ Momoa. – No, but I think what’s really
appealing about him is how, what a family man he is. – Is that the guy from…
– Oh, Samoa, Momoa. – From Aquaman?
– Momoa, Momoa? – Jason Momoa?
– Who? – Aquaman!
– Oh, Aquaman. – He is extremely sexy.
– Are you serious? – I love his smile,
yeah, he’s sexy. – Nine, ’cause he shows
even more personality. – All about the personality.
– For me… – I’m here for the looks!
I’m gonna say 9.5. There are still sexier.
– Nine. – I would say a nine. – I’m gonna go back up to a seven. – Just because he’s Jason Momoa,
I’d give him a nine. – What?
I’m gonna give him a seven. – If you think he’s a six,
I’ll rate him a five. – Alright.
– I’ll give him an eight. – I’ll give him a 10. – We like men that wanna be men,
be strong, be nice, and portray that role.
– Oh, Keanu Reeves. – Oh no! (laughs) – Oh, ho ho ho.
– No. – I could, yeah, I could see
Sexiest Man Alive for Keanu Reeves. – Sorry. – She doesn’t realize
it’s Keanu Reeves. – But I hear he’s really,
I hear he’s a really nice guy, so if it’s based on nice, he wins. – The stories about his generosity
and his kindess, I’m telling you,
that’s what I think of. – He’s actually really cute.
– I don’t keep up with him. – I’ve always thought he was cute,
ever since his movie, Speed. – He just has like
a little vulnerability and sincere, like doofus aspect
about him that shows through, that sincerity.
– He’s got BDE. – What’s BDE?
(Anna laughs) Okay.
– Big [bleep] Energy. – Oh. (laughs)
– (FBE) What do you rank him as? – Sexiest, I’m gonna have to
go with a six, ’cause I don’t find him sexy. – Since I haven’t seen him that much,
and he used this picture, I think I’m gonna give him a five. – I say eight.
– I’m gonna say eight too. – I’m gonna say an eight.
– I think I’m gonna say a five. – Six! (laughs)
– I’m gonna give him a nine. – A nine?
– Yeah! I wanna give him a nine,
because that is Keanu Reeves. – 10 out of 10!
It’s Keanu! – If I don’t know anything about this
and this is Sexiest Man Alive, he’s on a two scale.
– He’s a 10, that’s a 10. That’s Keanu Reeves. – Oh my gosh!
– Oh shoot. – Okay, obvi, like… This is actually, I think,
one of my other celebrity crushes. I think when a guy is humble,
that is probably one of the sexiest things.
And he’s just hot. Like he’s just so hot. – Actually, I’m embarrassed
to say that, but I think he is too. – He’s a teen heartthrob,
so everyone always… – I know, it’s like looking at my son. I don’t look at
Sexiest Man Alive when looking at my kid.
– Nice. – No, I can’t do it. I mean, for a bunch of teenage girls,
that would be great. – Your grandma is his number one fan. – Yeah.
– My mom loves him. – Loves Shawn Mendes. – She would literally
go to his concert. – We’ll give him a nine,
how about that? – Another nine. – A 10!
– I’m gonna say, nine and a half. – I’m gonna give him an eight.
– I’d give him an eight. – I was just surprised.
I was like “he’s so young.” – I think I’m gonna
have to give him a nine. – Really?
– Again the way he carries himself. I think he’s pretty tall. – (FBE) Mm-hmm.
– I think, yeah. – He’s tall, okay,
I’ll give him a five ’cause he’s tall. – That’s a five for me.
– I’ll give him a five. – I’m gonna give Shawn Mendes
also a 9.5. – Normally, like I’m a totally
personality person, but I’m giving him nine
just on physical feature, ’cause he’s just adorable. (laughs) – Shawn Mendes could get it. – (FBE) So these next few are from the 100
Most Beautiful People list of 2019. – Okay!
– Okay. – (FBE) Which was released
earlier this year, and actually mostly featured women.
– Okay, works for me. – It’s harder to judge women. – (gasps) I love her!
