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Hello everyone. So today I’m taking a look at Max The Curse of Brotherhood on Xbox One. Now this has just been released to the Xbox store and in essence it’s a fantastic puzzle
platform game. Now the characters as it were might be
familiar if you’ve ever played the Wii title Max and the Magic Marker and it’s very much
using the same characters and concept but now an exclusive Xbox One title. It will be coming to Xbox 360 later in the Max The Curse of Brotherhood year but as a launch title as it were on
Xbox One following just around a month after the
console was released and it is an absolute stunner. It really does scale wonderfully well
and it does show off what the XboxOne is going to be
capable of. The basic principle is this. It’s a puzzle platform game so you’re going to have to scale the environment using various objects within the environment like
vines and stones and everything like that but you also have a magic marker pen and
this magic marker can be used to interact with key points
around the environment, for instance building bridges, raising platforms up to
help you reach various areas and get past certain monsters as well. Now there was one slightly strange thing. In
the cut scenes we did see a bit of a drop in the frame rate almost
like a stutter going on Max The Curse of Brotherhood but at no point did we ever see that during actual gameplay. So there’s nothing here that would make
me think this game requires more time in the oven as it were. Some of the cut
scenes like I say slight drops in frame rate but during the
actual gameplay itself the frame rate is solid throughout. So here you can see the magic marker being used to raise some platforms. And again here swinging on a vine and I’ve got to just time things just right to get past that monster. Now the monsters in the game are really
nicely done they tend to be quite aggressive with
you so they’re trying to kill you basically Max The Curse of Brotherhood to try to stop you from rescuing your
brother and so timing becomes quite important. For instance you’ll have to set off monsters then get to the other end of a section, drop a trap on them and then
move on and there’s lots of little elements like
this throughout the game which are just really good fun and some of the puzzles are
fiendish. For instance this one where I had to effectively balance a branch on some stone to then create a bridge for myself and it’s just wonderfully well done. The game’s retailing for £11.99 on the Xbox store and honestly this is a title to pick up
for Christmas without a shadow of a doubt. Kid-friendly, wonderful graphics and really fun gameplay in Max The Curse of Brotherhood.


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