Michele Bachmann Suggests Muslim Brotherhood Did 9/11

Michele Bachmann steve King and louie
Gohmert all three the dumbest congresspeople in
the country they went to Egypt over the weekend
incredibly random love them and they held this really really awkward press conference and there’s a couple
parts that I had to share with you but listen I
want to the people of Egypt that I as a member congress will stand strong in supportive continuing military support for the United States support financially to stand for the edge for the military
in Egypt we know that you have been a partner
you’ve been a partner in the war on terrorism you acted briefly here on the front
lines and we want to make sure that you have
that Apache helicopters the EFT sixteens the equipment that you
have so bravely used so she saying she’s in favor on the
1.3 billion dollars that you and me and the US taxpayer gives the Egyptian military so I have
two thoughts on that number one how Christian a view I mean you’re
actually just giving money that goes directly but to the Egyptian military and then
they get right back to our defense contractors to give them more guns and weapons and
things that are used to fight wars Michele Bachmann’s like over
Christian right yes just like jesus would be in favor of
giving up billion dollars so people can fight morse how Christian of you Michelle but then
also how conservative you I mean Michele Bachmann is one of these for
righties and what happened I thought republicans love small government this
is the opposite a small government giving 1.3
billion dollars or hard earned money to of foreign
military that’s as big government as you can
possibly get and that also don’t government by the way they
continue we dispose around the world we stand
against this great evil we are not for them we remember who cause 911 in america we remember who it was that killed three
thousand brave Americans we have not forgotten she just said the
Muslim Brotherhood did 9/11 I’m sorry at these people are too stupid to be in
congress you can’t do that man you can’t do that
you can just go around saying shit like that if you’re a politician you have to know what’s right and what’s
wrong I mean you realize with how reckless these guys run their
mouths and how little we know about history they can cause some serious problems
when there is a story that I don’t bring up on the show but I i read about it about a month ago probably
less than that where up in Egypt on certain TV channels they were playing close a representative
louie Gohmert and he was factually incorrect what he was saying that they
were using that as propaganda to help spur about continue fighting
scene is what i’m talking about you have to be responsible if you’re a politician
you have to know your fax out I don’t call 911 up the Muslim
Brotherhood and then you know some any it can serve
as my cock yeah I was never in their bowl radical islamic learn names are I Hall no it’s not true in fact the Muslim Brotherhood K now an issue or
true when used alone ciation of al Qaeda when they did this they are not the same
thing I mean to say that the Muslim
Brotherhood is the same as Al Qaeda is like saying hezbollah is the same as
Al Qaeda but understand hezbollah for example is
a Shia Islamic group where Al Qaeda is a Sony islamic group
they hate each other adults right the Muslim Brotherhood an arcade
are totally separate entities as evidenced by the fact that the Muslim
Brotherhood apologized and denounced Muslim
extremism in all these different things when at al Qaeda border of the Muslim
Brotherhood was like I’m all god this is horrible were against it
what Mohammed Morsi himself came out and talked about it and
announced it I mean got the look I’m telling you man they
don’t know anything if you’re a conservative your republican
that look that’s fine that’s fine it’s fine to have disagreements about the
size of government or tax policy or even on foreign policy
right but here’s what you can’t disagree on
the objective facts a reality and idiots
like Michele Bachmann steve King and louie Gohmert you all the time and by the way louie
Gohmert I’d include this one out because he drags on and on but louie Gohmert comes out later you
know he says he compares but what’s his name general LCC heard general CC however you say it properly forgive my ignorance on
that right I N he praises and compares him to
George Washington you know what general CC did he has been the one leading his
crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood lol I don’t agree with the Muslim
Brotherhood in fact that the last people I would ever before by you know happen to live in Egypt for
whatever reason prior anywhere where they have the Muslim world you know he’s led the the crackdown in
terms of the violence on the Muslim Brotherhood like you know how and was articles over the past a
month or so about how the Egyptian military’s slaughtering
peaceful protesters that’s the guy who’s leading course
comparing that got a George Polk and Washington come on man come on we love you guys
don’t or any in men it drives me nuts it makes me go
crazy because it’s not okay it’s not okay


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