– Aw, and my mom loves her too. – Yeah, my grandma loves her
so much! – She doesn’t have cleavage showing,
like she’s wearing a long, big skirt.
– Yeah. – And I think that’s so cool, because she’s not like
in a bathing suit. – True, oh yeah.
– She’s like more beautiful, rather than like sexy. – She’s not someone I would think
automatically comes to mind. – Yeah, me neither,
I wouldn’t say like number one, but also…
– More like likable, someone who’s… – Yeah, I just saw a video
of her on Twitter, baking bread, and it was like probably
the cutest thing I’d ever seen. – Yeah, I saw this video
of Julie Andrews calling Jennifer Garner,
and Jennifer Garner just looked like a normal fan, just like talking…
– Oh, she was fangirling hard, yeah. – It was adorable.
– It was really cute. – (FBE) How would you rank her? – Seven.
– She seems to be a wonderful mom to her children.
To me, that makes a person sexy, so I’d definitely give her a 10. – I’d give her about an eight.
– Yeah, I’ll give her an eight. – You know, I think I’m
gonna give her a 10. – I’m gonna say a nine.
– 10. – A 10, sure I’ll roll with it. – I give a 10.
– 10, yeah definitely a 10! – Yep.
– She’s also a nine and a half, snack. – Eight.
– Really? Oh, she said Miss Garner
don’t got it. – Priyanka Chopra.
– Yeah, yes, married to Nick Jonas. – I know people don’t like her, strictly ’cause she got
to Nick Jonas before they did. – Oh, jealousy. – Oh my God, she might be a 10.
– She’s beautiful. – Priyanka, she’s pretty.
– Yeah, she’s really pretty. – I really like her show, too. – She’s a pretty girl,
but I never seen her in much. I never really connected with her,
she’s on a three scale. – This is more like a four, for me. – I’ll give her an eight,
just off of facial structure. – I think I would give her
an eight also. – She’s out of this world stunning.
Honestly, 11. (laughs) – Wow.
– Can we rank above 10? I think she’s 10, yeah.
– I say nine. – Oh, we know nothing about her,
so let’s just give… – We don’t know anything about her.
– We give her a comfortable six. – A nine.
– Why? – I’m gonna give her a 10 as well.
– I think a 10. She’s just so pretty. – I’d give her a nine.
– I’ll give her a 10 too, because she’s, she looks like the,
she has the all around package. – Alright.
– Is that the girl from Glee? – No. – No, I have gotta stick
with older people. Okay, so who is she?
– Uh, I think it’s Camila, alright. – That’s so funny that
Shawn Mendes was like a sexy like, on People Magazine,
and then she was like… – The most beautiful.
– The most beautiful woman. – I would look at her and say
oh, she’s really cute. – Yeah.
– She’s like Selena Gomez cute to me. – Eight and a half?
– She’s 100% cuter than John Legend. – What did you give John Legend?
– I gave him a seven. So like, she’s a seven and a half. – I think I’m gonna also
give her an eight. – I’d give her a nine,
because I like her eyes. – I’d rank her a seven.
– She’s a six for me. I mean, she’s nothing
too crazy. – I think I’m gonna give her an eight.
– Yeah, an eight too. – Six.
– Um, I’d give her a seven. – 10, 10 out of 10, baby!
I’m sorry. – Nine.
– What, how dare you? I thought we were together on this.
– (laughs) Okay, 10. – Brie Larson, right?
Okay, Brie Larson. – You’re good at that.
– She’s pretty! I like her in movies. – I like her in that movie
with the little boy. – Room, Room, yeah.
– Yes, me too. – I’m gonna say nine.
– I’ll give her a nine. – Yeah, she’s really pretty too.
– Yeah. – I’m gonna give her an eight.
– I’m gonna give her a six. – Yeah, I’m gonna say nine.
– Seven. – I rate her like a four.
Not my type at all. – Two.
I don’t even know who she is, but something about her bugs me. – I’ll give her a five.
– No, eight! Physical beauty, she’s very pretty.
