Meet The Team Investigating Human Rights Violations Through Architecture

city streets become a battleground in many wars and the buildings turn into targets for bombings and even though innocent people die often the official statements explained that the bombs were only dropped on enemy terrorists helping to uncover the lives of Wars is forensic architecture through the process of architectonic recreation the agency finds evidence of abuse in war zones its creator is the Israeli architect al Weisman who had the idea of examining the streets and buildings as if they were dead bodies think of us like pathologists of a building you know sometimes the doctor pathologists would look at the human body and would say that scratch came from a knife that came from poison or bullet etcetera buildings are like mediums of inscription how do you proceed with your inquiries imagine a bomb falls in Syria a minute that happens hundreds of people would switch on the smartphone and will record that incident from multiple perspectives in order to tell a story about what happened you need to sequence those images in time and space you need to know which one was the first to film from which direction etc and to do that we have developed a technique called the architectural image complex that is to say we build architectural models so sometimes urban models somehow would build the entire city in 3d and we’d locate all the perspectives in it and then you can switch each one at a time and follow the story of what has taken place in March the US Army announced that one of its drones killed a group of terrorists in a bombing on an al Qaeda facility however the forensic architecture team proved that the building was in fact a mosque and that dozens of civilians were killed we found the actual architect of the building there were plans there were photographs there were all videos during construction of what this place was we have constructed first a blueprint and then a model we match then all the photographs from inside inside the model so that we can see absolutely precisely with what was targeted was indeed a mosque and that the Americans were lying some people refuse social networks because the lack of privacy and surveillance and you do the opposite using these sources to play civilians and governments yeah so that’s that’s a principle of counter forensics that we repurpose all the tools all the bad tools of States no they spy at us from everywhere will you take those techniques and repurpose them will turn the gays against the state and will use those technologies against them in as much as it’s possible forensic architecture receives funds from Goldsmith’s and from the European Union it’s made up of a team of architects along with scientists journalists and graphic designers who investigate what is invisible even to them and when there are no images or documents they resort to the memory of the victims this is how they recreated the Syrian prison of said Naya one of the world’s most inaccessible places Prison of Slade niya must be one of the worst places on earth they’re very very few survivors we’ve built every room that they have seen we’ve reconstructed the sound that they’ve heard in slowly through a process of architectural reconstruction memories of what happened to those people memories that we’re sometimes repressed because they were too painful to be remembered you could architecture function as a doorway into memory at the end of your investigations you’ll find the truth or rather just another interpretation of the truth there is not another interpretation of the truth there is a truth States think that they have monopoly over information in war so I think that we’re living in a situation where truth is a battlefield and that we have to understand that it’s socially and politically produced then we have to understand it we do not need to evict a field to the lies of state [Music]


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