Millennials React To Millennial Monopoly (WILL IT CRINGE?)

– “You took a trip
to find yourself. You didn’t.
Lose a turn.” (laughs) – There’s a lot
of millennial hate that’s not even fair
or justified. ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today, you’re going
to be reacting to… this.
– Oh! Monop– Millennial Monopoly.
Whoa. (chuckles) – I [bleep] love Monopoly. – Monopoly for Millennials.
Man. (clicks tongue) [Bleep] you guys. – “Forget real estate.
You can’t afford it anyway”? This is a huge diss.
– It’s ridiculous. (chuckles) But they do have a Monopoly
for just about everything, so I guess it was
only a matter of time. – There’s two directions
this could go, ’cause it’s either making fun
of millennials, or it’s making fun of people
that are making fun of millennials. – (FBE) So, we’re gonna
look through the game. First of all, we’re gonna
start with the cover here. What are some things you notice?
– I’m so triggered. I noticed already
the participation award. – A participation award. (chuckles)
Starbucks. Earbuds. That’s the thing, I’m in this bracket,
but I always feel like I’m not, because I look at this stuff
and I go, “Mm, this isn’t me.” – (FBE) One of the key differences
in this version of the game is how you win: the player who has
the most experience chips at the end is who wins, versus the original,
where it’s all about who has the most money and properties.
– Oh! (laughs) That’s hilarious. – Ahhh. That is very, very,
very interesting. – (FBE) So, in this version,
you even start off with only $100 versus the traditional $1,500.
– (chuckles) It’s real life. You’re [bleep].
You start off with a dollar. – All right. Let’s look
at the money, shall we? Oh, wow.
There’s avocados on here. – It’s a like
or a dislike. That’s cute. This is kind of sad
that we measure our life in likes. – This one off the bat is my favorite,
the laugh/crying emoji. – It’s interesting that they chose
this type of camera and not necessarily
a cellphone. – We got a camera.
Everyone needs a camera now, because if you don’t
document yourself, you don’t exist. And a hashtag,
because if you don’t hashtag things,
you won’t be discovered. – So, stupid surface level.
It’s like, “Ha, you guys are millennials,
you use your cellphone for things.” And it’s like, yeah, ’cause we
[bleep] have cellphones, Delilah. We don’t have to write
[bleep] down in a notepad. – “Collect $20.”
So, where’s the $200? (laughs) We got a pay cut. – You start in your parent’s basement.
Awesome. – “Friend’s couch.”
That’s free. Are they really your friend
if you can’t couch surf? I think not.
– (chuckles) “Farmer’s market.” Yup. I mean, I love a good farmer’s market,
so I fit into the stereotype there. – I’m a little disappointed
that they didn’t change the jail for something else.
You’re in a no cell signal area. Mm!
– There’s no railroad. Now it’s bike share?
That’s so funny. Where are the birds?
They should’ve done birds instead. – National park.
Millennials love hiking. Can’t forget that.
And yoga studios, and they love rescuing animals.
This is… (chuckles) I feel so attacked right now. I’m getting anxious
how accurate this is. – “Week-long meditation retreat?”
(clicks tongue) You think we can afford that
with your baby boomer ass [bleep] up the economy? – I feel like the millennial thing
is a combination of lazy, like mom’s basement,
but also caring more about the community
and the environment than caring about
your own personal gains, and I think that’s represented
in here both ways. – (FBE) So now, we’re gonna take
a look at some of the Chance and Community Chest cards.
– Beautiful. “You were looking for jobs
but ended up streaming videos for hours.”
I mean, that’s accurate. – “You become a meme.
Not a good one. Pay the bank 20 bucks.”
[Bleep] been there, dude. Retweet. – “You took a trip
to find yourself. You didn’t.
Lose a turn.” (laughs) I have one too many friends
that have done that. – “You get a fourth job.
#Hustle #SideGig #NoDaysOff.” And you get $45
from the [bleep] fourth job! – “You literally can’t even
pay your student loan bill.” (chuckles) This is the opposite
of what I [bleep] wanted. – “Your cellmate is sick of you
V-logging about prison life.” (chuckles)
“Get out of jail.” – (FBE) Did you call it V-logging?
– Is that what it’s– I did call it V-logging,
because I don’t– I’m not… cool.
Vlogging. – It does a little bit bother me
that these stereotypes are kind of being perpetuated,
because there’s a lot of millennial hate
that’s not even fair or justified. BUT… this is funny. – (FBE) So, there are different
understandings on exactly what encapsulates a millennial,
but most people generalize it to be those who were born
between 1981 and 1996. – Oh, so I’m literally
the last year of millennial. – (FBE) Have you ever
been labeled as a millennial? And what do you think
of that phrase? – My parents have called me
a millennial before. My dad has, ’cause he was part
of the baby boomers and stuff, and I always make fun of him
for ruining the world. And then, he makes fun
of me for not trying to fix it. And I’m like, “Why’d you
ruin it in the first place?” – I don’t see anything bad
or insulting about it. I mean, I love avocados,
so it’s fine. – I’ve definitely been labeled
as a millennial. People can just
spot me a mile away. They’re like, “Oh,
you’re a millennial.” I’m like, “Ha… okay.” I feel like it’s kind of
a job at who I am. – I like being a millennial. I would not wanna be Generation Z.