Yeah. – You’re too nice. – I think I’m gonna do
a seven on this one. – I think I’m gonna do an eight. I think she’s an amazing actress,
and I think that’s what contributes to like the beautiful factor of her is that she’s just
so genuine on camera. – Kacey Musgraves?
Okay, Queen Kacey. – I must be old, ’cause I don’t
recognize half these people. – Physical attractiveness,
I’m gonna say like eight. – Around eight. – I don’t know her,
but she’s very beautiful. – She’s pretty,
I really like this picture of her. – I’d give her a nine.
– I don’t know her personally, so seven.
– Just looking at her face. – I’ll rate her a five.
– I’ll give her a four. – I had no idea Kacey Musgraves
looked like this. – I’m gonna say seven. – I’m gonna give her a nine. – I’m not a big fan of Kacey,
because in the Grammys, she took away the award
from Drake. So I’m gonna hold that against her. I’m gonna give her an eight. – I’m gonna give her an eight also. – No idea who she is.
– Oh, is she a country singer? – Then that’s an automatic three. She looks like…
– No, she’s got classic beauty. – She looks like Katy Perry.
– Nine, I say nine. – I keep seeing Katy Perry. – (FBE) All of these sexy
and beautiful people you saw today are from People Magazine. They determined this through
a combination of subscriber polling and several meetings
around the company. According to editor-in-chief,
Dan Wakeford in an interview with CNN they try to consider things
from how good of a person they are, all the way to how
physically attractive they are. – Well that’s good,
I like that. – That explains Jennifer Garner.
– Yeah. I think, I think…
– ‘Cause she’s likable. – (FBE) What did you think
of all the people you saw today? – I wasn’t surprised. Every person on there
deserves to be on there. – I think it was
a pretty good list, based on the criteria
that they use to pick them from. – (FBE) So the Sexiest Man Alive list
has actually been going on since 1985. – Yeah, I believe that.
– Wow! – (FBE) Other than the one time
they decided to name a Sexiest Couple in 1993,
instead of a Sexiest Man. However, they’ve done
a Sexiest Woman Alive once, and only once, in 2014. Instead, they do
the 100 Most Beautiful People list which can include both men and women, so what do you think
about these lists? Do you think they’re
all in good fun, or do you think they’re harmful
in any way? – Oh yeah, I don’t think it’s harmful.
I think it’s fine. – Exactly, I think this is flattering,
no matter what. – I think it’s all in good fun.
– You can’t take it seriously. – It’s not that big a deal. I mean, it’s a poll about celebrities
like, appraising each other. – I think everything is getting
taken out of context, and everybody’s too dramatic
about everything. – I definitely think
it’s all in fun, but can it be damaging?
Of course it can be damaging, because you got the young girls
out there thinking, oh, I don’t look like her,
and I’m trying to look like her, and if I don’t look like her,
I’m not pretty, so yeah, I mean, it could be damaging, because that’s the world
we live in right now. – (FBE) And finally, who do you think
is the Sexiest Person Alive? – Michael B. Jordan.
– Oh. – I think I said that last time.
(laughs) Michael B. Jordan. – You did say that one.
I think it’s Leo. – I think your crush
was on that list. – No my crush wasn’t on the list,
by the way. You’re standing right in front of me. – Who do you think I would say? – I don’t, oh, you would say Dad.
– Exactly! – I think Timothee Chalamet
is definitely up there as like an overall attractive person. I mean, he’s adorable,
and he’s so humble. – Sean Connery,
because I’ve always thought he was like such a handsome man,
and so debonair and sophisticated. – Back in the day, I thought
Sean Connery really had that. – I don’t know who it is.
– But he has aged. (laughs) – Calum Hood
is my celebrity crush, love him. – Which one is that?
– He’s from 5 Seconds of Summer, mom. – Oh, that’s right.
– That’s Rihanna, by far, by far. – Wait, Rihanna?
– Rihanna. – Oh, I woulda said Zendaya,
so I’m wrong. – She’s up there.
– Idris Elba. If I was in another place,
in another time. – Thanks for watching this
beautiful episode of Teens React. – Shout out to DoggyFace66. – If you like this episode…
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