Mays Habitat For Humanity

Howdy I’m Eli Jones, dean of Mays business
school, and when we think about our Aggie core values, selfless service is one
that we truly cherish. Mays business school has reached out to BCS Habitat
for Humanity as our outreach partner of the year. We’re excited to work with BCS
habitat for humanity. We expect big things. In fact we’re hoping to build a
Mays Habitat for Humanity house. So be on the lookout for more information. We’d love for you to support this effort. I can help with the planning details. I
can give five dollars. I can drive a nail. I can make a gingerbread house. To put it
simply Habitat for Humanity is about loving your neighbor. I can’t say it any
better than our mission statement: seeking to put God’s love in action, Habitat for
Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities, and hope. Through stable and affordable housing, lives and futures are transformed. I’m proud to help Mays
Business School provide a hand up to local habitat for humanity families.

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