Mitrefinch – Rostering Software

Maximising employee performance Can be complicated and time consuming Especially if you operate flexible working arrangements and zero hours contracts At Mitrefinch we recognise the need to keep things simple and the importance of having the right staff in place to serve your customers Which is why we developed Mitrefinch Rostering Our software allows you to allocate your staff according to pre-defined criteria schedules that meet your needs are created in a fraction of the time it would take manually The system allows you to analyse and track the skills, qualifications and abilities of your workforce Mitrefinch rostering will automatically optimise the roster based on employee hourly rates saving your business money Communicate easily with your staff to fill roster gaps Available shifts can be sent to employees via text message or email A short list of positive responses is sent directly back to you The customisable dashboard gives an overview of your active projects. Navigating between jobs is simple and information across the system can be instantly checked Workforce planning has never been easier Let mitrefinch save you vital management time and reduce your costs Call us on 0845 619 0700 or visit today

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