Mitch McConnell AGAIN Proves What A Garbage Human Being He Is

You know, as we inch closer and closer to
the 2020 presidential election, I am not convinced that defeating Donald Trump is the most important
thing for this country right now. I mean, obviously we need good policies. We need to take care of struggling Americans
because there’s more and more in those ranks every day. But in order to do that, Donald Trump may
not necessarily be the guy holding us up on progress. I think that mantle belongs to another guy,
Republicans Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell. Yesterday during a speech and Kentucky at
a local chamber of Commerce, Mitch McConnell was asked the question, what would you do
if next year in 2020 there happens to be a supreme court vacancy? Would you fill it? And Mitch McConnell took a pause, took a dramatic
sip of his drink, set it down, and then said, oh, we’d fill it. The entire room erupted in laughter because
that Mitch McConnell’s being funny, I, because he’s old as back in 2016 that because it was
an election year, they weren’t even going to hold a vote on Obama’s supreme court nominee,
Merrick garland. You know, let the voters decide which party
gets to a point, that seat, even though the voters had already decided which party got
to choose that seat, they decided that back in 2012 when they elected Obama to serve until
noon on January 20th, 2017 it was Obama’s seat to a point and Mitch McConnell singlehandedly
blocked it because he made up some lie saying, no, we don’t do this in an election year,
even though it’s happened plenty of times throughout history during an election year,
but now he’s being fun ride. He saying, Oh, hell yeah. We’d fill it. I wouldn’t hold myself to my own standards. That’s what he told the crowd and they loved
it. Mitch McConnell is absolutely a garbage human
being without a doubt, one of the worst human beings to ever serve in the United States
Senate. But here’s the thing. Here’s what Mitch McConnell needs to understand. The public sees him. Yeah. During the Obama years we saw him, we saw
his obstruction, especially with Merrick Garland, but I think people are paying a little bit
more attention. Now you’re paying a little bit more attention
to what’s happening in the Senate so that we understand that. Yeah, it’s not just Donald Trump up there
being a horrible human being. We’ve got plenty of those in the Senate as
well, and luckily they all happened to be up for reelection in 2020 or at least most
of them McConnell, Lindsey Graham, all the real garbage trash republicans are up for
reelection. In fact, that’s actually why McConnell was
backing Kentucky, doing this little stump speech at the local chamber of Commerce. Mitch McConnell is the one who’s pulling the
strings on destroying the judiciary, not just the Scotus. Every court throughout this country, he is
the man responsible for it. So five years from now, you get injured by
a product. You take a pharmaceutical that gives you cancer
or destroys your kidneys or your liver or your heart. You can thank Mitch McConnell when a judge
decides to rule for the corporation, even though they knew it was going to happen to
you and hid the dangers in line to you that corporate appointed judge, thanks to Mitch
McConnell’s going to throw your case out. You get nothing other than a slow, painful
death. Thank Mitch McConnell for that, but there
is a chance we can vote him out of office in 2020 we absolutely could. Same thing with Lindsey Graham. These people could be sent packing voters
in their states, Kentucky and South Carolina respectively could put these two garbage human
beings on the curb in the 2020 elections. Send them home, send them packing, get them
out of Washington DC so they can stop destroying this country because that is exactly which
Mitch McConnell’s doing here and later after he made this comment that, oh, we’d fill it. His spokesperson came out and said, well,
hold up. Let me explain a little bit the differences. When it happened with Merrick Garland, Obama
was a Democrat in the Senate, were Republicans. That actually just made it that much worse. You proved that your Ross Mitch McConnell
was being 100% partisan and crappy with Merritt garland had nothing to do with the will of
the voters, had everything to do with the fact that Mitch McConnell is an absolute piece
of walking and talking human trash. So again, let’s put that piece of trash out
on the curb in the 2020 election.

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