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(techno music playing) – Spaceship Earth documents
its amazing journey that you and a group of people had
living in Biosphere 2, can you explain to me what
was inside the Biosphere 2 and how you were able to live in there? – We built a really massive
structure with pyramids and barrel vaults that
housed a mini-rainforest, a tropical savanna, a fog desert, a everglades marsh system, from fresh water to red mangroves, a million gallon living coral reef, a half-acre farm to feed the eight people who would live in there. And all the technology and
infastructure to be recycling water and keeping that world healthy. And to make this really
a separate biosphere, the engineering challenge was
to make it virtually airtight. – Is it creating its own
mini-atmosphere inside of that? – Yeah it was funny because
Biosphere 2 is basically a tropical world obviously
to have a tropical rainforest and coral reef but my God it’s in southern Arizona in
between Tucson and Phoenix. So there were so many impossible
things that people say that you cannot do, there’s no way you could pull this off. So it was really a separate
world and it had its own water cycle. We learned how to farm without
polluting the air or water, and keep the soil sustainable, and produce fresh air, water and incredibly clean food. – What inspired you to cover this story? – I saw these images of eight
people in bright red jumpsuits standing in front of a glass
pyramid and I actually assumed it was a still from a science
fiction film but quickly realized this is a much
bigger story about a group of people who quite literally
re-imagined the world. They had wild and novel ideas
but they had the determination and ambition to realize that. And I think the people
who participated in it and conceived of the project
learned a tremendous [amount] about If eight people could live sustainably, could modify their behavior
so that they could live, and support human life
in this miniature world, why can’t we? I think we have to think on
the terms of small local groups and how we might modify our
own behavior and our lives and our world so that
we will have a future here on the planet. – The world of technology has made war on the world of our Biosphere. and the loss of fertile soils around the planet is astonishing. The really good news this classic win-win. Let’s get our engineers
on the track of thinking whole system that their
technology they can’t just do something that makes
money and is efficient. It’s gotta contribute and support life. (upbeat music playing)


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