[Bleep] that. – Whenever I hear that and I think,
“Oh, I’m part of that group,” I always have this thought of,
“Man, I don’t really relate to that.” You can’t stereotype a group
of people based upon, you know, when they were born
and what they’ve lived through, because everybody’s lived through
so many different things. That’s probably
a millennial thing to say. – (FBE) Some of the stereotypes
that are paired with millennials is that they don’t like to work hard.
They want a lavish lifestyle, are entitled,
never wanna be criticized, and dependent on technology,
among other things. – There are some truths to that,
but it is still just a stereotype. – No one likes to work,
but people have to work. The thing is,
we don’t like to work for something that
we’re not valued in. – (FBE) Do you think that
stereotyping an entire generation like this is okay
or do you not even like to be generalized
into any category? – No, I don’t.
Every human being is an individual, and everybody has
their own characteristics. – Statistically, we are
the hardest working but least paid generation.
Every generation thinks that the next kids coming up
are dumb, and their music is trash, and they’re gonna ruin
the world. (chuckles) – We do have obvious trends
in this generation, ’cause we’re a generation.
Everything has obvious trends. But when you start
attacking the generation for what they’re doing
and what they believe in, that’s when it gets
weirdly personal, ’cause you can’t stereotype
an entire age based off of just how the world
is moving. – (FBE) When Millennials Monopoly
was released it was met with some criticism.
Some millennials felt like the game is patronizing
and not accurately representing their age group.
– Oh, come on, bro. – (FBE) Hasbro, the toy company
behind Monopoly replied to the criticism
with a very cheeky response, stating, quote, “We think
the game is lit and didn’t intend for it
to be salty. Whether you hit up
the artisanal coffee bar on the weekend or live
in your parents’ basement or just have a sense of humor,
this game’s for you.” – That’s pretty good, I would say.
Well done. – (FBE) As a millennial yourself,
do you think that this is all in good fun
or are you annoyed by this version of the game?
– I’m so [bleep] annoyed. It’s so stupid.
– Laugh a little. You are literally
giving these people ammo to make fun of you.
You’re getting roasted. It’s hilarious.
They know it’s funny. – The board game thing
is all in good fun. Those kinds of things
are all in good fun. But those generational stereotypes
can be a little damaging, because an entire generation’s
opinions and voices can be dismissed just because
you’re not taking the person seriously because of their age group. – (FBE) Since you have been labeled
a millennial, there are a lot of these stereotypes
that may be directed towards you, at times in a negative way.
Similarly, other generations like baby boomers
or Generation X were faced with their own negative labels
during their generation. – Exactly.
Dude, exactly. – (FBE) But when you’re older,
there may be a sense of pride in these generalizations
and stereotypes and more millennials may end up embracing the labels
they once saw as negative. So, what do you think about that?
– I don’t think any millennial is gonna go around saying,
“Oh, yeah, I loved sitting around in my mom’s basement,
not having a job, and drinking $17 coffee.
It was great!” – It always becomes nostalgic.
And I think that’s what it’ll end up becoming is,
“You remember that time back when they used to think
that all we all did was drink Starbucks and go
to hipster shops?” – I think as we get older,
the self-reliance and individualism that millennials are,
like, a trademark. We’ll own that
as really good qualities that made our generation
a success. – In later years,
we’re gonna be like, “We changed the course
of the world, because we embraced social media,
and we developed that, and we changed the way people
consume entertainment.” So many things have changed
in our generation. And I’m sure things are gonna
change when we’re out of it. And then we’re gonna be like,
“Those darn zillennials.” – (FBE) So finally, after learning
a bit more about the game and seeing what it is based on,
as a millennial, is this something
that you would buy and play? – Yes. This would be fun
if I had friends to play Monopoly. – No, because I like
classic Monopoly. – No, because I’d be playing
games made by actual millennials like Cards Against Humanity.
Maybe if Monopoly understood that then they’d still have people
playing their game. – I don’t know if I would play it,
because, to be honest, I hate games. But I would definitely
buy it as a joke fun gift for people. – This, I don’t even
wanna look at it anymore. The fact that it’s in the same room
as me is starting to make me mad. – Yes, I wanna play it.
I definitely wanna play this game. – Absolutely not. (chuckles)
I hate Monopoly. – Oh, yes. It’s a really good game,
and I think it’s hilarious. And then I think it’s really important
to laugh at yourself. – Yes! Absolutely.
But I’d never play it with my parents, ’cause we’d have
very different visions of what the game is. (chuckles) They’d be like, “You know,
they have a point.” And I’d be like, “Mm…”
Flip the board. – Thanks for watching Adults React.
And shoutout to Aurora Michelle. – What do you think of the game?
Let us know down in the comments. And shoutout to arianna aycart.
– Bye, everybody! – Hey, guys! Vartuhi here,
producer at FBE. Make sure to subscribe
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some avocados. Bye!


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