Misterwives’ Music Reflects Good Morals | Tour Update

If you know MisterWives you know they’re
fun and energetic and colorful and awesome and so is their music. But, it’s
not without a message. When they stopped by our studio singer Mandy Lee dropped this
incredible bit of wisdom and insight. Watch. Yeah it’s so weird to call it like,
that I’m writing music that is political because to me it just feels like morals
it’s moral integrity of what’s good and what is evil and what is happening right
now goes beyond politics and I, of course, music is always gonna be in the
forefront of these moments in history and it’s always very bizarre to me when
we have songs like “Revolution” or “Oh Love” or I’ll post about what’s going on and
people are like music is not a place for politics and I think that’s so wrong cuz
it’s always gonna be fighting the good fight and bringing people together and
making a change and we’re just lucky that we have a tiny voice to, you know,
help impact the people that come to the show and make them feel like they’re a
part of something and they’re not alone. Yes girl, yes! MisterWives’ Connect the Dots Tour runs until October 28th. Keep up with them on Twitter @misterwives. Be good. We’ll catch up with you later. For more exclusive interviews and news
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