Mars in Google Earth

>>Explore Mars in 3-D with Google Earth 5.0.
To being your journey, just got to the top tool bar and select “Mars.”
This will fly you away from Earth to the Red Planet.
Before exploring today’s imagery, let’s open the historical maps layer and travel back
more than 100 years to see some earlier visions of Mars.
Giovanni Schiaparellli drew this map in 1890. These antique maps show how our knowledge
of Mars has changed and evolved over time. Let’s see what the planet looks like today
by opening the “Mars gallery” folder and following the path of NASA’s exploration rover “Opportunity,”
which landed in this crater in 2004 and is still making tracks today.
You can follow its path on the red line and zoom in to see super, high-resolution imagery.
Use the search tool to find places like the “Mysterious Face on Mars.”
If you want to learn more, click the green “Traveler’s Guide to Mars” icons and read
an excerpt from this guide book to Mars. You can also chat with Meliza, a friendly
Martian robot. Let’s travel over to Vallers Marineris, the
largest known canyon in the solar system, stretching approximately 4,000 kilometers.
For the newest imagery available from Mars, go to the “Live from Mars” layer.
High-resolution NASA satellite imagery is available within hours of it being downloaded
from currently orbiting spacecraft. Play the tour to orbit around the planet and
see photos being taken by the Mars “Odyssey” team.
In case you’re feeing lost, join our Mars experts on a guided tour around the Red Planet
with audio narration. Pause the tour at any time to explore on your
own. And if you know your way around, use the touring
feature to record your own mission to Mars. Visit Mars in Google Earth 5.0.
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